Spellcasting S-E-Q-U-E-L: Magicka 2 Announced

Wizard Wars has been scratching my mischief and magic itch for the past few months, but that doesn’t diminish my delight at the prospect of a full-blown Magicka sequel. Coming to PS4 as well as PC, the game will contain four player co-op, a story-based campaign and ‘relationship-testing friendly fire’. Paradox apparently have each of their studios working on a PS4 game (presumably for PC as well), which might well mean the debut of one of their grand strategy titles on a console. Stranger things have happened. Like that time a wizard accidentally exploded your cat.

A fun trailer, particularly that opening. The game looks a lot like Magicka, which is a good thing I guess. I’d have been disgruntled if the game had suddenly been an over-the-shoulder third-person malarkey. Want a feature list?

As an all-powerful Wizard, you will have thousands of spells at your fingertips to experiment and defeat evil with, use them together with special Magicks to annihilate foes or give necessary aid to your companions.
Combine up to five elements at a time and work together with—or against—your friends for that full Magicka co-op experience.
Four Player Friendly Fire Compatible Co-op
Full co-op support! All levels and game modes in Magicka 2 will be supported for four player co-op with hot join, checkpoints, and other supportive features and functionality.
Friendly fire is always on, promoting emergent gameplay humor as players accidentally hurt or kill their friends in their attempts to annihilate enemies.

Artifacts are a fresh addition, acting as ‘switches and options’ that customise the ‘gameplay experience’. Not entirely sure what that means but here’s hoping for a Big Head Mode.


  1. Lemming says:

    A thousand cool points for the Knightmare reference.

  2. Drake Sigar says:

    Paradox make fun trailers.

  3. mollemannen says:

    seriously though i couldn’t make it past half the game with my friends.

  4. Philopoemen says:

    Paradox have the best trailers – not quite up there with Jazz Boatman, but still better than the majors.

  5. Jalan says:

    100+ DLC updates to follow soon after.

    • LTK says:


    • Baines says:

      But it is guaranteed to run on at least half of the PCs available at the time of release? (Do, for example, the developers acknowledge the existence of “gaming laptops” this time? Or do they still scoff at the idea that people might actually play modern games on laptops or integrated graphics desktops?)

      Or, for that matter, to even run on the release day minimum specs? (From what I recall, the first Magicka had its minimum specs increased after the game was released. As well, the demo ran fine on machines that the final game wouldn’t run on.)

      Will the focus this time be on fixing issues in the base game instead of pumping out DLC? (As the Magicka 1 developers admitted that they felt it was more important to pump out new DLC than to fix what they’d already shipped.)

      • Nenjin says:

        Yeah, I got probably 10 people to buy Magicka on release, and it worked for maybe 1/3rd of them.

        Fun game, when you were able to get past the crippling latency and show-stopping bugs.

      • Jalan says:

        That’s the first I’ve read of them copping to cramming DLC down the playerbase’s collective throats vs. opting to actually fix stuff. I wonder how forgiving Gauntlet fans are going to be when they try to pull that crap with them.

  6. Rincewind says:

    I love the fake job advertisement:

    “Job Opportunity!

    Have you ever played a game and thought, “Hey, I could do this?” Of course you have. You’re a gamer, and gamer’s [sic] can do anything. And since you can do anything, we want to bring you in to our team as a Game Producer, ensuring that our title is up to the standards of this storied franchise.

    This is a producer position, so a Master’s Degree in Equine Studies and Economics is mandatory. We’re hoping to make this our most stable release ever, so experience on or around farms is strongly recommended. An ability to communicate with other species through telepathy is a huge plus, as you’ll be spending a lot of time with the developers. If this sounds like you, then let’s saddle up and let’s make a game!


    Paradox is a powerhouse for inventive gaming. We are the Europe’s busiest touring national gaming company visiting more than 30 venues across the Europe, performing to more than 130,000 people per year. We are looking to appoint a Planning Manager to ensure our position is maintained and strengthened at all opportunities. With at least two year’s relevant experience will be an exceptional….[can’t read further.]”

    • disconnect says:

      link to northernballet.com

      Northern Ballet is a powerhouse for inventive dance. We are the UK’s busiest touring national ballet company visiting more than 30 venues across the UK, performing to more than 130,000 people per year.

      We are looking to appoint a Planning Manager to take the lead on tour booking and planning, negotiating with our partner venues to ensure our position is maintained and strengthened at all opportunities.

      With at least two year’s relevant experience you will be an exceptional communicator with expert negotiation and organisational skills. You will have experience of project management, budgeting and financial control systems and outstanding attention to detail.


  7. BTAxis says:

    I got the first Magicka because it seemed fun (and in truth it was for a while), but then, sigh, it turned out to be a multiplayer oriented game.

    • Saiko Kila says:

      Maybe it is multiplayer oriented, but at least the first game (without story DLCs) can be treated as singleplayer, it is possible to finish it without help, and even get some multiplayer achievements, using a combo of mouse+keyboard and a gamepad. It’s still very funny.

      The story DLCs (Vietnam being the first) on the other hand are (in my opinion) really multiplayer oriented, though I presume very hard hardcore singles can finish it too. Most people wanting to play it as singleplayer would be disappointed. The heavy action takes too much attention, diverting it from funny references and other jokes.

      • Sian says:

        I never considered myself “very hardcore” or any kind of hardcore for that matter. Huh. Granted, the scenarioes (like Vietnam) took a while to crack because there are no checkpoints or other saves, but they’re not very long either.

        But yes, the experience is vastly different from the original campaign.

  8. demonryu says:

    Worth noting: It looks like Arrowhead isn’t involved with this one, which isn’t surprising as they’re working on the Gauntlet reboot. I went to the Magicka 2 website and it lists the developer as Pieces Interactive, who worked on several of the expansions for the original.

    • altum videtur says:

      If they’re the ones who made The Stars Are Left I am perfectly okay with that.
      Long as they leave fucking Parker out of it.
      I think I had to go throw up after that boss.

      • demonryu says:

        Their site says they worked on Other Side of the Coin, WOOT, Dungeons & Daemons, and Dungeons & Gargoyles.

        • altum videtur says:

          Well, fuck a bag of ducks then. Those were not great.
          Eh, I’ll see when there’s proper gameplay.

  9. aliksy says:

    As long as they don’t add any god damned leveling or unlocks I’ll probably be happy. One of my favorite things about Magicka is how I went from flailing about and screwing up to a death dealing machine because I got better at the game, not because some numbers on my sheet got bigger.

    (This is one of my horses. I beat on it.)

    • Siimon says:

      That was fun for a while, but eventually I wanted some kind of… progress. Especially on the second playthrough. and/or playing with people who were not (and wouldn’t become) very good at the game.

      • Jalan says:

        I’d definitely avoid it were it to become D&D for the Meme Generation. I can do one or the other but not both.

  10. MaXimillion says:

    Not sure about reducing elements from 10 to 5, but hoping they can make that work.

    • NukeWithG says:

      I believe that they are saying that you can combine five elements into a spell, out of the ten you have available. You know, like in the original Magicka.

  11. Lord Byte says:

    Please, please, PLEASE don’t be a buggy-ass game, years after release like Magicka. I loved it, but was appalled by how buggy the multiplayer / coop code was (not to mention many gamebreaking bugs… and then I only played it a year after release, and once more multiplayer a few months after that… But I got turned off due to the enormous amount of crashes, invulnerable players, disconnectes, desyncs, game-breaking bugs and CTDs. And ONLY on Magicka (as did my friends).