Watery Wandering: Abzu Announced

Old blue, they call it.

We gushed a little about Abzû in our E3 chat yesterday but in our fawning, er, hadn’t actually got around to posting about it yet. (The same thing happened with Cuphead.) That may because we don’t much at all about it, other than it’s a gorgeous undersea game and that developers Giant Squid are lead by Matt Nava, who was previously art director of thatgamecompany’s acclaimed console wander ’em ups Journey and Flower. It’s not much to go on, but certainly is enough to pique my interest and fill our heads with fanciful dreams.

Just about everything we know about the game is contained within the following press blurb:

ABZÛ will take players on an epic adventure into the depths of the ocean, where they will encounter majestic creatures and discover long lost secrets. The game draws inspiration from a deep, innate story that we all carry in our collective subconscious, a universal origin myth that resonates across cultures. As such, the name ABZÛ references a concept from the oldest Mesopotamian mythology: it is the combination of two ancient words Ab, meaning ocean, and Zû, meaning to know. Essentially, ABZÛ is the ocean of wisdom.

That’ll do nicely, thank you. I have no idea what players will be doing in the game, other than being in water, but I’m quite keen to find out when it arrives in 2016. Assuming my hopes that it’s a lovely spot of exploring are correct, I’d like to state for the record that “walking simulator” can still apply to games where you swim. For now, this trailer is a beautiful evocative thing that lets me imagine that Abzû’s exactly what I’d like it to be, which is the whole point of E3 really:


  1. Wauffles says:

    It’d be fantastic if this comes to PC, it sometimes seems like consoles have a monopoly on some of the most interesting indie stuff despite the wealth and breadth of it on PC

  2. P-Dazzle says:

    I hope to god that this has male & female playable characters.

  3. Meusli says:

    What makes everyone think this is coming to PC? As far as I know their previous two games were PS3 exclusives.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Because the press release says it’s coming to PC. It’s not being made by thatgamecompany, it’s Giant Squid.

      • KevinLew says:

        Wow, I did not know this. I searched all over their website and all of their information suggested that this was a Sony exclusive. I’m really happy because I think the PC gets shortchanged on many potentially great and original games out there.

    • Philomelle says:

      thatgamecompany’s contract with Sony was only for three games (flow, Flower and Journey). This is published by 505 Games, who are mostly a PC publisher.

    • Meusli says:

      Cool, I saw the game during the PS4 conference and auto blocked it out thinking Sony had this one stitched up.

  4. Laurentius says:

    “That may because we don’t much at all about it” hmm..

    BTW, Is this PC related news ?

  5. altum videtur says:

    More like ABUSE, amirite?

    …cold… so cold…

  6. Da5e says:

    link to youtu.be – wish they’d hurry up and release Apzu.

    • BlackRainbowFT says:

      I wanted to post the exact same thing (my favorite song on the album is ontologically it became time and space)…

      More exposure for Proscriptor McGovern, I guess.

  7. Chordian says:

    Sound like an air horn at 1:03, as used by a football audience.

  8. harrumph says:

    In German, “ab und zu” means “now and then.”

    The more you know!

  9. rustybroomhandle says:

    Everybody, all together now…

    “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
    Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine!”

    “Hide it under some seaweed? NO! I’m gonna let it shine.
    Hide it under some seaweed? NO! I’m gonna let it shine.
    Hide it under some seaweed? NO! I’m gonna let it shine.
    Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine!”

  10. Lemming says:

    Is it just me or is there logo exactly like the Kraken sigil of the house Greyjoy? GIANT SQUID: WE DO NOT SOW!

  11. Malagate says:

    I was very interested in this game…until a shark growled at the animated wetsuit.

    It’s now ruined to me, my despair is abyssal.

  12. InternetBatman says:

    At last. Undersea environments have been left neglected since Aquaria and Endless Ocean.

  13. The Random One says:

    The ocean’s most dangerous creature, the Psyche Shark, feeds exclusively on unintended bowel movements.

  14. sjheiss says:

    “Mesopotamian”? “Two ancient words”? Pretty sure it’s Sumerian… And I’m certain almost no one in the world can pronounce the title correctly. :P