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The RPS Bargain Bucket: In the Jungle

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There are a lot of fun, fun things happening over at right now, including collections and great titles made stupidly cheap. As of the time of writing, I see a Blackwell Bundle that is 80% off, a mammoth conglomeration of D&D games going for pennies, and friggin’ Incredipede with a 85% discount. Sadly, by the time you read this, they’ll likely no longer be on sales, but it’s wonderful to know that they were mind-bogglingly inexpensive at some indeterminate point in the past, right? Right. Anyway. Keep an eye on People are being wonderful, so you should absolutely attempt to take advantage of their calculated generosity. (P.S: Say hello to the Pengu-lion. He is a new acquisition.)

Ah, Shelter. That game which evokes maternal instincts and manly sorrow, the badger simulator that uses cute like a malice-honed blade. You long-time residents of Rock, Plushie Shotgun probably know it well. It’s no secret that Shelter requires emotional investment. Otherwise, the game becomes somewhat simplistic if somewhat unkind. On the off-chance that you haven’t already heard of Shelter, it puts you into the role of a mother badger. You have four children, and it’s your responsibility to keep them alive as best as you can. Now, given that they’re small and juicy, this is likely to be difficult as predators will want a piece of that fluff. Actually, you can read our Wot I Think again for a clearer perspective. Then, decide if you need more adorable yet fatalistic critters in your life. (Answer: Yes.)

The Cat Lady
In light of everything that recently went down during E3, it seemed weirdly appropriate to evangelize The Cat Lady all over again. This horror adventure is beautiful, poignant, and unsettling all at the same time. The protagonist is a woman named Susan, an ashen-faced victim of depression and her own demons. She eventually finds herself unwilling to deal with either of these problems, and, well, you’ll have to see the rest yourself. The Cat Lady deals with some uncomfortable themes, ideas that many of us wouldn’t bring up in casual conversation. And it does it amazingly well. Make no mistake, however, the “horror” label is well-deserved. The game travels to some truly grotesque places (and some wonderful ones) so prepare for an unnerving ride.

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream
Sorry, I guess it’s turning into one of those “I need the Bargain Bucket readers to play horrific things” sort of days. Personally, I prefer the short story that the game was inspired by, but that doesn’t stop the interactive version from being, er, likeable. (Likeable is probably not the best word here.) A point & click adventure game, I Have No Mouth takes place after the utter obliteration of mankind. Five live, but it’s a miserable existence thanks to the sentient supercomputer that has spent the last 109 years brutalizing their very beings. It’s a dark, grim game that isn’t entirely without its problems. More than a few of the puzzles are somewhat obtuse, and I Have No Mouth sports an earnest love for springing dead-ends on the player. That said, I still like it. And you might too. (Make sure to read the short story at some point in your lives.)

Indie Game The Movie Bundle
Thick with games even non-indie gamers have likely heard of, the Indie Game The Movie Bundle isn’t necessarily the best bargain you’ll see this weekend. However, it might make for an exemplary introduction to the world of indies. The package consists of the documentary itself, a special edition DLC crammed full of additional stories and things to muse about, and the games on which the entire experience is based on. (I’d vote Kentucky Route Zero as baby’s first indie game over Braid, though, but that’s just me.)

Also of note:

Woodcutter Simulator 2012 – $1.68/£.99/€1.24
Presented without comment, but let me know if you do find yourself engaging in this madness.

(Sometimes) Tuesday Bundles – Pay $2/£0.59/€1.48 for everything
It sometimes feels like Groupees bundles are fired in the world by a shotgun. Not everything will hit the target. However, this new (Sometimes) Tuesday Bundle has me rather intrigued. There are racing games, turn-based combat, comics, and the music of Viking Guitar. Viking Guitar. Isn’t that name just fantastic?

Sanctum 2: Four Pack – $12.22/£7.20/€9.02
The Sanctum franchise has long since been the source of casual fascination. A first-person shooter squashed into a tower defense game, it makes for a great co-op experience. Sanctum 2 does what all sequels do: it expands on the original. Here, there are more characters, more enemies, more weapons, more things to juggle. In spite of the fact it was made by the same dudes who crafted Goat Simulator, Sanctum 2 is rather cleverly put together.

With Steam summer sales coming up next week, I’d like to do things a little differently. Instead of just putting together the usual Bargain Bucket, I’d like recommendations from everyone. What is your favorite game? Why would you recommend someone snag it RIGHT THE HECK NOW if they saw it on sale? Leave your suggestions in the comments, and I’ll work on incorporating them into next week’s column! (Also, Pengu Lion needs a name. Help.)

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