Time Loops And Tears In SS2 Mod System Shock Infinite

Hallo, Marie!

Which would win in a fight: System Shock 2 or BioShock Infinite? Oh these petty arguments and spewings of bile come round every so often thanks to the weird compulsion to rank and rate everything in the gameosphere. Let’s be lovers, not fighters. What would happen if System Shock 2 and Binfinite loved each other very much and wanted to share that love with the world? That’s a better question. And it has an answer: System Shock Infinite.

The SS2 mod continues the game’s story in a very Binfinite-y way, dabbling in time loops and reality tears, and even joins you with Marie Delacroix as a companion of sorts.

System Shock Infinite continues SS2’s campaign with the hacker and Delacroix (both with new lines voiced by fans) trying to break a time loop, rewriting history, dropping through rifts, and discovering your many looped lives. Delacroix fills an Elizabeth-y role, popping up as some sort of time ghost to help you out and explain things. It casually ties SS2 into the world of BioShock a bit too. It’s all very fanfic-y, but you’re not going to grumble about having another SS2 campaign to play, are you?

The mod was first released in February, but comes to our attention now thanks to a new patch. You can download the whole thing on ModDB. It’s essentially finished now, so don’t hold back, though though a future release will bring remade movies.


  1. ZIGS says:

    More System Shock 2 is always a good thing

  2. KeeperKrux says:


    Did anyone see the leaked pitch documents for Arkane’s System Shock-inspired take on Prey 2?

    link to scribd.com
    link to scribd.com

    • karthink says:

      “The game should be hard! We’ll still have modes for Anthony and Harvey”

      Hahaha, this is great stuff.

      Why is Arkane the only company interested in making immersive sims today?

      Okay, I’ve read the Dark Futures series on RPS, so I know why. Still hurts though. It’s heartening to see someone looking to add to the immersive sim library (with Prey 2) instead of taking away from it (with nu-Thief).

      • KeeperKrux says:

        It does sound promising. It’s such a shame we’ll never get to play Human Head’s open-world shooter. Lots of bad folks at Zenimax.

        • karthink says:

          Eh, I don’t know. Sometimes games are cancelled for good reasons.

          I have selfish reasons for this reaction too. Open-world games are most static, dead, boring kind of first person game, immersive sims are the most alive, reactive, exciting kind. (And no genuine mix of the two has ever been made.) So I’m pretty happy about this.

          • KeeperKrux says:

            Sometimes for sure, but not in this case. I definitely would’ve preferred it over another LGS-inspired spiritual sequel. It took tons of inspiration from Deus Ex and was anything but static. Besides, they are going to confuse so many people when they reveal the direction. I hope it doesn’t backfire for them. I don’t want to lose Arkane and the stakes are extremely high on this title. It’s already been in development for 5 years and Arkane had a hell of a time getting Dishonored out the door (they started working on it in 2008 and had to change the setting twice). Todd Howard suggested Arkane streamline the game by removing crafting, cooking,etc… which they did.

            I was hoping Arkane would get the chance to revisit the Crossing. It was easily the most conceptually interesting game they’ve ever worked on. I guess it was not to be. :(

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Holy mother of god. I hope they manage to pull that off.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Neat. Favourite part: “Characters/Plot can be all new”.

      Although, honestly, none of their early ideas seem all that compelling.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Well, that explains why so many games lack a good, compelling story and theme. Those “ideas” are more about creating interesting game levels than a compelling story for the player to inhabit. Start with a good, original idea, and then make your game levels to tell that story. Not the other way around! There were zero original ideas in those proposals. Hire a good sci-fi writer if you can’t actually think of something to make a game about.

      Also, any time anyone says the phrase “Spiritual successor to System Shock 2,” they can be safely ignored as hype and bullshit artists. We don’t need any more “spiritual successors” to beloved old games, we need better new games with original ideas. SS2, X-Com, and Wing Commander were all good games in their day, but let’s move on now, okay? Enough with the “spiritual successor” crap.

      /end grumpy old guy rant

  3. Geebs says:

    Marathon Infinity did multiple timelines so much better than Binfinite.

  4. WJonathan says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t get it…All I can gather from that is a bunch of Bioshock soundclips attached to some SS2 footage. I just can’t imagine how merging the two storylines would be desirable or even comprehensible.

    • Neurotic says:

      It’s rather the case that certain themes from Binfy are used to create a new mission in SS2, with new characters that somewhat reflect the roles of certain Binfy characters.

  5. dskzero says:

    I hate to be that guy but wasn’t Soldier the main character in SS2? I was really confused (particulary given I liked SS1 so much more than 2)

  6. TreuloseTomate says:


    • Mittens89 says:

      That ending was a complete slap in the face.

    • Mittens89 says:

      That, and the endlessly repeating techno music.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Just to do my bit for universal equilibrium – best videogame ever. Of all time.

  7. Antistar says:

    This may be too late to be useful to many people, but hey; I only just tried the ‘Infinite’ mod out. Unfortunately, I REALLY didn’t like it; got up to around the end of the Engineering deck (so the second big area of the game), and I’m not going to continue.

    I had a lot of problems with the design decisions behind the mod (so this may just be personal taste to an extent):

    – Infinite removes the crosshair and adds strong auto-aim instead. I’m not kidding. At one point I aimed at an explosive canister around five metres away from a turret, to set it off and destroy the turret instantly, rather than chipping away at it while it fills me full of holes. The shot curved visibly in mid-air and hit the turret… again and again, every time I tried it; it got me killed.

    – Enemies are divided into four(?) categories now, and each category can only be damaged by a particular category of weapon. E.g. turrets can only be damaged by energy weapons. They are completely immune to all other weapons. This leads to ridiculous situations like pumping shot after shot into something with a grenade launcher to absolutely no effect.

    – Enemies are arbitrarily more powerful as you go from one deck to the next. I don’t mean you encounter more dangerous types of enemies; they are the same enemies, just suddenly more resistant to the weapons you have.

    – It’s actually fairly light-on as far as new content goes; they are the same levels as the base game and they progress in basically the same way, just with some extra entities added around the place (mostly ‘ghosts’ everywhere).

    – Quite an odd prologue video; it was effectively a chapter from an audio-book. It came across like fan fiction, but it was apparently written by Ken Levine. In any case, it was read by a male narrator who put on a fake French accent for the lines spoken by Marie Delacroix, for some reason… and it was interminable. A fifteen minute intro video of a static screen with someone reading ‘fan-fiction’.

    – The bit where I decided it just wasn’t worth the aggravation anymore was when I was stopped by a force-field that seemed to require going and ‘buying’ a particular Psi ability to bypass. I couldn’t progress in the game without it. Not sure what you’re supposed to do if you don’t have enough cyber modules for it. It’s possible that I’m missing something there… but I don’t care anymore, to be honest.

    • xdiesp says:

      The aiming system can be switched on and off, with a mutator on the home page of the mod.

      To get out of the forcefield protected room that got you stuck, simply break the window.

      Enemies level up with each deck, and are split into damage classes, as told by the story.

    • Antistar says:

      I did come across that mutator when looking for a way to disable the auto-aim, but that’s the one that also acts as a ‘nightmare’ difficulty level and imposes an arbitrary six-hour time limit on the game, right? Because I really didn’t want either of those things, and that’s why I didn’t use it.

      It’s far from the only problem I had with the mod of course, but based on the comments I saw when looking into this, an option that restores the original aiming system and does nothing else would probably be appreciated.

      • xdiesp says:

        What nightmare difficulty? The mutator only adds classic aiming and the time limit.

        The time limit comes after a System Shock 1 feature, and feels very scary but really isn’t. ;-) Join usss!

      • Antistar says:

        Ah, okay; I think I was getting it mixed up with something that was proposed to go into that mutator, but didn’t, in the end. Yeah… here it is.

        In any case, I had a lot of other problems with the mod, like I said; so… sorry. For what it’s worth, what I saw of the mod seemed well-made, it was just well-made according to a design I disagree with in a number of places.