E3 Trail-o-rama 2014: Hey, It’s Dying Light!

You be nice to your grandma, now.

With E3 just around the corner, you know the score: it’s time to get hyped! Do a Dew, chug some Doritos, mainline that Monster, shotgun that Red Bull, ransack that Rustlers, and get ready for a non-stop 24/7 gameblast announcefest trailer-o-rama! Not quite yet, though. Calm down. Chill out. Hey, cough up that cigarette you’d inhaled whole, you. E3 doesn’t officially begin until Tuesday, so let’s take it nice and easy and warm up with the E3 trailer for Dying Light.

A cynic might call Techland’s latest “Dead Island with jumping” but this trailer shows it’s Dead Island with jumping and a grappling hook, which is a very important distinction to draw.

“In the right circumstances anyone is a murderer,” the trailer tell us. Such as when you’re playing a video game, and especially an open-world FPS flooded with zombies. The game’s due next year.

Still, let’s all be very grateful that publishers are increasingly doing their E3 nonsense before E3 actually starts. Next week I’ll surely be curled up with a blanket over my knees, a cup of cocoa in one hand and a book in the other, by 6 o’clock. As the years go by and E3 starts earlier and earlier, perhaps we’ll end up in the novel situation of publishers simply showing off video games once they’ve reached a certain stage of development rather than saving up a load to announce all at once to the hooting minority who live on every shred of video games marketing.

E3 is loathsome. It’s so contrary to the idea of growing and expanding video games, instead concentrating them in a foetid carnival of ‘gamer culture.’ All of the industry, none of the art.


  1. Wetworks says:

    I enjoyed the first Dead Island and this looks to be a worthy sequel. I have high hopes for this.

  2. Richard Beer says:

    As long as it has co-op and stuff. I found Dead Island was a bit average single-player, but playing with a couple of good friends gave me some of the funniest gaming moments I’ve had since Duke Nukem 3D.

    • MkMax says:

      actually i hope they dont do coop, having other ppl around would hurt the whole “omfg its getting darker *something screams in the background* run run get to the safe house!” idea

      Dead Island was better with coop because of the same reason as Borderlands, the developers did not bother to add “fun” into the game, it needed to be injected by other ppl

      they are making the skeleton smashing simulator with coop tho using the same engine i just cant retain the name, i call it medieval dead island, just like i call this one parkour dead island

  3. golem09 says:

    My reaction to the video:

    cool, cool, cool, yeah, whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagrapplinghook.

    As if I wasn’t pumped enough for the game already.

    • Monkeh says:

      Had about the same reaction. ;P

      EDIT: Also, yikes @ the news-poster’s loathing of E3. Do you plan to hate on the E3 in every news-item you’ll be posting regarding E3 or just felt like randomly doing it here? Not like this is the first pre-E3 trailer to come out either.

      • Bassen_Hjertelos says:

        Well, in all fairness the entire E3 thingamabob has become quite the ludicrous beast, no?

  4. delberry says:

    You be nice to your grandma now ! Ha ha!

  5. LTK says:

    And it even borrowed Just Cause 2’s anti-gravity line for that grappling hook!

  6. noodlecake says:

    It might be a lazy concept:

    “Zombies are cool! Lets have zombies… Ummmm. What else? Parkour! Parkour is also cool!”

    Still looks like it’ll be mighty fun though, especially with multiplayer. :)

  7. unit 3000-21 says:

    The best thing about Dead Island was that it inspired Kitty Beckwith to make an awesome song. I hope Dying Light will be equally inspiring.

  8. Synesthesia says:

    The night bits look pretty good dont they? And that grappling hook… did that guy just pull himself up 2 stories with just his right arm? Holy crap.

  9. Shooop says:

    So the same “Smash zombies for 10 minutes and get bored” gameplay as Dead Island but with parkour and a grappling hook (that probably won’t work on most objects).

    Yippee, hooray, wooo.

  10. Shuck says:

    “[A] foetid carnival of ‘gamer culture’” is the best, most accurate description I’ve ever read of E3, sadly.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Phasma Felis says:

    Kind of surprised there’s only been one “ugh, zombies” post so far!

    I gotta say, any game where it’s a viable strategy to deliberately fall three stories into a crowd of zombies, so you can use their skulls as a landing pad, is a game that has my interest. That “slow by day/fast at night” thing is a fascinating answer to the tradition “fast or slow zombies” question, too.

    • Sacarathe says:

      But it makes no ‘scientific’ sense why they would be faster at night rather than in the day.

      I suppose intelligent design does go some ways to explain it, but I cannot support a video game whos’ developers support this philosophy; boycott!!!