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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Wallet Bursters

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Aaaaah? AAAAAAH. In case anyone was wondering, Tiguh X’s plush Xenomorph actually elicited a bit of a yelp when I first saw it. ANYWAY. Now, ordinarily, I like kicking off Bargain Bucket with something completely unrelated to the column but I’m going to take the opportunity here to point out that Green Man Gaming has gone bonkers with the whole sales thing of late. It’s a veritable explosion of good discounts over there, and they’ve even broken it down into categories for your convenience. The only problem with these sales is the fact they appear to be here today, gone tomorrow. Consequently, there’s a rather large chance that anything I list down will have expired by the time you get to it. Which is, well, not good. Grumble. Hiss. Humbug, and all that. Putting that aside, however, here is this week’s Bargain Bucket.
Film Bundle
Pay more than $8.08/£4.81/€5.92 to have it all
Zombie. Puppet. Musical. Take a moment to just contemplate that. Drink those words. It’s as peculiar as it sounds. The Film Bundle features a collection of films that is best described as “unusual.” From a mockumentary centered around a fictional East German space project to a Muppets-to-horror extravaganza, it’s a strange whirlwind of elements neatly packaged in the bundle’s unifying theme: music. It looks like Filmbundle’s a new challenger in the pay-what-you-want arena, and I’m actually pretty excited to see what it has to offer next. (P.S: At least two of these films are enjoyable.)

StoryBundle: Devastator Humor Bundle
Pay at least $12/£7.14/€8.79 for it all
Game deals? Game. Deals? No, not yet. You’ve had enough video game-related content this week. We’re going to talk about tangentially-related things instead. Like, books. StoryBundle’s latest collection consists of a variety of silly, offbeat titles including The Devastator: Fantasy which features parodies of all things medieval. Trial of the Clone, on the other hand, is a classic gamebook which invites readers to see if they’re any good at being a, well, fleshy replica. The other books follow similarly ludicrous patterns, with The Devastator: Apocalypse likely being my favorite of the bunch.

Scratches: Director’s Cut
The first commercial adventure game from Argentina, and one of its most polarizing. Scratches catalyzed a variety of responses, but many seem to be in agreement over the fact that it is, at the very least, somewhat creepy. The point-and-click adventure game drops players into the shoes of a man called Michael Arthate. He is the owner of a Victorian home, which comes equipped with a crypt and a church. Bad things happen, obviously. Just look at the location. Unfortunately, you’re going to need to be the one to deal with it.

Be Mine 13
Pay at least $4/£2.38/€2.93 for it all
What is this? A Groupees’ bundle that was not delegated to the “also of note” section? Well, yes. Yes, it is. The 13th Be Mine bundle comes with a number of interesting titles, including Nekro which, I’m told, is rather intriguing in spite of the fact it doesn’t quite live up to initial expectations. It has been likened to Dungeon Keeper, however, which is a fantastic plus in my book. The Be Mine 13 bundle also includes fantastic multiplayer game Legend of Dungeon and the unimitable The Longest Journey. Personally, I hope a few more bundles get sold as I’d really, really like Journey of the Roach to be a part of this.

Also of note:

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav – $5.38/£3.20/€3.94
If there’s one thing that Daedalic Entertainment is known for, it’s the beauty of their games. The content of their titles, however, are something else entirely. Fortunately, it looks like Daedalic’s fantasy point-and-click adventure game has elicited more positive responses than negative.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition – $6.00/£4.40/€3.57
Still despairing over the fact that Grand Theft Auto V has yet to hit the PC? That’s okay. Grand Theft Auto IV will tide you by. Assuming, that is, you haven’t already played it to exhaustion.

Hotline Miami – ($1.49/£1.04/€1.27
Honestly, this top-down, neon-threaded masterpiece shouldn’t need an introduction, at this point. Editorial overlord Alec Meer described it as “violence porn,” which is an accurate overview of the game. Here, read this Wot I Think if you don’t believe me.

P.S: If any of you visit The Verge, be sure to say hi to me in the comments.

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