(Exposed) Muscle Beach: Dead Island 2

In comparison to the original Dead Island trailer, Dead Island 2’s announcement video is more honest than Abe and Cherry Tree Washington combined. You remember that trailer, right? The one that broke a thousand hearts when it debuted and then broke them again when the game was more like a first-person Dead Rising than a mourning simulator? Dead Island 2 is just holding its hands in the air and admitting to the world that it’s at the dafter end of the zombie spectrum. No introspection here – it’s a game about beautiful beach bodies rotting in the sun while the world points, laughs and decapitates the poor sods.

There’s a skidmark of misanthropy on these Speedo sack-satchels – Studly McGymson gets ‘the body he deserves’, in bits on the floor, while the survivors at the end, who presumably represent player characters, bro it up while stealing his trainers. His vanity was his sin and the punishment was swift. But, wait, is that him swinging a weapon on the official website? Maybe he’s a player character as well, wig and all.

I quite enjoyed the setup though and it certainly looks like a fair representation of the tone that’s likely to course through Dead Island 2’s veins.


Dead Island 2’s development team are Yager, they wot made Spec Ops: The Line. That was a game about introspection while manshooting. Perhaps the trailers for Dead Island and its sequel were accidentally swapped in some bizarre time travel incident? It’s entirely possible.

Incidentally, Deep Silver have already stated that the voice at the end of the trailer is not Jack Black.


  1. Prolar Bear says:

    I’m not even remotely interested in the series, but I found this trailer pretty enjoyable. Also, Yager? When did they get the reins for Dead Island? Who knows, they might turn the game into a slightly more intelligent kind of dumb fun.

  2. Soulstrider says:

    I have this feeling that this trailer will turn out to be the most enjoyable thing coming out of this game.

  3. InternetBatman says:

    I always thought the trailers were horrendously overwrought and hamfisted. It’s good to see them having a bit more fun.

  4. kabic says:

    cut the crap.. there is JACK BLACK in it!

    • liwkid says:

      Sorry to upset u but it is Mick Wingert, voice of Kung-Fu Panda from TV series.

  5. RedViv says:

    Or maybe it could actually be a 78 Dawn of the Dead of games.

  6. Vodka, Crisps, Plutonium says:

    >>Perhaps the trailers for Dead Island and its sequel were accidentally swapped in some bizarre time travel incident?

    I would totally support that little joke of theirs.

  7. Philomelle says:

    The original game was basically “i maed a Borderlands with zombies in it” but with melee weapons instead of guns. I’m glad this trailer finally admits that the series is exactly that.

    And hey, it’s Yager. Maybe they’re planning to go full Zombieland on this one. That one was also a comedy, yet also the most intelligent thing to have come out of the genre in years.

  8. JonasKyratzes says:

    I… I enjoyed the first Dead Island. There are tons of issues with the story, but the presentation is excellent, and the gameplay is fun in a pulpy, looty sort of way. Especially in co-op, where it’s less of a Falling Over Simulator.

  9. Anthile says:

    I’m only interested in this because of Yager. Thankfully zombies are mostly absent from this year’s E3.

    • RedViv says:

      Yeah, we’re back to our traditional olden ways of GUNCARBOOM.

      • Prolar Bear says:

        You forgot CAPTURE THE LADY online multiplayer

        • The Random One says:

          Oh man what if you used a CAR with a GUN to capture a LADY and then she EXPLODES

          • Prolar Bear says:

            I can already imagine: “lol ima steal ur bitch” “lol ur mom went boom” “dat waz awsum”

  10. bosseye says:

    Enjoyed both Dead Islands. But one big issue that stunted gameplay in both was the constantly regenerating loot and weapons – whats the point in scavenging when you know that if you need a weapon there will always be a machete stuck in that table or there will always be $500 in that suitcase by the beach. It removes a sense of consequence from the world when loot is identical and everywhere all the time.

    • soulblur says:

      I liked them as well, although plenty of things to be irritated with. But the base defence game was kind of fun. Bit ropey, but fun. Fairly fun to create weapons. I’m normally really irritated by regenerating zombies, and I was a bit here… but it mostly worked for me.

  11. JFS says:

    By Jove, this is sick. And it’s also fun. But mostly sick.

  12. Artiforg says:

    The trailers for the Dead Island games have been brilliant and innovative, shame that the original game was pretty awful aside from the location. Here’s hoping that Dead Island 2 will be heaps better (Spec Ops: The Line was superb – if rather linear).

    It would be nice to have an open world Left 4 Dead without the hideous infinite zombies coming out of a cupboard routine that that game continuously throws at you. I’m not interested in Day-Z (or it’s ilk) before anyone suggests it. I don’t mind a bit of co-op with friends but I prefer single player when my friends aren’t about.

  13. Kefren says:

    I had a really hard time with Dead Island. I think it was the linearity and barriers that got me. Right near the start I think I was on a hotel balcony. I wanted to climb/jump down to the balcony below, but the game wouldn’t let me – instead I had to drop down a lift shaft full of monsters or something (it was a long time ago). Classic example of the game making you play only one way, and do things you wouldn’t do. Another time there was an invisible wall. I was on the beach, with palings stuck in the sand. Wade out to see a couple of metres, walk round them – and get sent back to the start. Weird. In real life you would just walk round them.

    If you want to act out that zombie-survival scenario in a game then there has to be freedom to go and do things you could do in real life. Sure, if I jump to a lower balcony and miss, let me die – but don’t put up invisible walls specifically to stop me trying.

    Oh, the melee weapons that you upgraded were just silly, and the monetary system was nuts.

  14. Megakoresh says:

    Yager? You this COULD be on purpose and the game might end up what the people expected the original Ded Eye Land to be! Could be… I mean Spec Ops the Line was the most actually disturbing game to have ever come out probably.

    And disturbing in this exact way that it pointed out very well what gameplay in war games and all the shootey action scenes in movies would be like in reality, and it also pointed out how fucked up it is that triple A games never make us think about our actions, they just teach us to follow script, perform generic actions in the same situations all the time and somehow these actions always have this “good” consequence.

    It was a game ABOUT showing you something very similar and bog-standard and then making you feel terrible because you fell for it. So yeah, this is quite interesting…

    Or it could be another dose of coop zombie smashing with ridiculous weapons and physics and fuck all that nonsense with hidden meaning ‘n shit. Either way, I am sick of zombies so not gonna buy it anyway XD

  15. melnificent says:

    Maybe this one will run on my PC. The first Dead Island just goes to black screen. I’ve tried pretty much every fix online.

  16. Synesthesia says:

    That was quite good. Terrific work on the transformation.

  17. Audiocide says:

    I know this opinion is very unpopular around these parts, but I really enjoyed the first Dead Island. Riptide wasn’t as good, but still dumb fun. They really need to implement a proper PC interface this time around though.

  18. steviebops says:

    ‘White folks do it on time if you can’ Cheeky bugger, arrogance leas to zombification!

  19. Disc0 says:

    Anyone else notice that that zombie in the screencap has a really nice smile?

    Nice try, computer graphics. The teeth would rot same as the lips. Call me back in 2016 when you’ve got your shit sorted out and my computer is all deprecated.

  20. DarkSaber2k says:

    So the Dead Island devs are making Dying Light, a zombie game copying Dead Island, and the Dead Island PUBLISHERS have handed Dead Island to someone else to make a sequel? *facepalm*

    • Vodka, Crisps, Plutonium says:

      Right? Like we have an enormous shortage of zombie-shootie-stompie game supplies!

  21. Dare_Wreck says:

    The address on the billboard at the end (1968 Romero Blvd) was a nice touch.

  22. CookPassBabtridge says:

    I’m sitting here watching the video on my laptop. The screen is angled up at me. I’m kind of alexithymic sometimes so I watched the trailer, and found myself not quite sure what I felt about it. As the video ended, the screen went black and I saw my own face in the screen.

    Judging by my expression, I thought it was shit.

    • panda42 says:

      I am lying on my couch and using my laptop to control the Youtube App on my TV :D
      And I really like this trailer!

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Are you sure? Did you check with your face? Your face might not have agreed with you. Mine is a contrarian so and so. CONTRARIANFACE

  23. Neith says:

    “bro it up while stealing his trainers.” Ugh. This is an ugly statement.

    Also- Dead Island was a letdown, Dead Island: Riptide was a letdown with a new title, and Dead Island: Epidemic is a lackluster MOBA (woulda been better as an ARPG).

    So I’m gonna go on the line here and just guess- Dead Island 2? It’s gonna be the pits.

    And I was enamored by the trailer of the first, pre-ordered that mess, and played the effe out of it. Then I realized… “No… just no”. It just was not as good as some of the other lackluster zombie games to have surfaced.

  24. The Random One says:

    So many metaphors in that trailer. They should have sent a Yohalem.

  25. AyeBraine says:

    On the topic of trailers, I never played Left 4 Dead in MP and dabbled for a couple of hours in Left 4 Dead 2 SP, never to return again… But I LOVE all of the series’ trailers and intros!