Hot Rods And Vroom Sticks: Project CARS

Project CARS may not have the open America and sightseeing adventures of The Crew, but it’s a supremely attractive game. With a variety of motorsports and historic goals, the game sees your driver attempting to take a place in the hall of fame. To do that, you’ll have to drive really really really really fast. Make sure not to crash as well, I guess, but definitely concentrate on going fast. I’ve analysed the E3 trailer, which arrives with a reiteration of the November release window, and you’ll find a complete breakdown below.

(0.00-0.08) Eight seconds until the first car appears? I was already demanding a refund.

(0.08-0.09) Following on from above – first car is moving in slow motion. Not fast at all.

(0.09-0.10) That car is flying. Silly car. You’re not a plane.

(0.10-0.12) Is this Microsoft Flight Simulator or Project CARS?

(0.12-0.16) More like it. Excitable edits.

(0.18) That car is on fire! Only for a second though. I think this is a sci-fi game.

(0.19) Fell out of my chair then. Thought that one was going to hit me right between the eyes.

(0.21-0.22) Like the car going across bumpy terrain. Vehicular jiggle physics.

(0.23-0.24) Shinest car in the world.

(0.28) Is that a tiny car in a colander?

(0.32) Ah, a voiceover about the ‘ultimate driver journey’.

(0.34) Are they Karts? Why are they off in the distance? Where are the blue shells?

(0.44-0.47) Dominant drivers win championships using this camera.

(0.59) And now someone has accidentally piped in the music from an epic fantasy RPG trailer. Ooops.

(1.03) Cheeky.

(1.12) Yes! Finally! A car fell over!

(1.19) Pretty rain. Gorgeous cockpit view.


(1.39) Eh? Is that a tagline? It’s a TERRIBLE tagline. I want a thousand destinations. I want a million!

Now you know everything about Project CARS.


  1. Eight Rooks says:

    Tsk tsk.

    Eh? Is that a tagline? It’s a TERRIBLE tagline. I want a thousand destinations. I want a million!

    Silly Adam. There’s only one destination in every racing game ever conceived. WIN EVERYTHING. Whatever else you’re doing is merely an amusing diversion along the way. ;)

  2. Safari Ken says:

    That’s an amazing-looking racer. Maybe I’m getting my hopes up, but the cockpit views seemed to be attached to a TrackIR as well. TrackIR support is something any serious driving game should have.

    • silentdan says:

      Seconded. (Looking at you, GRID 2, without even a cockpit view, much less head tracking.)

    • pez2k says:

      Yeah, it supports headtracking, both with TrackIR and Oculus Rift I believe. The PS4 version will support Morpheus, whenever that hardware comes out.

  3. trjp says:

    You expected originality from a developer who names a game ‘Project Cars’??

    Some of that looks nice – some of it is the usual ‘Forza style’ stupidily over-shiny/too wet stuff – almost nothing in that trailer tells me if it’s a game worth playing tho.

    I could master one discipline or all of them (so all of them then – I mean I’m PAYING for all of them aren’t I?)

    Driving games are odd – the people who develop them don’t really seem to know what it is they’re trying to make. In one corner they have the ‘ravening hardcore’ with their $2000 wheel/headtrack setups and in the other they have “all the people they need to buy it in order for it to make any money” and what one corner wants (controller support, keyboard support, a career mode, tyre modelling, tyre-wear simulation etc.) the other doesn’t.

    GL with that – they’ll need it.

    • silentdan says:

      It’s quite possible to make a game that pleases both camps. Maybe not the most extreme edges of those groups, but basically, you put in some “realism” options, and you support (but not require) cockpit views and head-tracking setups like TrackIR and possibly Rift. The arcade racing crowd sets the difficulty to “arcade” and is happy with the default external camera position and gamepad controls. The hardcore gang sets it to “I like to learn the hard way” and conducts the usual set-up-and-configure-my-extras ritual that they do for all their other favourite games. No reason those goals have to be mutually exclusive.

      • derbefrier says:

        and Forza does an excellent job of that, which is why its so popular.

        • trjp says:

          It’s better than GT (IMO) because it focusses a bit more on the AI and offers some half-decent racing – but it also has it’s downsides, not the least of which is it’s obsession with ‘over shiny cars’.

          The fact it’s locked to the platform makes it irrelevant here tho – that said, if it came to PC I’m not sure how well it would be received (there’s a lot more competition here)

      • trjp says:

        I tend to disagree with that – there are precisely 2 driving games which have achieved any sort of wide acceptance and they are both powered by the bottomless wallets of the console market (GT and Forza)

        There are plenty of people who count themselves ‘driving game fans’ who’d touch neither and the games they prefer are, instead, VERY niche (tho often successful as that – which is great!)

        Every time someone has tried to play alongside ‘the big 2’ tho – they have failed rather badly. SMS have failed at this twice before – in fact – so I’m hopeful but pessimistic about this attempt.

  4. Keyrock says:

    This just in, Project CARS still looks amazing.

  5. ikehaiku says:

    Don’t mind all the trailers WMD have released, they all suck, including this one (they still have to show actual driving, formore than a couple of seconds at a time, for one) – but it is a genuinely good (sim) racing game

  6. Myrdinn says:

    Project CARS still look great but after developing it this long it’s ‘wow wtf’ factor seems to have diminished somewhat. I hope they get to releasing it somewhere this gen. Also career mode please. THERE ARE NO PC DRIVING SIMS WITH A FRIGGIN CAREER MODE DO YOU EVEN REALIZE THAT?!

    • Keyrock says:

      It’s supposed to release in November.

    • pez2k says:

      It’s been 2 and a half years, versus 2 and a bit for Forza 5. The difference is that most (non-indie) games are kept secret until shortly before they’re finished, whereas since Project CARS was crowd-funded and based on fan suggestions, it obviously had to be revealed right at the start of development.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      Actually, GT Legends had a career mode, and so had Shift and Shift 2.
      (Although this team has worked on all of those games, so … yeah :P)

  7. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Looks really nice, but my inner anal retentive thinks the wheel and body jiggle still isn’t quite there. Needs more jiggling.

  8. aperson4321 says:

    I keep on forgetting I got the monthly beta build access to this game, I really need to boot it up some more, the feel of driving in CARS is plain scary good, on multi monitor with a sony gt wheel and proper sound it is very damn impressive. One of the few games sensible to include several post prossesing filter modes (shiny, realistic, vintage, etc) and actual supersampling! I can’t run supersamling on my multi mon setup, but for those who can SSAA do add that extra scary real feel to it. Driving a go cart with a 0 to 100 in 3 sec on 3 full hd screens in mulit mon: priceless!

    • Bluestar says:

      It’s come a very long way in the last few months. The handling feels so much better than before.

      • Cvnthvlv says:

        Agreed, but the (collision) physics are still wonky as hell. Gently getting tapped by another car can sometimes send you flying. It’s especially bad on the cars with lots of aero parts sticking out.

  9. PopeRatzo says:

    Is this one of them games where you just go round a track?

    • trjp says:

      What else would you do – race up the stands?

      Cars “just go around stuff” – that’s what cars do.

      Sometimes the stuff they around around is longer and occasionally it’s not a loop but it’s still “just going around the same thing” until the fastest person gets a tin cup.

      Are you also awaiting a football game which takes place in a Safari Park (now there’s an idea)

    • bduddy says:

      Is Call of Duty one of those games where you just shoot things?

  10. Tom Walker says:

    But does it have wet cars? Forza Horizon 2 has wet cars.