Not All Men: Daedalic’s Steampunk Adventure

Not pictured: men.

The way to solve an adventure game puzzle is, any glib git will tell you, to give a bit of a think, try a few ideas, then tell everyone everything and use every item you’ve stolen together in random combinations until you get it. A little more thought might be sensible in Daedelic’s new adventure game, announced by the Whispered World and Deponia devs at E3. The Devil’s Men (which actually stars two ladies) can have multiple solutions to puzzles, see, and supposedly they might each alter the direction of its spooky steampunk story a little.

Someone’s going around steampunk Victorian England murdering The Devil’s Men, a group of scientists who dabbled in the occult, and it’s up to a lady and a tramp to solve this. There’s steampunk and murder and a seaside resort and a commune of “waifs and strays” and adventure game stuff but that branching story bit is why I’m interested in The Devil’s Men.

Daedalic don’t have too much to say about it, but do offer that “It’s up to you if you get lost in the mystery or if you find the one answer everyone is searching for.” Hopefully it’ll result in more than tipping the scales of fate to kill some people and save others; that’s so passé, darling.

“I still maintain that Daedalic has it within them to make a properly great adventure,” our John said after finishing the dire Goodbye Deponia. Who knows, perhaps this’ll be it? Kevin Mentz, who wrote Memoria and the first part of the Deponia trilogy (but not that John-enraging third), is on the script.

Daedalic expect to finish The Devil’s Men for spring of next year. All we’ve got to see of it right now is one screenshot, so here’s the full thing:

Hey, check it out: I found some free blood!


  1. newc0253 says:

    Hey looks great, but – although i can see the Steam – where’s the punk?

    Indeed, how did anyone ever confuse Joy Division and Jules Verne in the first place?

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      The name ‘steampunk’ comes from the slightly earlier ‘cyberpunk’.
      Mind you, people have been arguing about what punk is or isn’t pretty much since the word was first used. Is it a style of music? An aesthetic? A philosophy?
      All/none of the above?

    • FrumiousBandersnatch says:

      That term lost its original meaning a long time ago. Today it only means ‘using/referencing/being vaguely inspired by a 19th century aesthetic’.

  2. XhomeB says:

    Definitely excited! Daedalic have a lot of talent as a studio and the idea of multiple solutions to puzzles all having an impact on how things unfold sounds intriguing to say the least.

    Shame both protagonists are female though, that’s disgustingly sexist and violates equality rights, Daedalic should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. RedViv says:

    That does indeed sound mighty interesting. Branching adventure puzzles maybe in the manner good RP? Yes please.

    • The Random One says:

      It’d be fabulous, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  4. cpt_freakout says:

    Yes! I enjoyed Memoria quite a lot, so it’s reassuring to hear it’s the same writer.

    • Halk says:

      Yes, amazing game.

      It could have been a little longer to elaborate a little more on some parts of its plot. But nonetheless it is probably the best point and click adventure of the last 15 years. At least, off the top of my head, I cannot think of one that was better or came even close.

      Looking forward to this new game.

      • kalirion says:

        Hmm, I’ll need to play Memoria then. I played the first game, Chains of Satinav, and while I enjoyed it I didn’t think it was anything truly special.

        Have you played Blackwell Epiphany? That has been my favorite adventure game so far this year, though you really should play the first 4 in the series to get the most out of it.

        • Halk says:

          I liked CoS, too, but Memoria was definitely significantly better.

          For me the biggest weakness of CoS was the first third of the game which seemed really unprofessionally done. After that I liked it pretty much as well.

          Memoria is great right from the intro video.

  5. idlewizard says:

    Scene looks amazing.
    Does blonde girl have the peg leg?

  6. Deinonychus says:

    Looks pretty.
    Unfortunately I find the writing in most Daedalic games often to be almost cringeworthy.

    • pepperfez says:

      I haven’t played any of them because I’d always heard the same, but I was under the impression that at least part of the problem was the totally hateful protagonist. Maybe once they’re free of him they can do better?

    • Skabooga says:

      The art style in that screenshot is beautiful. I’m hopeful all the other aspects will be of a similar caliber. I mean, how many times can they get it wrong?

  7. Hahaha says:

    “Chapter two had the delightful revelation that a woman’s brain split into three results in a baby, a bitch, and another bitch. Chapter three makes that look forward thinking.”

    “Of the very few black characters in the game, one of them is being forced to be an organ grinder’s monkey. —-
    he person you’re required to have become his new dancing monkey, by destroying her life until she has nothing left? The other black character.”

    “This is mostly a bland, overlong, and unamusing game. But that god-damned monkey scene, and the thick seam of misogyny that runs throughout, renders it an ugly, foul experience. Doubtless it is argued it is all done in the name of comedy, but since it’s almost never funny, and certainly not an attempt at satire, that – as with most other aspects of the game’s story – falls pretty damned flat.”

    Sooo why is another game from this dev being advertised?

    edit – is even more amusing when you look at the next article, consistency is hard to manage.

    • AbigailBuccaneer says:

      Yeah, heading the word “Deponia” puts me on edge almost immediately.

      Annoyingly, this screenshot and description do look very nice. Fortunately my memory’s bad enough that I’ll forget about this game so I’m not disappointed when it inevitably turns out to be vile.

    • FrumiousBandersnatch says:

      Please let’s not have this discussion again.

      • Hahaha says:

        Why? RPS should either take a stand and boycott advertisment for devs that go against what they are “fighting” for or they should stop making themselves look like hypocrites that are just out for ad money

        • Thirith says:

          So you shouldn’t highlight if a developer seems to be improving in this respect? You should just put them in the “damned for all time” corner?

          • Hahaha says:

            How much of the game was shown at E3 and how much has alice played? becuase this article is just an advertisment to parrot what was shown at E3 nothing more and untill the game has been played and finsished it should not be advertised, in my opinion.

            “Who knows, perhaps this’ll be it? Kevin Mentz, who wrote Memoria and the first part of the Deponia trilogy (but not that John-enraging third), is on the script.”

            Why are you even trying to defend that

          • pepperfez says:

            But that’s a much broader question of whether RPS should report on anything other than finished games – if they can write blurbs about announcements of games that catch their fancy, this seems like a perfect case, the past dickishness of the developer’s output notwithstanding.

          • The Random One says:

            RPS writes about a dev whose work they complained about – “You are hypocrites and should lead by example by boycotting it!”

            RPS refuses to write about it – “You are allowing your stupid agenda to get in the way of informing your readers!”

            That, of course, without even going into detail about how “hivemind” is a cute expression and all RPS’ers do not, in fact, share the same brain, so while John might hate the dev and not want to talk about it maybe the others feel differently.

          • Hahaha says:

            No this isnt one writers thing this is a site wide thing and if they actualy belive with any conviction about what they are talking about they should back that up with action like getting around to the bs ads that have had lots of complaints or the constant advertisment of devs they apparently think are sexist pigs

            and if that isnt the case and they aren’t all on this campagin then they handle the comments very strangely

          • Morbida says:

            I have to agree with some other comments.

            Should one game and one writer doom an entire studio? Shouldn’t studios be called out when they do wrong as well as praised when they do right?

            It’s understandable that RPS would cover this, even though they haven’t played it. They even wrote WHY they believe this game might be good.

            This game seems to be one of the few games at E3 this year that has a main cast consisting of only females, so highlighting it merely on that fact is a statement that is worth noting IMO.