A Little More Faith: Mirror’s Edge 2 E3 Trailer

Mirror’s Edge 2 was revealed at last year’s E3 with little more than a brief animation and a few bars of the game’s lovely soundtrack. As part of EA’s conference at E3 2014, they showed off more of the game. It was set amidst some buzzword-y waffle from the game’s developers, and is still only concept footage for the game they hope to make, but there are hints of good things in the three minute video embedded below.

Confession: I was a fan of the original Mirror’s Edge. It wasn’t without its flaws, but if you hated it outright, there’s nothing I can do for you.

Luckily, EA DICE don’t seem to be going out of their way to do anything for you either. I was concerned that the divide in opinion over the first game would prompt the team to radically change the sequel, introducing third-person mode, more weapons or a radically different world. From the concept footage, none of that seems to be true. It’s still about graceful first-person free running, it’s still about Faith in a gleaming, beautiful dystopia, and the combat still seems to avoid out-and-out firefights.

The changes to the combat that have been made seem mainly based around making it faster, so that entering into melee with an enemy is no longer a case of slowing the game down for some free-flowing QTEs. Instead Faith hits people, leaps on people, slides into the shins of people and then is immediately on her feet and running away again. That’s pretty much exactly what I wanted.

It’s a shame there wasn’t more concrete or complete in-game stuff to show, or a release date, but I’ve now got a little more… hope.


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    Lexx87 says:

    You go back and edit that last word now Mr!

  2. Cockie says:

    Also of note, the original game and it’s mappack dlc are currently on sale on Origin for € 1.59 and € 2.59 respectively.

  3. mouton says:

    Combat in Mirror’s Edge 1 wasn’t that horrible – it required good timing and was much less easy than usual “press E for takedown” that we usually get – but it was ultimately an annoyance in a parkour game. I actually played the game on Easy, as it only affected combat and not the jumpy-runny parts.

    Actually looking forward to this. That doesn’t happen very often, especially with big studio games.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      I like everything except the design of the enemies.

      It was weird as they talked about how meticulously they control colors and edgy design of anti-conformist Faith…

      and then there’s enemy guy dressed exactly like her – only with bicycle helmet on.

  4. rocketman71 says:

    “It’s important for us that everybody that wants to play the game can play the game”


  5. Penguin_Factory says:

    Does it anyone else find it a bit alarming that they’re apparently still in the early concept phase after a year? I know they said the first announcement was early, but it makes me wonder if they’re not having problems with the game’s development.

    • bill says:

      And all they’ve done is create a basic clone of the original game? Nah… you worry too much! It’ll be fine!

    • Squirly says:

      Not alarming so much as annoying. It was pretty obvious even when they announced it last year that this game wasn’t going to be out any time before 2016 so them squeezing out minute info right now is just building hype. Or filling up their E3 slot.

  6. Ernesto says:

    Why would you emphasize combat in that video? Who cares about combat in a parcours game? I guess it’s E3-syndrome…

    • Joshua says:

      I liked Mirror’s Edge’s combat.
      Does this mean I am lonely?

      • Ernesto says:

        I guess it’s a personal preference. I want to go with the flow, not stop and kick some poor guy in the nuts ;)

        • Gap Gen says:

          It’s all about the nutflow, figuring out your path through the nuts without losing momentum.

    • The First Door says:

      That’s honestly what worries me the most about the sequel. It’s like they don’t understand what made Mirror’s Edge so compelling for people like me. I don’t -want- more combat. I don’t want ‘the best 1st person close combat in the world’ as they promise on their website. I want more running away.

      The game was brilliant because you felt so weak against armed soldiers and police, so the running away was thrilling and tense. I hope I’m wrong though, I really do!

      • pockoman says:

        I would think that they wanted to address fans concerns about the combat of the original game. They were trying to show how the combat is now (supposedly) more free-flowing, something that the original game failed on.

        • 7rigger says:

          I can see both sides here. The combat in Mirror’s Edge always seemed to feel like a record scratch, a stop to the motion of the game that I was enjoying and it didn’t help that it sometimes seemed forced. Working that combat into the flow could greatly help the game and continue that feeling into one flowing experience.

          On the other side, free flowing combat makes me think of the Arkham games and Batman dancing through enemies with ease – which is awesome, but not something I want in Mirror’s Edge. The terror of taking down one enemy, disposing of his gun and running like all hell was after you while bullets plink off the walls was just too good.

          I’m so conflicted. Please don’t mess this up, EA.

        • The First Door says:

          I do kind of get what they are going for and part of me is glad they are making it more free-flowing… yet at the same time, part of me feels like the combat should break your flow a little. As I said, I liked feeling weak and the fact the combat broke your flow made it obvious that it wasn’t a good idea, it was more of a last ditch effort to survive. In that video it looked way too easy to take out huge groups of guards, which would be terrible!

          Still, we’ll see, it’s all just concept stuff at the moment.

    • Shooop says:

      Because that’s what the target audience wants.

      Did you really think for a moment this was going to be following in the steps of the original? It’s later than you think. The EA who saw a reason to appeal to a wide range of audiences is long dead.

      • green frog says:

        Knee-jerk cynicism in the absence of any evidence is so tiresome. That’s just a bunch of unsubstantiated speculation on your part. We’ve barely seen anything of the game yet and what we have seen doesn’t look very different from the original at all.

    • Laurentius says:

      Yeah, it looks horrible but unfortunately that’s the turn they took with this game. More combat, more unskippable enemies, which sucked massivwly in first game.

  7. biggergun says:

    I’d love to see an open-world parkour game in Mirrors Edge universe. Not that I have anything against how it is now, I loved the first one. It just seems that all this awesome style is a bit wasted on something so linear.

    • Gap Gen says:

      That BG&E2 test footage from ages ago looked fantastic (and, I suppose, it’s a little of what Assassin’s Creed does).

  8. Artist says:

    Cant await. Wonder if shes still the same and will recognize me again after such a long time…

  9. bill says:

    PRO TIP FOR OFFICIAL YOUTUBE TRAILERS WITH CHATTY DEVS: Put proper captions on your videos so everyone watching at work without sound has an idea what the hell you are waffling about.

    So, with only the benefit of hilarious youtube auto-captions, the first half of that video was worrying. Looks like turning Faith into some kind of sci-fi chosen one. Sigh. “Conceptual combat prototypes” that involve stopping and fighting. No!

    But the second part where they show the combat in action looks better. Keep moving. Jump on people, Keep moving. Slide under people. Keep moving. That’s how it should work. Never make the player stop (unless they really mess up).

  10. bill says:

    @ Ubisoft: How to make mirror’s edge 2 awesome in 3 simple steps:

    1: Sands of Time style time rewind
    2: Combat that doesn’t stop the player’s motion. (and not too much)
    3: Open world hub with multiple routes, where player actions can change the layout and open up new routes. *

    *Similar to the way the challenge maps in the original put multiple routes through one environment. Also slightly similar to metroidvania style games (or even Ocarina of Time’s hub) where new options get opened up to the player as the game progresses. (not skills!). Eg: One mission causes a crane to move, which opens up a new, faster route through the hub. Another mission causes a bridge to collapse which opens up a new faster route through the hub. Etc..

    • Misnomer says:

      May want to address that to EA. Not an Ubisoft title.

      Also, you just asked for Assassin’s Creed with a rewind button. So people really want a first person Assassin’s Creed?

      “Open world” purely exploring sounds pretty darn tedious to me. Lots of mirrored buildings with roughly the same placed handholds, vaults, distances, etc. Assassin’s Creed seems brilliantly open until you realize you are encountering the same elements over and over and over. Who is going to pay for developers to do all that mapping for your massive open world? Do people think they will suddenly get to play on a 3d version of Google Earth if they demand “open world?”

      Plus, the only way these open world games people request work is with silly super powers and a trick points counter like goat simulator. Otherwise the limitations of the real world can be quite the downer.

      Sorry, much rather see what DICE comes up with as a sequel to their wonderful linear game Mirror’s Edge.

      • The First Door says:

        I agree, I can’t understand why people would want it to be an open world game instead. I much prefer well designed linear games to open world ones because you get a better sense of progression and difficulty ramp. Otherwise you end up with the cartoony Prince of Persia game which, while not bad, was nowhere near as good as the Sands of Time trilogy, as seemingly every level in the game was the same difficulty.

        One thing I do hope is that they don’t simplify the parkour like Ubi did with Assassin’s Creed. It’s the reason I get bored of the games so quickly. I know it’s not the focus anymore, but the whole ‘hold and button and walk forward to look awesome’ just gets dull for me so quickly.

      • bill says:

        Maybe I used the wrong word with ‘open world’. What I meant was a kind of hub leading to each of the linear missions, that you’d criss cross back and forth over… but as you got better and opened new routes you could get across it in faster and cooler ways.

        Something like the Central Fields in Ocarina of time (where you get a horse and then find new routes, but better) or the City in Thief 2 (except changing and you’d get across it faster) or the way you travelled from zone to zone in Metroid Prime.

        My reasons:
        1 – Time rewind would take most of the frustration out of the parkour. Yet it would slow you down and would be limited, so it wouldn’t remove all challenge. It’d allow you to recover from the annoying one-missed-jump 3/4 of the way through the run, without having to start the whole thing again. They could think of some sci-fi reason for it, or just leave it as an unexplained game mechanic.
        2 – Should be pretty self explanatory.
        3 – I enjoyed the game a lot, but I possibly had more fun with the challenge maps, because you were going across them several times in similar but different routes, and this gave you a chance to improve and feel like you’d improved. The linear single player levels were mostly just about learning the one route to get to the end. And the levels were rather static.

        I don’t want assasin’s creed in 1st person. I want mirror’s edge, with more room for the player to improve and develop their own routes. I don’t think they need to mess with the parkour controls much at all, and they don’t need side missions or skills or collectibles.
        Metroid prime mainly did it with skill upgrades, but also with opening up other routes, and it meant that what started as a long trek across the level got shorter and shorter as you improved and opened up new routes.
        Thief 2’s City was great, but it never really changed, so your method of crossing was always the same (and naturally much slower than it would be in ME2)

        PS/ @EA – I was just reading the Ubisoft thing on the other page ;-)

  11. The Random One says:

    The video made me optimistic, but I found it a bit alarming that they kept talking about how they’re recreating the game for “a new generation” as if the first game had been made in the nineties. Pretty sure we´re still in the same generation.

    • Shooop says:

      Not really. The generation they’re talking about can’t stay awake for more than 5 minutes without something exploding.

    • Armante says:

      New generation of hardware? Meaning XBOne and PS4?

    • InternetBatman says:

      Mirror’s Edge was six years ago, and this will be in development for at least another year. A fourteen year old who played the first on release date would be closed to finished with college when this came out.

  12. JimboDeany says:

    The first Mirrors Edge was excellent so I am very happy that they appear to be taking a “More of the same” approach with maybe a couple of tweaks. The combat in the first game was ok I thought, it was supposed to put you off actually fighting the guards and it did that. There was only really one level IIRC where you actually had to fight people and even then it wasn’t that bad. Really looking forward to this one.

  13. Megakoresh says:

    Nice. It’s good that they made the enemies more melee-based and you don’t have to slow down anymore, I didn’t like that mechanic.

    Another thing I didn’t like was the storyline. Boring and quite cliche, on top of that the cartoons through which it was delivered were quite ugly. If this is gonna be a prequel, that’s a disappointment, although I guess no one cares about a story in a game like this anyway.

    Whatever the case Mirror’s Edge was a really good game and if they don’t fuck up the gameplay and “EAficate” it, that will be good enough for me.

  14. KenTWOu says:

    The changes to the combat that have been made seem mainly based around making it faster, so that entering into melee with an enemy is no longer a case of slowing the game down for some free-flowing QTEs. Instead Faith hits people, leaps on people, slides into the shins of people and then is immediately on her feet and running away again. That’s pretty much exactly what I wanted.


  15. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Everyone is so good looking that I am going to buy it anyway. Handsome people never make mistakes.

  16. Admiral Solaire says:

    So hm,…. this looks exactly like the old game?