Murder With Friends: Tom Clancy’s The Division

Where are your friends, pal?

I should get better video game chums by the time Tom Clancy’s The Division comes out. A five-minute staged “gameplay demonstration” fresh out of E3 shows friends being friendly, supporting each other, using abilities carefully, and generally making the game look awfully good fun. None of that will ever happen with the people I play Dota 2 with. We won’t carefully orchestrate and execute plans, we’ll run around doing as we please, whether that’s chasing the glory of murdering particularly tough enemies or pausing to admire holographic reactions of people caught in the disaster. It’ll be dreadful.

The Division’s a funny-lookin’ game in general, really. It’s a third-person cover-based shooter but also an open-world online RPG. It’s got levelling, and skills through gadgets like homing mines, flamethrower turrets, and drones with dazzling strobes. I’ve never clicked with Borderlands as a shooter RPG, but this being more tactical-y has my eye.

Though, of course, all the people ‘playing’ in this trailer add a lot of commentary which builds tension that might be wholly absent in the actual game. I wonder if their lines are dubbed in or they needed to play the demo section over and over until one take was just right. I do hope it’s not the latter, the poor dears.


  1. Sacarathe says:

    Shame on yehs; that screenshot is surely Half-Life related.

  2. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Someone should do a redub of this with the least cool-sounding people possible, at least one of whom should be called Trevor.

    EDIT: I have found our voice actors

    • Bull0 says:

      Seems like a lot of modern faire can only be made to appear to be fun by having everyone play in a very choreographed manner. I mean, that Battlefield Hardline demo was ridiculous – the player character would’ve spent most of that 5 minutes waiting to respawn if he actually dashed headlong at the enemy like that the whole time

      • meloncrab says:

        The campiest example is the Planetside 2 trailer which came out either at release or about half a year after. The comms chatter was some operator-cool nonsense and the action was purely scripted and played out in a non-sense way you would never see in-game. The irony is that the action in a lot of battles in-game is on the same level as single-player games with their scripted atmospheric battle surroundings.

  3. Volcanu says:

    Hmmm……can’t say this looks very exciting to me. Another 3rd person, sticky-waist high-cover shooter with an irritatingly cluttered screen with numbers and words flashing up all over the place. I guess I was hoping for something a little more ‘Next Geny’

  4. TaylanK says:

    Some of the action, particularly the cover system, seems very similar to Ghost Recon Online. That one pleasantly surprised me with its game design highly encouraging/rewarding good team play and tactics, very successfully.

    • Vin_Howard says:

      Until it shot itself in the leg with a gun system so imbalancing that it ruins the entire game (either grind 100hr+ for a gun with better states then everyone who hasn’t grind, or pay $20 so you can kill everyone with an op gun)

  5. herschel says:

    And now show actual gameplay, please.

  6. Mulberry11 says:

    I thoroughly look forward to watching the visual fidelity of this game be slowly eroded over the next year and half.

  7. crazyd says:

    Man, that cheesy dialog just sounds so scripted and unnatural.

  8. Shooop says:

    All that dialogue sounded like in-game script. No one on the actual internet would talk like that. Ever.

    • Bull0 says:

      “I brought Chris” “Oh hey Chris”

      How it would actually go down:

      “Uh, hey”

      “Who the fuck’s that? Fire”

      “Nonno I’m Chris I’m Chris I know your mate I dunno where he is I think he got D/C”

    • BobbyFizz says:

      I remember the first one they did, took me a few minutes to work out they’re meant to be real friends talking to each other.

    • Hunchback says:

      Wait, those were ACTUAL people talking, and not the NPCs playing around the guy we are following?

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        No they’re MEANT to be real people. Its a bit like the Destiny trailer where they get charismatic sounding people to talk over the game to make it seem better. Of course, they aren’t real people, its just guff

      • Shooop says:

        They’re actors pretending they’re using the in-game chat over the action like they’re playing the game.

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      That was as real as designer apartment Wii People.
      I’d love to see an authentic “internet randoms” remake.

      • BTAxis says:

        Internet randoms wouldn’t had had the same results ingame though (there’d be a lot more dying for one thing), so it’d still come off as phony.

        • Press X to Gary Busey says:

          I know, it would’ve been a hilarious contrast to the choreographed scripted bullshit though.
          And more in line with how the game will actually play (for poor people like me who can never drag friends from their latest Diablo or MMO crack stealing all their game time from “smaller” games).

          • slerbal says:

            love your name – I would press X to Gary Busey all day. The world always needs more Gary Busey.

    • Aardvark_Man says:

      It took until the chick greeted the dude for me to realise it wasn’t in game chatter.

      • laijka says:

        To me it was when that greeting wasn’t followed by a “lol a girl”.

  9. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I know there are RPS groups for big multiplayer games like planetside 2 and the like, but is there any appetite for getting together for smaller co-op experiences such as this*? I can’t see my friends playing this (and even though a few of us had Borderlands 2 we could never get organised) and I’m not sure how fun this’ll be to play alone. Is the done thing to just throw up a thread on the forum once the game’s out (and we know if it’s any good, obviously)?

    *Also that new assassins creed, in which I would be looking forward to messing up my parkour, falling off the building and alerting all the guards, but now in co-op!

  10. DanMan says:

    That’s my big worry as well. On a public server with strangers, that kind of cooperation is never going to happen. So unless you have enough friends *cough*, I wonder how this is supposed to work out.

    • BTAxis says:

      These “friends” of the “playing with your”, has anyone ever seen them? Is there proof of their existence? They sound like the kind of beings Brian Blessed would spend lots of time trying to find in Tibet.

      • DanMan says:

        Good point. Even if those “friends” existed. Who said they’d behave any better?

    • P.Funk says:

      Uhh… get friends to play with you?

      I wouldn’t think that typical PC Gamers think this to themselves. They have two modes of gaming. With friends they know, with randoms they don’t. Most who truly covet the former rarely indulge in the latter and would rather not play if that was all they had to do.

  11. Geebs says:

    The guy in the screenshot looks well-provisioned with T-Eng, but I guess it must be autumn,

  12. Flea says:

    Okay, let’s get something straight: nobody has friends that would cooperatively play the game like these people do in the trailer. That said, I still think this could be a very good game, cause it makes me think that more chaos would bring even more fun into it.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Indeed. That’s an almost Shack Tactical level of co-op.

  13. stalepie says:

    Murder is wrongful killing. In the video game world I see a lot of journalists use it to describe any act of killing, but that’s a misuse of the word.

  14. abomb76 says:

    The video link seems to have stopped working. When I click on it I get a ‘This video is private.’ message.

  15. Hebrind says:

    I’m looking really forward to this. Some of those gadgets look really cool, and if the game plays even slightly like it’s shown here (I admit it looks highly choreographed) then I’m sure me and my friends will all have a brilliant time with it. I think it’s a good idea to have a slightly optimistic outlook on these games instead of just damning them before they’re even released. The anticipation of a game that you hope is going to be good is all part of being a gamer. Sadly, crushing disappointments are also part of this, but such is life.

    There’s a couple of things, though. I hope the PVP is optional. I’d hate to be happily chewing through some encounters when some other group tips up and starts filling me full of holes. That’d really twist my mellow.

    Secondly, I really hope (against hope, let’s be honest here – this is Ubisoft, EA’s protégé) that the game isn’t crippled out of the gate by Day-One DLC. It’s such a dirty, underhanded and money-grubbing tactic that is honestly one of my biggest buzzkills with games. If it’s DLC that adds outfits and skins, fine – I can live with that. But weapons and areas of the game? Ugh. *UGH*.

    Here’s hoping. Say it with me now. *Will* it with me: Please be good. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.

    Please be good.

  16. pilouuuu says:

    It looks a bit too next-gen. I wonder how they’ll make it look more last gen when released.

    • Chaz says:

      Just what I was thinking. An impressive level of detail. I wonder how much they’ll trim back for release?

  17. FecesOfDeath says:

    Codemasters put Colin McRae in exactly one more of their rally titles after he died. How tasteful is it for Ubisoft to keep putting Tom Clancy in their titles, outside of any possible contractual obligations?

  18. bill says:

    Video removed. Are we going to spend all of E3 with companies removing free advertising from youtube again?

    Can’t say I can be arsed to go and look at one of the other copies that are inevitably on youtube, so I’ll just continue being ignorant about this game. I assume that’s what ubisoft wanted?

  19. Armante says:

    “video removed by user” ?

  20. pastuh says:

    Wow.. im in shock. This game is totaly shit.
    Everything staged..
    If it was multiplayer mission. I could just one shot “elite” and easy kill everyone with grenade.
    Sorry no.. I better play thehunter in slow-motion.