If Life Gives You Oranges: Platformer Juju Gets Trailer

Butterfly multiplier.

Secret hobby: peppering the frontpage of RPS with header images that look as disparate as possible. And so, from the grim meathook future of Brigador’s robot deathscapes, to Juju, a side-scrolling co-op platformer that intersperses quotes from happy children among its playful, music-infused, Rayman Oranges-riffing world.

I even get bonus points here for an even greater symbol of videogame variety: Juju is being made by Flying Wild Hog, developers previously responsible for their own violent futurecity in Hard Reset, a ’90s-throwback FPS. The first trailer for their new work is below, and boy, it’s like crayons ate a rainbow and threw up some Skittles.

It also looks maybe a little too much like Rayman Oranges, though I suppose there’s plenty of other precedent for colourful platformers. If Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior were Flying Wild Hogs’ paeans to a simpler shooty-time, so Juju is a “classic-style platformer”. Whether that means it has product placement or frustrating level design or terrible puns, I don’t know, but I’m easily charmed by games with springy physics, air-dashes and drum beats.

Juju is due out in the “second half” of 2014. What do we think – are those quotes in the trailer from real kids, or just made up?


  1. smeaa mario says:

    Developers for PC aren’t paying enough attention to classical colorful and fun platformers. We need more like this one.

  2. CobraLad says:

    Well, their previous games had weird posters advertising venerial deceases, f-boming for no rhyme or reason characters and corpses being common decorative element everywhere. Natural progression here.

  3. Bradamantium says:

    Rayman Oranges? No, this is incredibly similar to Donkey Kong Country Returns, from the two characters to the tropical island setting with full tiki aesthetic to having a cephalopod boss. Bizarrely, lawsuit-level similar.

    Bit stranger considering Retro Studios followed the same FPS -> classic platformer path, just with Nintendo properties.