Wonkyvision: H1Z1’s E3 Trailer Is Honestly Rubbish


We expect E3 trailers to be showy, bombastic, and entirely unlike the actual game they’re advertising–that’s how it works. So I have no idea what Sony Online Entertainment think they’re playing at with their H1Z1 E3 trailer. It’s clearly little more than lightly-edited snippets of gameplay from an early development build of their free-to-play open-world zombie ’em up, janky animations and all, with some text and a song over the top. Haven’t they heard of E3 before?

SOE have shown plenty of H1Z1 before, so what do we get out of this? We see their vision for the game, beyond ‘DayZ but a bit different,’ and their idea of tone. At this stage of development, it perhaps says more about H1Z1 than H1Z1 itself can.

While DayZ is, for most people, “Spawn; live for a bit; die or get murdered or get tortured then murdered,” H1Z1 is positioning itself as a bit friendlier. If we’re to believe this, more players might actually survive to do cool stuff–driving vehicles, building bases, and whatnot. SOE’s vision is for persistence to mean more than just what’s in your backpack, actually changing the world, and they want players to join together to make that happen.

Not shown in the trailer is how they hope for a barter economy to spring up. If DayZ is about surviving the first few weeks of the zombie nightmare, H1Z1 is looking more at building communities in the months that follow. It’s far too early to tell how all this’ll work out. The game looks rubbish in this trailer, but, well, that’s because it probably is right now.


  1. thebigJ_A says:

    “DayZ but a bit different” is precisely all I got from that trailer. Nothing more.

  2. Shodex says:

    Have you ever wanted to play DayZ, but can’t be bothered to actually play DayZ? Well don’t worry folks, Sony Online Entertainment has you covered! Try our new H1Z1, a completely free DayZ***!

    Not only does it have all the exact same mechanics as DayZ, but it’s just as clunky, unintuitive, and awkward looking as DayZ too! To hell with those cheap knock-offs like Nether, who at least try to do things a little differently. H1Z1 is the most authentic DayZ experience you can get, without just playing DayZ.

    Download and play within the next 24 hours for an exclusive “I can’t believe it’s not DayZ!” ingame T-Shirt!

    *** Product may require real money to purchase items such as hats, hats, hats, hats, hats, hats, shoes, hats, hats, hats, hats, hats, and hats.

  3. mouton says:

    Aaand “Coming soon to early access”. Lol.

  4. SillyWizard says:

    Wow. Why would anyone want to subject themselves to this?

  5. tumbleworld says:

    >>While DayZ is, for most people, “Spawn; live for a bit; die or get murdered or get tortured then murdered,” H1Z1 is positioning itself as a bit friendlier. <<

    Uh… you did actually watch the trailer, right? This is not looking "like DayZ but a bit different", it's looking exactly like "DayZ".

  6. quietone says:

    Sony Online Entertainment presents H1Z1

    A game about zombies. For zombies. Designed by zombies.

  7. Distec says:

    Why couldn’t you just reskin SWG and call it a day, guys.

    • Shodex says:

      Well, at least The Repopulation will be out one day…

      … one day.

  8. slerbal says:

    It appears to be a like-for-like remake of DayZ. :(

    SOE why not innovate a bit like you did with Landmark? Shake things up, and don’t just clone DayZ – do something different and interesting.

    I would wonder if this will find a willing group of players, but I am constantly surprised how popular any game with zombies in is.

  9. SkittleDiddler says:

    Holeee shit, that actually looks graphically worse than DayZ. I didn’t think it was possible.

  10. almostDead says:

    Holy shit, what rebels. Talk about not playing by the rules and showing gameplay with highlights like tires clipped through the ground.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Malarious says:

    It looks way more polished than DayZ, at least. Which isn’t particularly impressive. The fact that they’re not building off the god-forsaken Arma engine gives me some hope for this. I bought DayZ the day it came out on Steam and I haven’t been able to stomach more than a few hours of it — I know it’s early access, but it’s pretty much unplayable, and they haven’t even started to add half the features they’ve advertised. At least H1Z1 has base-building already, from the looks of it.

    • trout says:

      not trying to attempt to invalidate your experiences with dayz; but i’ve had a diametrically opposite experience to you: likewise, i bought it on release date, and steam informs me i’ve got 209 hours logged currently – but at any rate – it seems entirely playable – and i’ve enjoyed the game progression/development; from zombie ai (gradually getting better, and the zombie wallhacking will be eliminated at some future point), the addition of various items, and the smoother mouse controls. perhaps your disappointment stems from the slower pace of development that dayz has?

  12. Retrofrank says:

    Better than producers, that show us teasers, that look nothing like the finished product will.
    But like Billy Joel once sang : “Honesty, is such a lonely word.”

  13. remon says:

    Is this the game that’s supposed to appeal to SWG fans?

    • meloncrab says:

      Of course, didn’t you see? You can build entire player cities out of wooden pens with big ass-doors!

    • Distec says:

      Yeah… it is.

      Smedley had to backpedal from that statement about SWG’s “successor”. It does share some features, but if you were hoping for some other sci-fi sandbox MMO like I was, you can stop holding your breath. They should have known better than to tease in such a fashion

      I hate to sound petty/shallow or whatever, but my single biggest turn-off with this game is the zombies. I have thoroughly run out of mindshare for the undead. It could have the best mechanics in an MMO ever, but that element alone will make a tough swallow if I ever decide to play.

  14. Bull0 says:

    Yep, that was bullshit. Proof that this “Let’s all copy DayZ” thing has gone way too far, if ever proof were needed

  15. Seafort says:

    Oh btw EU players have to wait for H1Z1 Early Access on Steam.

    US players get the game first.

    link to h1z1.com

    Read the bottom Q&A.

    • spamenigma says:

      “Will you be able to play H1Z1 in Europe?
      Right now we are focusing on launching H1Z1 on Steam Early Access in North America and Europe. We have plans to expand access in the future.” <<< Nothing there suggests Europe is 'after' NA !?? What are you reading??

    • spamenigma says:


      link to twitter.com

  16. Michael Fogg says:

    Darn it, for a split second I read that headline as HLE3

  17. steviebops says:

    Will probably be finished before DayZ.

  18. natedynamic says:

    WAIT. An honest trailer, showing actual gameplay, from the current build of an unfinished game about to enter testing?!


    The lies are so much better!

    Seriously, though. This is on my radar SPECIFICALLY because of how this trailer looked.
    That’s the sort of transparency I’m after.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      Don’t get your hopes up, I hear the Developers had locked the Marketing Department in their offices last month and they’ve finally worked out how to open the door – so back to normal programming next week.

  19. racccoon says:

    “Wonkyvision: H1Z1′s E3 Trailer Is Honestly Rubbish”

    What a stupid dumb ass comment. trailer is rubbish. the trailer is “HONEST”.
    Fuck how many trailers do we watch where they spin us glorified brilliance and we buy the bastard thing and its a load of rubbish! Thats when you can comment remarks like that.
    Your title is so not warranted as a game critic.
    It as far as I am a game critic does not compute in my world at all. its just plain stupid.

    • Shodex says:

      Calm down there, big guy.

    • Harlander says:

      ‘honestly’ is applied to the description of the trailer, not the trailer itself.

      This information should be of use in the parser tuning you so clearly need.

  20. Yardsailor says:

    Looks like DayZ…so the OP is saying DayZ looks rubbish…hopefully you lost most of your readers respect right there.

    On another note, this trailer is honestly pretty refreshing compared to the usual fake game play trash.

    Enjoy your UBIsoft junkshow Alice, I’m not saying this game will be good, but it’s at least got my attention enough to wait and see.

    • CptPlanet says:

      Yup…I don’t know what Alice’s issues are…trailer looked fine to me for the most part. Maybe she expected something more fake akin to other trailers we saw from the show.

  21. bill says:

    If everyone complains when developers show real gameplay in their trailers, and then bashes the game, why do people then complain about trailers that don’t show much gameplay? It’s your own fault.

  22. GeorgeTheJournalist says:

    The trailer is not a masterpiece by any standard, but to say this:

    We expect E3 trailers to be showy, bombastic, and entirely unlike the actual game they’re advertising–that’s how it works. So I have no idea what Sony Online Entertainment think they’re playing at […]

    is just plain awful. What I get from these sentences is that you want more showy, bombastic trailers. No wonder all those bigwigs in video game publishing think that they need dramatic trailers full of epic moments and huge buildings falling down! What could have given them the idea, I wonder >_<

    Reminded me how Warhorse studios had been rejected by some publishers on account of their pitch not being epic enough.

  23. Neith says:

    DayZ/WarZ was crap, and if those are the “inspiration” for this game, I expect it to be DOUBLE crap.

    At least the graphics look slightly better than DayZ’s. They still look more flat and dead than the corpses that inhabit it’s world.

    Tired, Through and Delayed formula.