How ILya Muromets Your Mother Russia: WW1 Flight Sim

The IL-2 Sturmovik series is one of those rare sims which stretched beyond its nerdy remit to attract an audience of people who’d never normally clamber into a virtual cockpit. Now developers 1C Game Studios are teaming with the Russian Military Historical Society to produce ILya Muromets, a new flight sim set during World War 1. It’s set during the Eastern Front air war and named after the first airliner, and one of the first large bombers in aerial warfare. There’s the first set of screenshots below.

The ILya Muromets website is a basic holding page at this point, but there are more screenshots available through on the game’s forum and a post outlining the game’s goals. Mainly, that they’ve recreated a 22,500 square kilometer stretch of land, and the game’s campaign will be feature ten missions about reconnaissance, artillery spotting and package delivery.

Ilya Muromets is due for release before the end of the year, with Early Access to launch on August 1st.

(Photo by Carmem A. Busko)


  1. cpt_freakout says:

    So, is that monkey a playable character or a weapon? Looks super realistic too!

  2. tailzdru says:


  3. jeffcapeshop says:

    I know it’s not how it should be done, but how are flight sims like this with a gamepad? do they work at all?

    • lunegov says:

      Most of them come with gamepad profiles. If gamepad is xbox360 controller.

    • All is Well says:

      I have never used a gamepad for flying so I can only speculate, but I would assume that if you wanted to play on a higher realism setting you might find a gamepad lacking, since you’d need to assign buttons for lots of stuff, like prop pitch, mixture, supercharger etc. I imagine pitch/roll controls would work okay, but maybe it would be hard to use the rudder properly (unless you could bind it to one of the analogue sticks). Then again, if you prefer simplified realism settings you just need to control pitch/roll/yaw and throttle which a gamepad should be enough for.

      You should try Rise of Flight, which is the foundation for both the upcoming IL2 game, and, if the pictures are anything to go by, this game as well, so it should be a good reference point.
      The base game is free so if it doesn’t feel right you won’t have lost any money.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Since Rise of Flight is free for the starter package, you could try it and see, but I doubt you’d enjoy it. I can’t recall anyone on the forums flying with a gamepad.

      With the more modern jet fighter sims, you’re penalized with having few essential weapon controls under your fingertips. With WW1 biplane sims, it’s mainly about the rudder. These slower planes had much more rudder authority than modern planes and it was used more in combat. For example, staying on the edge of a stall during a turn, or fine-tuning your aim for bombing and strafing attacks. Also essential for flying a helicopter sim with any degree of realism.

      FWIW, the rudder axis is less important for the new cockpit-level space games coming out, because it’s usually mapped to the roll axis. That’s why these games are designed for both gamepad and joystick and can be flown with either control.

      • Banjo-Tuesday says:

        Rise of Flight can be played with a gamepad. I do, for one. There are a couple of threads in the forums offering tips, including configuring force feedback and profiles. It takes patience to set up though.

  4. 2late2die says:

    ILya Muromets is also a reference to a mythical knight from Russian legends – link to

    • EveryoneIsWrong says:

      Figured he must’ve been a famous historical or fictional figure as I recognize that crazy name from an MST3k episode… sword and the dragon? I think that’s the title.

  5. CookPassBabtridge says:

    A pun so tortured you should be sent to the Hague. My congratulations :)

    • Premium User Badge

      Graham Smith says:

      It rendered the title more or less unintelligible, but my goodness I couldn’t not.

      • Velko says:


        …oh god now I got it
        oh god oh god oh god

        it’s terrible. TERRIBLE.

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          No need to spit fire. I actually felt like tipping my wings to Mr Schmitt.
          Though my puns are a load of Junkers.

  6. Calculon says:

    I’ve played Rise of Flight previously, tried some of the add-on mods, flew online etc, and while I enjoyed the difficult of piloting a WW1 plane in what is deemed to be a fairly realistic simulator, the rest of the game was quite lacking. There was no campaign released with the program, and while there are mods which add one, they are poorly integrated, and dont provide an overall narrative to the game that satisfies the need for a story to drive the gameplay (ie: the ancient Wings game which was short on simulation but good for gameplay). I see that there is a 10 mission campaign, which seems rather brief to me. I would hope that there would be future add-ons etc to make it a more comprehensive WW1 flightsim experience.

    • The Crane says:

      Rise of Flight is great! I still haven’t got bored of career mode or the one-off missions for each plane. Adding an overall narrative wouldn’t increase its appeal for me… air-horses for air-courses I suppose.

    • Meusli says:

      To be honest, this does not look more advanced than ROF, graphic wise that is.

    • Zenicetus says:

      The lack of an immersive campaign is a weakness in the otherwise excellent Rise of Flight, at least for some of us.

      The Wings Over Flanders Fields series (based on the old Microsoft Combat Flight Sim) has a good Red Baron-style campaign, but I just can’t get along with the ancient flight model and effects compared to Rise of Flight. It’s a night and day difference with the actual flying part of the game, so that’s what I’ve stayed with. It doesn’t look like this new Eastern Front game will have a campaign, following in RoF’s footsteps. It’s just not a priority for that crew.

      Worse still, and unless I read it wrong… from recent reports it seems like the new IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad won’t have a full campaign either. It will be left up to modders to string something together eventually. (sigh) I’ll still buy it eventually, but that put a damper on my enthusiasm.

  7. Meneldil says:

    While I’m sure the game will be quite decent (if not good), the eastern front is a deal killer for me.

    The amount and variety of planes used over there was nowhere as important as one the western front. Austria was poorly equiped, Russia wasn’t much better and Germany committed most of its airforce to the western front.

    • alh_p says:

      I had been going to say that I agreed – that the Russian air force had no other planes than the Muromets, but it’s not true – they had a bunch of the main allied fighter types also on the western front.

      If this sim offers players the chance to walk out on the wing mid flight to tinker with an unhappy engine would be a first!

  8. wilemanaltogether says:

    Anyone else just not interested in flight sims without a dynamic campaign?

    What I’d love to see even more is a sim that recreates the strategy part of the battle of britain where you have to allocate your limited resources etc and get to jump into any plane on the map at any time, that was great.

    Shame the second game was so awful.

    • All is Well says:

      Yeah, I sort of feel the same way. For me, RoF is lacking in that it doesn’t really give you any good sense of progression or continuity other than statistics. The career mode just seems like a long string of similar missions and without anything to really bind them together they become sort of pointless for me, like I might just as well be playing randomized quick battles.

      What I would really enjoy is something similar to what you suggested, maybe not on the strategic level, but something along the lines of managing a squadron – you’d get orders for the day and select pilots, aircraft and loadouts, plot routes and so forth, with resources being scarce and losses being permanent to make you consider your choices carefully. So something like the squad management from XCOM in a flight simulator. RoF already has the basics of this as the squadron commander gets to select pilots and aircraft for each mission, and can even schedule solo patrols, but at the moment it feels a little pointless since it doesn’t have any real impact on how missions play out. I dunno, it’s something I would enjoy at least.

  9. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Has anyone played this with the Rift? I think someone from RPS had a go and nearly wet their pants.

  10. buzzmong says:

    Ahh, so looking at the official announcement on their RoF forums, seems this is bascially a standalone RoF mod by the devs in cooperation with the Russian Military Historical Society to sort of celebrate the fact said society is rebuilding a real one to go flying with.

    I won’t be buying it, but I appreciate what it’s tied into.

  11. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    No one will probably see this, but I highly recommend The Blue Max, a film about a German WW1 pilot. It’s an incredible war film and one any fan of flight sims would probably enjoy (assuming they hadn’t seen it already).

  12. fearian says:

    A week ago: eh next article

    After seeing ‘the Wind Rises’: I WANNA FLY THE OLD PLANE!

  13. P.Funk says:

    God, not more flight sims made by Russians.

  14. wodin says:

    For he single player simmer Wings Over Flanders Field is a MUST buy. Prob my favourite sim I’ve played.

    Also add on No 2 is due soon which includes bombers and bets of all Zeppelins.

    link to