Eve Online Kronos Expansion Out Now, Brings Piracy

The universe just keeps getting bigger, the sneaky wee thing. As announced at community summit Fanfest, Eve Online‘s bi-annual expansions have been done away with. CCP is instead opting for smaller installments ten times a year. The first of these, Kronos, has now been released, dispensing another collection of ships, modules and tweaks for the world’s most loyal MMO players. The next one, Crius, has also had its release date moved forward┬áto July 22nd and will include industry changes originally intended for Kronos but which have been delayed.

Despite the intention to reduce the size of each expansion and having some of its content moved to a future release, Kronos is still a hefty beast. There’s a whole new set of ships hailing from a mercenary band named Mordu’s Legion, one of which you can see above. They’re aesthetically flat, literally, and boast improvements to both missiles and mechanisms for preventing enemy ships escaping your iron claw of justice/thievery. They come in addition to overhauls to already present pirate ships, which have received unique effects based on which group they belong to.

There’s also the introduction of Eve’s first stealth miner, The Prospect. It’s the only ship designed for harvesting that’s also capable of using cloaking devices at warp. It’s part of an initiative to incentivise mining in more dangerous locations, more of which is detailed towards the bottom of that post. Mining being long held as Eve’s safest, quickest and most boring route to riches, this certainly seems like a step in the right direction.

That’s all just the tip of the spaceberg though, with loads of changes across the board. They’ve even given the New Eden store a makeover. Perhaps most importantly, there’s a new exit warp sound, the most glorious type of sound in all of video games:

If you’d like more HOT EVE CONTENT, we have so much it’s spilling out of our cargo hold and all over your eyeballs.


  1. trout says:

    to be honest, that was a fairly underwhelming warp sound – so muted & treacle-y; reminds me of a windows-95 desktop type sound; needs more dramatic bass

    • Ben Barrett says:

      Can’t overstate your warp sound. Starlancer’s greatest weakness.

    • HaruharaHaruko says:

      Sounds good through a subwoofer.

  2. meloncrab says:

    I don’t think the header shows one of the new ships (or they’re too flat to be seen with the naked eye). Yet the above pictured ships do show pirate faction ships (Angel Cartel’s Dramiel and Machariel; Sansha’s Nation’s Succubus and Phantasm).

  3. JToTheDog says:

    Did someone accidentally flick the mic with their fingers when recording the warp sound? It’s as anticlimactic as using a flute for the inception sound.

    • RedNick says:

      Consider what it’s going to sound like when 250 ships drop out of warp…

  4. separatista says:

    FYI there is not a single Mordu’s Legion ship in that pic :)

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    Fly safe o7

    • meloncrab says:

      Care to elaborate what your pointhall.com page is supposed to be? It looks incredible fishy and untrustworthy.

      • separatista says:

        lol it’s not my site. It’s a points for reward site i use to get PLEX and ISK. I agree, it’s a cheap looking site but the prices are unbeatable :)

        • meloncrab says:

          And how does this work? There’s no concrete information on the page. Only that all the EVE pros use it. Are those pros MLG level?

    • Ben Barrett says:

      Editing artifacts strike again, I switched the header image at the last minute, before it was one of the big flat fuckers. Mahbad.

  5. imralizal says:

    I always sign up again for a month or two after they release expansions, because I’m always curious about EVE. I’ve already cancelled my sub for this year, and I doubt I’ll ever be back. The expansion looks all well and good for those that enjoy EVE in the first place, but since I’m not one of those people, I really should just give up on the idea that the game is ever going to just magically become appealling to me. I like so many things about EVE, except for the PVP, the time commitment, the sterility of the universe itself, the time gates, the absurdly high death penalty that cripples new players who can’t afford to lose their only ship just to try to learn how things work, the endless grind, etc. As someone who hates MMO’s, I don’t see EVE as being a radically different take on the concept, even if it is mechanically distinct in some ways. I see it being even more unfair and even less fun than it’s apparent competitors, which I also don’t play. They shouldn’t be surprized that 90% of new players bounce off. The game simply isn’t very appealing or interesting to the majority of people who haven’t already invested a decade into it. I wish EVE the best of luck, but they should stop being surprized that practically no one sticks with it. Despite every EVE players claim that it’s “the best game ever”, the numbers just don’t support that. It’s a deeply flawed game with glaring problems that will apparently never be fixed, because in EVE, being unfair or unfun isn’t a problem, it’s a feature.

    • a8a says:

      The game definitely has a new player issue – it doesn’t sell itself very well from that point of view. I bounced off it a couple of times before it grabbed me as well. Despite this (or perhaps as a result of it), most of the problems you list here are actually misconceptions about the game, rather than deap-seated mechanics issues.

      Ill copy/paste a relevant comment I made a while back on Eurogamer about Eve. It doesn’t address every point, but hey, I’m supposed to be working right now.

      For anyone who has recently started, or is considering trying it:

      The most common mistake people make is to plan out their skills for months and years, and while “waiting” for them, they do missions or mining. If missions and mining is what you want to do, then go for it – but the real meat of Eve is in the sandbox, and the best time to do it is right away. Seriously.

      There are several advantages to starting your PvP life immediately:

      1) The more skill points you have, the more your clone costs. In your first few weeks, your clone is entirely free, and dying costs nothing except the ship that you are in. Which is also worth a pittance, and which most PvP-oriented alliances will provide for free or reimburse for you anyway.

      2) You learn the right skills. Not skillpoint skills, but the things you will actually need to know for PvPing. PvE and PvP are practically entirely different games, and the skillset for the most part is non-transferable. Dont pick up bad habits by shooting red crosses for too long.

      3) Not only can you be useful in the first day (a tackle frigate will only take a couple of hours to train), but in many ways its actually more fun to fly the little stuff! Zipping around in your 2 million ISK frigate trying to hold down ships worth hundreds of millions of ISK so your buddies can pulverize them can be way more satisfying than just pulling the trigger.

      So if you’re starting to find the game boring or grindy, or youre just waiting to build up a few skills before you join the sandbox, remember that lowsec and nullsec are not the “endgame”. They are available to everybody, from day one. Lots of corps and alliances in lowsec and nullsec are recruiting all the time.

  6. rexx.sabotage says:

    If you have never played EVE before you should totally pick it up RIGHT NOW


    ooooh someone call the fire department, EVE just got a SICK BURN!

  7. Phier says:

    Three days, three glowing eve posts, I’m beginning to wonder if these are “sponsored” stories.

  8. Wednesday says:

    Is that a Battlestar on the right there?

  9. ostrich160 says:

    Holy shit its perfect. Its so basic and understated, you just quietly hear thuds in the distance, starts with 1, then 5, then 10’s, then hundreds, you know an army is coming