HARDER FASTER PIGEONIER: Hatoful Boyfriend Remake

You didn’t play Hatoful Boyfriend? You didn’t? Look above these words. Behold your tragic error.

Whether the playing-it-straight pigeon-based high school dating sim/ visual novel needs a remake I don’t know. It was funny the first time and all that. But hell, better this than 90% of the kill-crazy bobbins that we’re going to see pumped down the vid-tubes for most of next week.

UK devs Mediatonic (of Amateur Surgeon and Foul Play fame) have hitched a ride with reliably subversive publisher Devolver Digital to remake the 2011 Japanese VN, which found its way to admiring Western eyes courtesy of fan translations. There’s no word yet on what Hatoful ’14 will do differently, beyond presumably a new translation, but I’ll guess at higher-res art and perhaps a few more feathery suitors & their associated arcs.

Whatever else, it’s a worthy second chance for the world to experience the highs, lows and devastating heartbreaks of high school pigeons in love.

Hatoful Boyfriend is due for release this Summer, and there are E3 briefings that will likely result in more precious, precious facts before then.

Here’s a video clip of a ropily-translated version of the original game:


  1. Bartack says:

    Somebody is trolling everybody.

  2. Anthile says:

    This is, by the way, the game that makes Deadly Premonition look sane. It defies your reality.

  3. Hydraulic Meercat says:

    I watched about 6 minutes of that before i had to stop to protect my sanity. Should have a warning.

  4. GenBanks says:

    The pigeon theme reminds of that french cartoon with the gendarme…

  5. novagoon says:

    Pete had it all wrong then.

  6. novagoon says:

    More to it than that. Have you ever been on the Green Line?

  7. RedViv says:

    I couldn’t think of a better publisher. Praise be to Fork Parker’s exquisite taste.

  8. valrus says:

    Obligatory link to Angie Gallant’s playthrough in the Quarter To Three forums:

    link to quartertothree.com

    The brilliance of Hatoful Boyfriend is that once you’ve acclimated and “cave girl romances pigeons” is the new normal, THEN it goes and ratchets it up to crazy.

    • Ravenholme says:

      I can’t find the link but the full version of Angie Gallant’s LP is actually on Broken Forum, I do believe the Qt3 forum one is just the demo.

      • Premium User Badge

        Harlander says:

        Here you go. link to brokenforum.com

        • LionsPhil says:

          You. Yes, you, scrolling past.

          If you haven’t read these two links, you must.

          This is the thread which should be big and red for this article.

      • Premium User Badge

        Phasma Felis says:

        However, you should read them both, in the posted order: Quarter to Three demo first, Broken Forum full version second. The latter extensively references the former.

        And you really *should* read them, if you haven’t already. Stunningly entertaining.

        (Also also, the background to an early joke: Angie Gallant had previously Let’s Played a much more conventional dating sim in which she named her ordinary Japanese high school girl “Balls Mahoney“.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Harlander says:

    Anyone else keep reading the title as “Hateful Boyfriend”?

    • Cockie says:

      Wait, you’re not supposed to read it that way? Oops

    • RogerMellie says:

      They are going for a pun. Hato = pigeon in Japanese and it’s close enough to ‘heart’ to make that connection too, which given the theme etc etc etc, so on and so forth.

  10. LionsPhil says:

    I can’t help but feel some of the magic would be lost.

    Especially if they try to improve it.

    • Pockets says:

      Yeah, I hope it doesn’t end up being the games version of a Hollywood remake and losing what makes it special.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Oh good. For some reason the original never worked on my PC. Hopefully, this version won’t have that problem so that I can finally play this masterpiece.

  12. Premium User Badge

    Phasma Felis says:

    Alec, I think you missed posting the actual announcement: link to devolverdigital.com

    “There has literally never been a pigeon dating visual novel like Hatoful Boyfriend before.”

    Also, the video clip is less “ropily-translated” and more “not translated.”

  13. KDR_11k says:

    The current version has an official translation here: link to dlsite.com

  14. 2helix4u says:

    I played the original and I think got most if not all of the endings.
    It is sort of hilarious but when you stop seeing the pigeons turns into this really pretty interesting, sinister, surreal, touching … thing; dating sim I guess, I am unfamiliar with the genre.
    The fact that you are romancing a photo of a bird replaces the cringiness with bizarreness and lets you enjoy a good, strange game.

    The story actually answers your initial questions at seeing it, its not -just- a gimmick.

  15. altum videtur says:

    i can respect that

  16. EdFear says:

    Hi! I work at Mediatonic and was one of the instigators of this remake. Just wanted to clear up a few things:

    1) We aren’t re-translating it. Before playing it I assumed we may have to, but the official English translation is really very good. We might tidy it up here and there, and there’s a few errors to correct, but that’s it. We want to preserve the spirit of the original wherever we can.

    2) I doubt we’ll be adding any more content, but if we do it will be direct from the creator, Moa. What I’m saying is: we’re not going to go off-piste. As much as I would LOVE to write some stuff for this game, it’s Moa’s work.

    3) The main reason for the remake isn’t because we want to redo anything, but because we want to get the game to as many people as possible. The original version is very hard to get working on modern PCs, and impossible on modern Macs. If you DO get it working, it’s stuck in 640×480, with a horrifically ugly monospaced font. We call it a remake because we basically have made it again from the ground up: we’ve recoded the entire thing, redrawn the backgrounds for future-proofing, etc. But it’s all really faithful to the original.

    Basically: if you loved it before, there’s no reason you wouldn’t still. And if you didn’t love it before, you will now.

  17. stupid_mcgee says:

    If only Nikola Tesla were alive to play this.

    Just FYI:

    His loved for pigeons focused upon a single creature. It was no longer a ‘pigeons deserve to be fed and loved’. It was soul-crushing, all-encompassing love.

    Don’t believe me? Here are his words on the subject…

    “Yes, I loved that pigeon, I loved her as a man loves a woman, and she loved me.”

    link to claudiears.wordpress.com

  18. vampyren says:

    Pretty silly game, what is the appeal here, looks like some Pigeon images and slut of texts. Woo revolutionary!

  19. AaronLee says:

    This is momentous news :I