Bring A Murderfriend: Co-op In Assassin’s Creed Unity

Oh, just dabbling in class warfare with my pals.

For a series about supposedly being in a brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed could feel awfully lonely. Though I did enjoy having a magical button which made murderers rain from the skies, stab everyone then run away, they’re more like human knife-grenades than people I could plot, scheme, and murder with. Huzzah, then, that Assassin’s Creed Unity is making friends. It’ll have four-player co-op, Ubisoft have announced at E3.

They’ve also shown off their impression of what you’d see if your head were lopped off then popped atop a stick, which certainly is a thing to create for a video games event. Oh E3!

Unity won’t have full campaign co-op, rather story-based co-op missions which are set alongside the single-player campaign. Skills and gear will carry over from the single-player the campaign, though it has four special skills for co-op missions too, such as reviving downed Assassins or disguising your motley crew. To slow the encroachment of boredom, guard placement and loot will be randomised, and levels will have alternate paths.

Here’s a five-minute demonstration of one co-op mission but honestly, there’s no way I’ll ever see people playing this carefully. Assassin’s Creed campaigns always broadly teach that while you can be sneaky, running around murdering everyone while cackling can also be effective. Knowing my chums, that’s what I’ll get. And certainly what I’ll give them.


  1. BwenGun says:

    I find myself distinctly cold after watching that (emotionally that is). Black Flag was great purely for the naval side, the city based stuff was as dull and repetitive as ever. This looks fairly similar, not so much a game about assassins as a game about murder-death-kill gods who are unstoppable and need only employ stealth when failing to do so results in the game telling you you’ve failed to carry out the mission in the prescribed manner. Except this time it’s somewhat prettier.

    I’ll try to keep an open mind, but frankly I suspect I’ll pass.

  2. Freud says:

    Everything is social these days. I miss the days when gaming was asocial.

    • cpy says:

      People are social creatures, deal with it.
      About damn time they start to put coop campaign in AAA games. Nothing beats having friends by your side instead of dumb computer controlled character doing scripted things.

  3. Orija says:

    I don’t think we car trust Ubisoft after their bait and switch tactics with Watch Dogs, Far Cry 3 and the previous Assassin’s Creed games (3 and 4).

  4. Geebs says:


  5. Meusli says:

    I like my Assassins Creed to be single player and at my own pace with no Multiplayer taking away part of my experience. I really hope they don’t spoil this.

  6. Myrdinn says:

    bah, offer either a full drop-in/drop-out coop campaign or don’t offer one at all..

    • crazyd says:

      Eh, I’d rather they have separate missions designed to be done in co-op then to try to force it into the full campaign. Less likely to hurt the single-player aspect, and will probably lead to better designed maps for co-op.

      • x1501 says:

        Would you play the game solo if it were a series of short, disjointed missions set in a small boxed environment with no story, no progression, and no seamless world to roam in? Then why would you think that two players would want to pay $100-120 for two copies only to play something like this together? I’m a huge co-op fan, and I’d never consider buying a game that only offers co-op as some separate gimmicky mode outside of the main campaign. Those are usually worthless.

        • mechabuddha says:

          Bingo. Your imaginary 1 million internet dollars are in the mail.

        • Crowbar says:

          This is exactly right. Perfectly articulates how I feel about co-op. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to understand that we just want another instance of the player into the same campaign. It doesn’t even have to make sense. Just do it and stop wasting our time with these stupid mini campaigns.

      • Myrdinn says:

        While this is totally true in most cases, I think there is great potential for co-op in AC. Instead of having all those generic recruitable assassin NPC’s in game you could invite friends to join you on a mission. Think of how Saints Row handles it.

        • hungrycookpot says:

          I agree, except being assassin’s creed, I want to play the missions smoothly and elegantly, using stealth as much as I can but also keeping the mission flowing. I don’t want some random idiot dropping into my game and fucking everything up, but I really doubt that my friend is going to sit waiting in his game for me to reach story missions and so avoiding his own. I want to play with friends I know, and this system doesn’t work as well for that.

  7. redredredguy says:

    Sooooo… Umm… Why does everyone have an English accent? It’s really distracting considering the setting they’re going for.

    • Renegade says:

      Yep I found it very jarring watching and hearing ‘ye old english’. Pretty sure one of the guards had a yorkshire accent… Wonder what happened to the crowds talking in native mixed in with accented dialogue.

      • SillyWizard says:

        Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha silly brits! Do you not know that all foreigners — especially the evil ones — sound like you?

        • Veritas says:

          Yeah, like Andrew Wilson. Looks like Satan, talks like Satan and, well… he works for the EA soooooo… you get the point, right? ;)

      • v21v21v21 says:

        The natives are revolting.


    • v21v21v21 says:

      It’s called Alternate History.

  8. XhomeB says:

    When will they finally add some freedom to those assassination missions? I’m really fed up with this series, it doesn’t evolve in any way. It suffers from the same issue many “open-world” games do – there’s NO freedom.
    Oh yes, sure, when you’re in a “hub” area – be it a city, a landscape, whatever, you can go in multitude of directions, but as soon as you decide to DO something – complete a quest – suddenly, you’re being funneled down a linear, scripted path.
    It’s the same thing here – you can bet it’s impossible to kill that guy anywhere else and you’ll always see the “assassination mission” unfold in the same way as seen in this video. I’m not expecting Hitman-esque kind of nonlinearity, but they could at least TRY.

    Brotherhood was my last AC, and I’m glad I haven’t bothered with AC games since. They just refuse to unleash the series’ potential.

    • FloorBelow says:

      From the Ubisoft blog:

      “Mission structure has also changed. Or, to put it more directly: missions no longer have a set structure. In previous games, you’d be given a defined set of goals. You’d achieve them, or you’d start over – either at the beginning of the mission or at an appropriate checkpoint. Assassin’s Creed Unity introduces something called Adaptive Mission Mechanic (AMM) – which is exactly what it sounds like.

      To explain AMM, Amancio lays out a typical scenario from previous games. Let’s say you’re tailing a Templar target; if you get spotted, the mission might be over. That’s no longer the case. “We’ve opted for a different philosophy where we won’t tell you Tail this guy,” Amancio says. “We’ll just maybe tell you Figure out where he’s going.” That means you can tail him if you like – and if you get spotted, the tail could turn into a chase. If you lose him altogether, your goal switches to locating your target. If a riot happens to break out and your target is killed, then you can loot his body to, say, find a letter that tells you where he’s going. “So it’s really up to the player to figure out how he’s going to do this,” Amancio says.”

      • KenTWOu says:

        They should add Adaptive Mission Mechanic (AMM) in every Ubisoft title.

  9. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Will it really look that good, or are we calling Watch Dogs style full motion bullshots? Its really quite stunning.

  10. Dunbine says:

    Looks interesting.

    However, I’d appreciate if EA added a demo with players like my friends. One should be a video game idiot savant who can run through the game without blinking, killing everything in sight, and not pausing for anything (including his friends), while another should be simultaneously slow and methodical, yet also confused and clumsy as hell. Finally, I should be in the middle, yelling at the first friend to slow down, and the second to speed up.

    I’d like to see how the above scenario unfolds with players like that.

  11. dsch says:

    Same old same old.

  12. SillyWizard says:

    I’d feel pretty uncomfortable playing this. So much brutality in the French Revolution…I feel about this pretty much the same as I’d feel about AC:BF if you were participating in the slave trade on the high seas.


    • bonus_85 says:

      Totally agree! The heads on spikes sequence at the end of the trailer threw me off. Now I’m wondering if there will be QTE decapitation events? …raising your axe… *press X repeatedly* …chop at the neck… *press Y* … raise axe because you didn’t chop the head clean off… *press X again* … put the head on a spike… *press B* … wave it in the air… *move analog stick back and forth* etc….

      -edit- spelling

      • Simes says:

        You clearly see the target being thrown into the crowd before you see his head in its unbodied state, and it’s the sword-wielder in the crowd who does the separating. I very much doubt there’ll be any more player-controlled brutality in this than in any previous AC title.

        Anyway, it’s the French Revolution. At most it would be “press X to drop guillotine blade”.

  13. Ross Angus says:

    This seems to be a game crying out for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mod.

  14. BobbyDylan says:

    These Pirate’s seem to have forgotten their ships.

  15. Veritas says:

    I’m not impressed at all. Same ‘ol story with Co-op mode on and same DRM sh*t for sure. The god-unstoppable-trubo-killer/assassin-manmachine is here, but hey… he has friends (from time to time) and the game has a little bit better graphics… “wow”.
    Freud wrote earlier that he misses the days when gaming was asocial. I totally agree with that. Everything must be online nowadays, every aspect of the game has to be prepared for multiplayer of some sort or you just have to log in everywhere, get 123rd account and get those freakishly annoying achievements. I believe it’ll be an option in Asscreed (strangely-british-speaking-frenchman) Unity, but for me is just a waste of resources.

    Dedicated Single Player Games – never forget [*] :P ;)