Super Dario World: In The Kingdom

In The Kingdom is an FPS in the style of Doom and Rise of the Triad. Presumably that means there will be lots of enemies on screen, lots of blood and bits spilling out of those enemies, and a decent selection of weapons to collect. It’s already out and available to buy for $5 (that’s a minimum – pay what you want) and it’s among the rare games to catch my attention because of a mysterious trailer rather than an actual description. It seems to have emerged from a similar blasphemous font as that which spawned the weird and wonderful Depths of Fear: Knossos. Set in the ‘hellish ruins of a forgotten castle fortress’, it’s filtered through a lens of old-school giallo horror that appeals to my less sensitive side.

I found the voiceover offputting at first but I was on board by the end of the trailer. It’d be easy to look at the art style as an inefficient nostalgia-tickler but I think it’s a fine way to portray the kind of off-key horror that In The Kingdom is cuddling up to.

More than anything else, after a week of logging and managing space empires, I quite fancy an objective as simple as ‘enter castle, kill monsters’.


  1. RedViv says:

    Where can you find shooting
    Search the world for looting
    Kill without scrutiny
    Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true

    In the kiiingdoooom

  2. Anthile says:

    You weren’t kidding about the giallo vibe. Very interesting.

  3. Casimir's Blake says:

    90s sprite 2.5 FPS vibe caught my interest, additional Giallo horror vibe convinced me to buy. More abstract FPSs please! Some of us still play Doom…

  4. SillyWizard says:

    There’s always room for giallo!

  5. allen says:

    Just an FYI, the game is a ~20 minute long ‘pilot’ and not a full game. It doesn’t tell you this until you purchase it and download it. Also the performance is abysmal on my computer, the game actually runs worse than Crysis for me.

    Solid for what it is, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t already a previous fan of his work.

  6. The Random One says:

    I should’ve known this was amon26.

  7. JFS says:

    I dunno, games are getting more recycling-prone these days. It’s either Sequelmania or “well-known stuff… with a TWIST” or loads of pseudo-arty lacquer put on. IMO, you don’t make art by setting out to make art, but rather by doing something new you yourself believe in.

  8. steviebops says:

    Is it actually any good though?

  9. Michael Fogg says:

    Not long ago I wondered in the comments of this very site when will indie devs revive the sprite-based 2.5D style of mid-nineties shooters. And here it is :)

  10. soldant says:

    I’d be curious to know what engine it’s running on (or if it’s a custom one), but not curious enough to drop $5 on it.

  11. Cytrom says:

    Looks worse than Doom… yeah I’m a total gfx whore.

    • crizzyeyes says:

      Have to disagree with you there… Doom had virtually no artistic cohesion as far as levels went, with the exception of Romero’s levels and a few others. Doom 2’s environmental cohesion was even worse. Say what you will about graphical fidelity, levels like “The Chasm” and even the Icon of Sin boss fight just don’t look good at all.

  12. Grottismo says:

    spectacular trailer, but it looks to have more in common in doom than just the perspective. I hope there’s a solid explanation for that ammo pick up or I’ll be sorely disappointed :(
    By that I mean it seems to be have a great atmosphere to tell a story, so if you achieve that as a creator, why spoil it by obtusely having game mechanics and the same barren areas from 20 years ago? When no one gave a fuck about a telling a story\no tech for it

    • Napalm Sushi says:

      “I hope there‚Äôs a solid explanation for that ammo pick up…”

      There is.

      *Sorta-kinda spoilers*

      It’s explained in a document in the game folder, and is affirmed in-game by messages like “the machine gun is still warm.”

      Also, I love the simple genius of all the enemies being immortal. As in, “killing” them scatters them into a dark, smoking rift that gives you about 5 seconds of breathing room before they are suddenly reborn from it. It’s a great way of making your character’s modern (ish) firepower feel relevant yet ultimately powerless against the forces you’re facing and inspires so much more panic and urgency than is normally experienced from an FPS.

      */Sorta-kinda spoilers*

      I look forward to seeing the full length game that will hopefully come from this.

  13. Alien says:

    What we do know: the trailer is good.
    What we don’t know: how is the game?

    BTW: The atmosphere reminds me of another great little game “Sapience” (link to

  14. crizzyeyes says:

    I would much like to play this, but this dude is absolutely bonkers if he thinks I will pay for a demo for a Unity Doom clone.