The RPS Verdict: The Last Days & Best Games Of E3

Games, games, games. There were so many of them, and then all of a sudden there were none. None being screeched and broadcast from the LA convention centre, at least. Another E3 is done and dusted, and now we must ruminate upon what we have seen, what we have enjoyed, and what we truly believe. Having already held forth about the initial flurry of big-publisher announcements, Adam, Alec, Alice and Graham now reconvene to celebrate and pick apart what the rest of the enormo-event yielded, and to name their favourite games of the show. Discussed: The Sims, Elite, Rainbow Six, Homefront, GTA V, Dreadnought, Applying For A Mortgage Simulators and even that company that makes videogames about plumbers.

Alec: [arrives late] Sorry, sorry I am here

Alice: Are you free, Mr. Meer? That’s what we need. More Are You Being Served?, less, I don’t know, Have I Got News For You. Because I fear I’m the Ian Hislop.

Graham: I wouldn’t worry. Adam’s the Angus Deayton.

Adam: Well, blow me down

Alec: and Graham’s the Boris Johnson guest panelist

Alice: Hello, burn ward? Yeah, you need to get over to Bath with the biggest bag of ice in THE WORLD ziiiiing perchow kachonk zzzzzap!

Alec: I’m sorry, I’m all out of zing after a day dealing with people who say things like “why stop there why not have a gay Nigerian dyslexic anteater as the lead character in Assassin’s Creed.” Which only sounds like a good thing to me anyway

Alice: Makes u think……

Graham: It’s a slippery slope. If you let the females in, everyone will want to see themselves reflected within our media.

Adam: As a heterosexual white male, I’d feel excluded. I’m also…lexic.


Adam: lexisexual

Anyway, E3 was quite jolly, wasn’t it? I mean, it’s probably easier to say that from across an ocean and a landmass, but nobody died or anything.

Alec: Aye, that Zelda looks pretty good, eh? Let’s hope Nintendo really do have to abandon the hardware market so that they port it to PC. Because obviously there’s no way several of us are thinking seriously about buying a Wii-U to play it. Obviously. No way. Whatsoever.

Graham: Mario Maker would fit in right at home on PC.

Adam: Remember when Mario and Sonic went to the Olympic games and it was like lions lying with lambs? Gordon Freeman as DLC in Steam Edition Mario Maker 2016. And that’s the next time anyone will see the beardy git as well.

Alec: obviously it’s not our beat at all, but it is lovely to see someone win E3 with colour and enthusiasm rather than decapitations and glowermans. See also: CUPHEAD

Adam: A genuine surprise as well. To me at least. I hadn’t heard any rumblings about it. The usual ‘there must be a new Zelda’ but that was quite the thing.

Alec: I’m also very ready for a new Sims now, though like you I worry this one may over-zany it. But if it can also experiment with new things I am very much onboard.

Adam: I love The Sims, admittedly more for what I wish it would become rather than what it currently is. But it’s a fascinating series. And complaining about the zaniness is all well and good, I do it all the time, but much of that is easily solved by ignoring the much-derided expansions. The base game is usually quite normal

Graham: Did the presentation really end with the player making their sim laugh themselves to death?

Adam: Yes. Because a downloaded Sim was so entertaining. So entertaining that somebody died.

Graham: I quite like a bit of zaniness. I’m all for soap opera, but I quickly get bored of making my friends snog each other. I liked things in The Sims 3 like the graveyard, and the off-screen adventures your sims could have in the crypt below.

Adam: The Sims 3 became…what’s the line – “when everybody is special nobody is special”. Every single person was either a celebrity or a witch or a vampire.

Alec: yeah, where it starts existing beyond the house is where it’s getting the most interesting now

Graham: It can feel a little slow and burdensome to make things happen in the game, as relationships take time to form and careers are a grind to progress through. A lot of the stuff in The Sims 4 seems based around speeding up play; everything easier to design, drama more easy to create.

Adam: Aye. And the building and customisation tools look ruddy lovely.

Alec: I was about to say “they need more everyday human drama that isn’t about sex” then I realised that leads to an Applying For A Mortgage Simulation and that’s the worst thing I can imagine

Adam: Papers Please style minigames.

Graham: Climbing up the game journalist career ladder.

Adam: I bet Sims can become Youtubers now. Click to vlog.

Alec: “click to retire at 19”

Graham: I forget what trailers were released since we last spoke. Grand Theft Auto 5, yes? Running on PS4, but cor it’s pretty. And its Steam listing today reveals that it’ll come with a video editor, akin to that which shipped with GTA 4 on PC. I’m going to lose weeks to that.

Adam: I can’t wait to explore it. I bought it on PS3, day of release, and played for about four hours. Never went back. Combination of finding the missions annoying and realising that I didn’t have time to really dig into the stuff I knew I’d probably enjoy. The online should be incredible. We can form a gang! Although, knowing us lot, we’ll probably end up filling in mortgage applications in GTA as well. RPS – TOO SQUEAMISH TO DO A CRIME

Alice: I’m awfully excited for the Tsunami mod for GTA V PC, myself.

Alec: blimey, I had no idea there were GTA mods for jailbroken PS3s. That is an excellent one too. More game worlds should be flooded for maximum strangeness.

Adam: wow

Alice: Flood de_dust. Drain Wake Island.

Alec: invert Rapture

Graham: Mods are the main reason I’m excited about it coming to PC. GTA 4 had such a great community for that stuff in spite of not having any tools.


Alice: A Cold Ice Cream mod, where you don’t pull teeth out with pliers.

Alec: oh oh, that Homefront looks nae bad either – if that “open world City 17” thing can really pay out then it’s good times. I do struggle with the theme though. I still want a Homeland game more, too. “Press X to forget to take anti-psychosis drugs”, “press Y to hide Quran in a shoebox.”

Adam: Holmesland – open world Sherlocking. Press x to deduce.

It’s not new to us but nothing excited me more than Elite: Dangerous. It’s incredible to see what it might be and to enjoy what it already is. And it’s as stunning to look at as any of the big names. Totally outside my usual strategic stomping ground but I don’t think there’s a game I’m more excited about at the moment. It really does feel like the game I thought I’d be playing way back when my computer was still a coal-powered thing, pushing wireframes at 4 frames per second.

Alec: Aye, I’m waiting to get a day clear then I’ll bust out the X52 and it will be glorious. So strange to think back to how cynical about it we, or at least I, were when the kickstarter went up. Yet here we are and it’s just the most exciting thing, and it exists. There are some mighty powerful but unsung, unknown wizards behind the scenes at Frontier, I think, and I hope they get the acclaim for it.

Alice: And then they crowdfound The Outsider.

Adam: The typo (?) stays. Crowdfinding for games that went missing in development.

Alice: I saw a CD-R in a drain over the weekend and wanted so much to dig it out to see what was on it.

On that technothriller-y note, I’m quite taken with Rainbow Six Siege. It’s been yonks since I played a multiplayer FPS regularly, but turning walls into doors and ceilings into skylights is very appealing to me. And then a mod floods every level. They’re in that “maaaaaybe who could say we’re not talking about that yet but whoooo knows?” stage of marketing about co-op. Solid co-op would be splendid.

Adam: Agreed. Did not expect to be at all interested in more Rainbow Six after the Patriots idea. Nice to see a very sensible return to the drawing board after that ‘vision video’ way back when.

Graham: Co-op was my favourite thing about Rainbow Six Vegas and its sequel. The terrorist hunt mode was really fun with two players, crashing through windows for joint assaults and being blown away by hair-trigger enemies.

Alec: Vegas co-op was such a good time. Also really good for watching your mates try to survive after you’d died too – mad Alamo moments crouched behind a door.

Adam: Tell us about how much you love Vegas, Graham. You know you want to.

Graham: What happens in Vegas and Vegas 2 stays in Vegas and Vegas 2. Except the bits that are coming to Siege.That plus a little of the planning stuff from older Rainbow Six games could be really splendid.

Alice: We never saw what happened when you capture that ladyflag, Adam. Perhaps, this time, you can press X to decline a kiss because you’re a professional.

Alec: I just hope they’ve got some damned rainbows in it this time. It doesn’t have to be six of them, I’m not that fussy, but c’mon.

Adam: Save it for Diablo 4.

Alice: Haven’t played a single second of any Rainbow Six game. But I really want to blow up some walls. I was always more Quake than Rainbow Six and so dismissed them as being ‘not my sort of thing.’ A mistake, I understand.

Alec: You’re only allowed to play one of them. It’s the rules.

Graham: That’s why I spent all those years in game jail.

Alice: I was a very thoughtless and territorial teenager.

Alec: we should all hop onto some Vegas some time for training. It’s only £7 on Steam.

Adam: There wasn’t a lot of horror on display (intentionally at least). I want a really strong survival horror game, big budget or not. It’s a troubled genre. But I am glad that we got the Alien: Isolation enemy shootbang reveal as well because it looks proper brillo to me. Love the Shock-style synths and the idea of three-way fighting and fleeing.

Alice: The Evil Within was on show but I haven’t got around to watching it yet. I understand it’s pretty Resident Evil 4-y, which sounds good to me.

Alec: I secretly keep hoping that Capcom take a pop at Bethesda for the use of the word ‘Evil’, just to give ’em a taste of their own scrollsy medicine.

I’m secretly not actually hoping for that, because it would mean someone was trying to own the word ‘evil’. Which would be, well, evil.

Adam: Interest rising. Everything I’ve seen of it looks a bit too much like Todd McFarlane or bits of a heavy metal album sleeve. (Sleeves are what Spotify used to be, kids)

Alec: and sleevies are where Napoleon kept his armies

Adam: There’s some damn good looking sci-fi out there now – Alien, Elite.. even Homefront has a decent style with that City 17 vibe.

Graham: No Man’s Sky. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but I’m hopeful for that Dreadnought, too.

Alice: Flying a giant slab of metal bristling with guns.

Adam: That Dreadnought trailer is a lot of fun.

In development at Yager, who are also responsible for Dead Island 2. What hopes for that? Did any of you folk get on with the first one?

Graham: Huh, I didn’t know they were doing the Dead Island sequel. I thought the original was awkward, in every possible way. To control, its combat, its crafting, its writing… I know people who had a lot of fun with its co-op though. Its code, its special edition bonuses… Every. Way.

Alec: Well, Yager did Spec Ops which was pretty good. I know everyone says story yes combat bleh, but they forget how damn good the look of the thing was, the amazing near-future Dubai they built.

Adam: Yeah. The design of the place was excellent. I’m interested to see what they do, for sure. And, hey, it’s another bright and colourful game. Full of rotten organs, fair enough, but sun, sea, sand. I didn’t get on with the first one at all but know a lot of people who’ve really enjoyed it in co-op.

Alice: Frustrations in single-player often become novelties in co-op.

Graham: Maybe friends enjoying it in co-op are just what Dead Island tells people so the other kids don’t make fun of it at school.

Alec: “yeah I’ve got a girlfriend too I just haven’t introduced you to her”

Adam: Don’t knock single player. It’s co-op with someone you love.

Alice: People forcing themselves to say they’re enjoying it so they’re all complicit and no one can say “Remember that time you cried at the trailer?”

Alec: Maybe there’s still a chance Dead Island 2 is a game you have to play in reverse slow-motion. They’ll win back all the goodwill then

Adam: I did a little cry at the Valiant Hearts trailer. Or maybe I was crying about being sat in my pants watching a hundred trailers at 9.30am, but it was definitely playing at the time.

Alice: Ori and the Blind Forest is to make us weep to, Microsoft say. It’s pretty at the very least. I’ve already sloshed through this year’s allotted four weepings, though.

Alec: I used to never weep, then I had a kid, and now I catch myself sobbing at the pictures on a childminder’s promotional website.

Adam: If a tree falls in a blind forest do the other trees hear it because their non-auditory senses have become more finely attuned? No, of course not, trees don’t have ears. Ignore me.

Alice: Actually, back to Dreadnought for a bit, before Spec Ops Yager had only made flying games. Youse played any of them?

Alec: I went to a press demo for the game also called Yager, which I remember looked extremely super-good at the time, but not sure I played it in the end. I wish more devs named their games after themselves, like bands’ debut albums. E.G. ‘Infinity Ward’ is a good setup for an endless space-hospital.

Alice: I’d love to see Lionhead’s White Game.

Alec: So what happens now? E3’s basically over, what do we have left to live for?

Graham: Gamescom?

Adam: E4

Alice: How was this as an E3, anyway? I’ve never covered E3 as PC-only before and it seems so very quiet.

Alec: Hmm. It’s been quietish as a PC show for a few years anyway, yes, but where this year differed was people weren’t pretending the PC versions didn’t exist quite so much. Clearly it doesn’t get the promotional megabucks but it doesn’t seem like it’s anyone’s black sheep now.

So there was much more in terms of safely presuming most of the interesting stuff would be on PC before too long. With the exception of Nintendo stuff, of course. (And personally speaking, this was the first year in a while where their stuff was exciting rather than oh look another one). More broadly speaking, it feels like maybe we’re coming out of the dark period where everyone was just chasing Call of Duty, and even though it’s still primarily the Festival Of Murder it seemed a little more varied and colourful, somehow.

Adam: I’ve never been to E3 but have covered Gamescom for a couple of years now on the ground. Gamescom has much more obvious diversity in terms of the games that are shown but this time round E3 still covered most of the same bases it always does, but with a little more variety on those bases. If that makes sense.

Alec: E3: Home Of The Variabase.

Graham: I don’t think there’s been any one, big stand-out game this year, but that’s perhaps because there’s a bunch of equally interesting things, rather than nothing at all. And a couple years ago, there was nothing at all.

Basically I’d give this E3 7/10. Buy it in a Steam sale.

Adam: Oh, hey, we can look forward to the summer Steam sale! Busier than bloody E3.

I think Brazil won E3 as a sport but may have lost in terms of megabucks spending in all the wrong places.

Alec: I hear E3 2015 is to be held in Qatar

Adam: Jim just tweeted this picture, surmising that No Man’s Sky may have won E3.

[Click to embiggen]

It’s a convincing argument.

Alice: 200 bullets is 194 too many.

Alec: Now now, we can’t trust that, we all know Jim gets given backhanders by the pink tree industry

Graham: I can’t wait to punch those pink trees to harvest food from them.

Adam: END

E3 2014 was out earlier this week, but it’s too late, you’ve missed it now.


  1. killias2 says:

    For me, E3 may well have been “Bloodborne: The Conference.” The actual E3 trailer they showed was -okay-, but all the other details and video leaks and what-not have me incredibly excited. Bloodborne is probably my most anticipated game right now, bar none.

    Otherwise, Nintendo had a good conference. I’m not sure I’m convinced yet to get a Wii U, but at least I cared about a few of their announcements. The new Zelda, in particular, has me interested.

    Nothing else really got me all that excited.

    • GameCat says:

      Bloodborne (I must buy PS4) and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be fucking awesome.

      I want to buy Wii U.

      No Man’s Sky is a game I would make If I had enough resources and skill.

      Uncharted 4 trailer was in-game stuff, 1080p, 60 fps.


      AssCreed Unity – freerunning through France is what I’ve always wanted to do in this game.

      I want Far Cry 4.

      Some minor indies (ABZU) seems to be awesome.

      I think it was very good E3.

      • killias2 says:

        I agree that No Man’s Sky and Witcher look great, but E3 hasn’t really impacted my opinion on either. I don’t care much about AssCreed or Uncharted. Far Cry 4 could be cool, but I’ll wait until release before I really start to care. Far Cry 3 snuck up on me and really surprised me, but it’s not the kind of love that translates well to sequel hype. Unless… well.. they made Blood Dragon 2.

        • PopeRatzo says:

          Far Cry 3 was a sequel.

          • killias2 says:

            That’s not what I meant when I said that. It’s not its status as a sequel that causes disinterest. It’s more that.. well.. despite my love of FC3, the very notion of a sequel to it doesn’t get me excited. I’ll probably dig it on release, but it won’t get much enthusiasm for me until then.

            “…it’s not the kind of love that translates well to sequel hype” – is a comment on Far Cry 3, not a comment on whether or not things are sequels.

    • Slaadfax says:

      I simultaneously hold far too much sorrow that Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive while also hoping it will somehow make its way onto PC eventually. Criticisms be damned, the Souls series has been my absolute favorite of the last several years, including and especially Dark Souls 2.

      • killias2 says:

        I regret to inform you that… Sony owns the IP. I seriously doubt we’ll ever see it come to PC. Yes.. the sadness.. IT IS SO DEEP! But, for the love of God, I’d buy a PS4 for Bloodborne.

      • PopeRatzo says:

        In Bloodborne, you won’t be able to play as a female character.

        You think Alec will mind?

        • killias2 says:

          Is that confirmed? All the Souls games let you play whatever.

          It’s not a big thing for me, either way, but I’d be surprised to see them cut back on character customization like that.

        • Mman says:

          Choosing your gender (and other character customisation) is already confirmed in Bloodborne.

    • The First Door says:

      So, I know this isn’t the place to say this: But I want Splatoon really quite badly. A bright and colourful shooter with interesting movement mechanics? Sold!

      • killias2 says:

        Honestly, I don’t get the hype around Splatoon. It looks fine..? I wouldn’t get a Wii U for it. New Zelda.. that’s their not-exactly-secret weapon.

        • KDR_11k says:

          Yeah, it’s not a system seller but it adds to the weight of the Wii U library. In terms of exclusive games it already has quite a few heavy hitters and it’s definitely the console with the least overlap with the PC.

          • fuggles says:

            True, plus they have the new xenoblade, which makes me very jealous!

          • Jumwa says:

            That’s my feeling as well. I can’t conjure up enough reason to even consider cluttering my entertainment area with a PS4 or Xboner, considering all but two or three titles are on PC or coming to PC, and will be better there. The WiiU, however, makes a nice supplement to my PC gaming. For when I want some really finely crafted experiences that are all about fun and colour, as opposed to the usual PC lineup.

            With all the ground PC + WiiU covers, it seems silly considering another livingroom clutterer.

            Also, initially the paint globs on Splatoon’s reveal had me thinking of a Mario Sunshine HD reveal. It’s amazing that after that colossal disappointment the game managed to garner my interest. Speaks pretty highly of the premise.

            Also also, it was nice to see Nintendo really up the ante on female representation when other publishers were utterly dropping the ball on that front at E3. Dropping it, and stomping it to pieces.

          • killias2 says:

            I agree with that in theory. However, last gen, I had a PC, a PS3, and a Wii. My PC dominated my gaming habits. My Wii mostly collected dust. My PS3 has been my media source for my TV.

            However, I did play one game quite a bit on PS3 and am planning on replaying it soon…. Demon’s Souls.

            I played Demon’s Souls more than all my Wii games combined. Bloodborne.. is exactly the kind of product that gets my attention.

          • Jumwa says:

            The WiiU hasn’t had much in common with the Wii at all, I’ve found. The games Nintendo’s been pushing forth have been much more geared towards “gamers” or whatever you want to call its more solid fan base. Stuff like Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World have been phenomenal good fun, more so than anything that came out on the Wii.

            Which is probably also a solid reason for why the WiiU hasn’t been selling so great: gamer-focussed consoles just don’t seem to sell that well, it’s the more casual-friendly, “entertainment center” consoles that do best.

            Also, I just use my PC as my TVs entertainment device. A nice long cord to connect the two and bam, no need to navigate clunky controller-based menus.

  2. Hydraulic Meerkat says:

    Essentially the same marketing talk for Sims 4 as there was for Sims 3.
    “This time, it’s going to have (insert thing we’re carrying over from Sims 3)”

    Still going to play the hell out of it, but at least don’t take us for fools.

    • phelix says:

      Still going to play the hell out of it, but at least don’t take us for fools.

      Sturgeon’s law applies to people too, you know.

  3. Bobka says:

    I was extremely nervous to hear that No Man’s Sky is in fact an MMO of sorts. I know they explained that the design was very un-MMO-like, but it still ultimately suggests that A) We’ll have to be connected at all times, B) the potential for modding is significantly reduced, and C) other players may still have the chance to interrupt my experience, either through a direct encounter or through the major changes that do persist over time.

    I hope they just didn’t clearly articulate what was going on. I had originally assumed it was going to be a sort of Spore-like “massively single-player” game where data about the universe gets transferred, but players don’t literally inhabit a shared server.

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      I believe they’ve said that is exactly how it will work. Players can put their footprints down by naming places and such, but are never going to interact with each other directly,

      • Danny252 says:

        All very Noctis-like, then, from the sounds of it, and that wasn’t at all restrictive with it’s “multiplayer” part.

    • KDR_11k says:

      I think it’s like Inside A Star-Filled Sky or Mirror Moon EP, you’re playing SP and just using a bit of data from other players. That kind of stuff could easily be cached so I don’t see much need for a constant online connection.

  4. thedosbox says:

    Happy to see portions of the hive-mind appreciate R6 Vegas co-op. While it wasn’t Raven Shield or SWAT 4, it could still be a bloody good time.

  5. pilouuuu says:

    Mortal Kombat X looked amazing and it’s great that they’re finally including more new characters.

    AssCreed Humidity looked alright. The city looked amazing and hopefully the feedback from the players will help them polish the formula, but the sings of lazyness on their part gives me a bad feeling about it.

    The Sims 4 looks cool, but as usual the base game minus the million expansion packs will feel really lacking.

    GTA V on PC nuff said.

    And FarCry 4 looks amazing. Riding elephants! Yay!

    I’m also very pissed off with all the console exclusives, especially with Microsoft for not supporting the OS who has given them money all these years with some games and sabotaging PCs.

  6. Moraven says:

    Mario procedural made levels have been part of academia for awhile now.

    Then there was HTML5 link to which was a remake of Supar Mario Bros, had a level editor and random level generator. Which Nintendo took down with a DMCA notice.

    Mario Maker seems like a map editor that devs make, like Blizzard does for their RTS, that they use for their own use but make it available for free.

    They should make it available for free to all Wii U owners.

  7. Moraven says:

    Code Name: STEAM – Freedom Force comic style, Valkryia Chronicles-XCom like gameplay (Action points, overwatch, etc) Also, STEAM is lead by Abraham Lincoln

    Phantom Dust – update to a Xbox original classic. Real time action card fighting. You had decks of abilities. Cards were drawn on the battlefield at your home location. You could carry only 4 cards at a time. Great game.

    The idea of Homefront and an evolving battlefield has me interested if they can execute it into the game.

  8. altum videtur says:

    Wrong, 200 bullets is equal to100 days of eating food. But every bullet you spend on amenities is one you don’t use to kill somebody.

  9. KDR_11k says:

    Nintendo had a nice show though like everybody else their games are all 2015.

    I’ve been trying to find games that were in the margins, ones that were on the show floor but not the press conferences. From the coverage I see so far it seems almost like there were maybe 40 games in total at E3 and most of them were covered by the conferences. The only thing I found was Jump Tank.

  10. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I’m surprised The Facebrick didn’t get a mention, especially in the context of Alien: Isolation. I’m pretty stoked about that combination despite my general disdain for horror.

  11. malkav11 says:

    Dead Island was brilliant, and Riptide may have been more of the same in some respects but it made way more improvements and additions than it’s commonly given credit for. Besides, more of a good game is nothing to sneeze at. Now, by no means is it a polished affair – glitches and rough edges were quite common. But most of the time the glitches and such were funny, and nothing was rough enough to be all that problematic. Certainly not bad enough to drag down the brilliance of lovely, varied open world exploration, scavenging, levelling and zombie murder of the finest and most viscerally impactful sort. That melee combat. Hoo boy. Virtually unmatched, certainly unmatched in the first person arena. Just so, so good. That it supports playing with up to three friends (but doesn’t mandate three, thankfully) was icing. But really good icing.

    Definitely looking forward to 2, and since I really dug Spec Ops: The Line for both story and world design reasons, Yager’s involvement certainly can’t hurt. And hey, the shooting wasn’t bad, it just didn’t distinguish itself particularly.

  12. Freud says:

    I’m excited about all the games that has a male protagonist.

  13. Radiant says:

    The reason Nintendo’s reveals didnt make me rush out and get a wii u was because everything shown had “coming 2015” after it.

    Nintendo releasing one game a year is some fuckery.

    • Jumwa says:

      Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 (and 1), Smash Bros, Pushmo World and Captain Toad’s little puzzler game are all coming this year and looking delightful (with Mario Kart 8 just having come out). It’s not an incredible amount of games, but then I already have a huge backlog of titles waiting on PC for me to get to. I just use the WiiU to supplement my gaming for when the grimdark carnage of PC land gets too much for me, or I really need some fun, relaxing games to wind down to, alone or with my wife/friends.

  14. svge says:

    Not really a problem but with most of your name’s being quite short and beginning with “A” (and 2 beginning with “Al”) would you consider different colours for each name. It took me until 3/4 of the way through to realise there were 4 people.

  15. melnificent says:

    90% were coming 2015. So same games next year then?

    No Mans sky still doesn’t have a release date though. Which is the one game I was interested in getting a release date for.

  16. Rizlar says:

    Bloody No Man’s Sky… the claims of ‘every atom procedural’ which actually just means doing a bit of research and making stuff the right colour. Then modelling sharks, dinosaurs and trees that will look the same everywhere.

    It seems interesting enough but colour me cynical. Everything is a bit too polished without any sign of substance beneath the hyperbole (and the admittedly lovely design).

  17. Turkey says:

    I’m predicting No Man’s Sky will have a huge backlash by people who don’t really like objective-less exploration games but got swept up by the enormous hype.

    • Rizlar says:

      I like objective-less exploration games, but you need to keep finding new, never before seen stuff for it to be interesting. My worry about No Man’s Sky is that once you have seen the various dinosaurs, trees, fish there will no longer be any sense of discovery. Who cares if the landscape is slightly different due to being procedurally generated, if everything of interest within it is exactly the same?

      What we have seen of the game doesn’t look like it is designed in terms of procedural generation – it looks like they have procedural generation and cool designed objects coexisting. Hum.

  18. Arathain says:

    “Alec: I used to never weep, then I had a kid, and now I catch myself sobbing at the pictures on a childminder’s promotional website.”

    Hah, yes. One gets a little less weepy once they have a year or two on them, but you’ll never quite get that imperturbable facade back.

  19. rexx.sabotage says:

    Please do not praise The Sims without giving credit to the modding community who continually patch EA’s broken messes into viable products. The modding community are the ones who make The Sims a good game, the only thing EA is good at making is money.

  20. Shooop says:

    E3 still doesn’t matter for PC gamers. Film at 11.

  21. robinlaura9001 says:

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    You guys are apparently more excited about the Alien game than you’re letting on, because you embedded the same trailer twice.