Almost Ready To Go: EU IV – Res Publica

Europa Universalis IV’s Wealth Of Nations expansion is practically named after me, so I’m more than a little disappointed that I didn’t find time to plunder its depths. Announcement that the game was expanding again sent me into a cycle of mildly obsessive panic. If I haven’t mastered Wealth Of Nations, how can I be expected to unpick the changes that Res Publica brings? I was preparing for a 72 hour Venetian Marathon until I read the entirity of the Paradox press release, which confirms that Res Publica is a ‘Mini Expansion’. Deep breaths. No need to lose control.

Mini it may be, but Res Publica does sound a decent bundle of ideas.

The new mini expansion, entitled Res Publica, will introduce new systems of governance and trade to the game, including an all-new government type and several new Idea Groups for ambitious strategists to explore.

Republic Affairs: Grow your influence with the Merchant Republic faction to create new trade posts and reap bonuses, or exploit the inner power struggles of the Dutch Republic and their unique election events

Meet the New Boss: Try the all-new Republican Dictatorship government type, and decide between increases in power or Republic Tradition in new in-game opportunities and events

Don’t Fight the Power: Retain power for the ruling family by backing heirs in Elective Monarchies; boost your growth with the National Focus bonus and spend your points on Administrative, Diplomatic, or Military Power

I want to lord over a Republican Dictatorship! I really do.

Sadly, I’m still tied to the dream of finishing my current Crusader Kings II playthrough and then carrying the save over into a fully expanded EU IV. The reason that I preface that wonderful ambition with ‘sadly’ is entirely tied to the continuing stream of meaty and meaningful expansions. If I don’t finish the CK II playthrough by Autumn, there’s likely to be something new there as well.

I am doomed. Res Publica is out this summer.


  1. JamesTheNumberless says:

    Hm, there’s something of the summer of ’96 about this article. Also, yay! More EUIV

  2. BobbyDylan says:

    Looks like England’s having the War of the Roses event.

  3. Darth Gangrel says:

    “Europa Universalis IV’s Wealth Of Nations expansion is practically named after me” I thought it was named after Nathan, since Wealth of Nathans sounds much more similar to Wealth of Nations.

  4. doodler says:

    What I am sad about is the complete lack of coverage CKII has gotten since Rajas came out. It has broken multiplayer for me and all of my friends and despite 2 patches saying they have fixed it it is still broken and now they seem to have stuck their heads in the sand. I thought paradox had changed in their game support behavior up until this point, can anyone else sound off in the comments if they are having the same multiplayer “game not found” and desync issues regardless of the game version post rajas(beta version included, works if you downgrade to prerajas CKII where steam isn’t integrated)

    • Cinek says:

      You’re not the only one. But never the less – I’m not surprised. That’s pretty much exactly what I expected from Paradox. Their QA department is non-existent. Thankfully – all of the other departments seem to be great and some of the ideas they got are outright brilliant.

    • Martel says:

      Until EU4 I haven’t had what I’d call a pleasant experience ever with Paradox strategy games and multiplayer. I’m not sure if my issues with CK2 MP are from what you describe, but my friend and I gave it one more go a while back and never got it to work. Thankfully EU4 is much better (yay for Steamworks I suppose), so I doubt I’ll ever try MP in the previous Paradox games. Sad, but at least I have one of them I can do multiplayer with.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Oh my. I wonder if I’ll manage to finish my current Brandenburg/Prussia game before that comes out!

  6. thebigJ_A says:

    Crap. Now I’m like three expansions behind.

    That means before I play again I’ll have to spend a bunch of time reading dev diaries and forum posts, possibly even AARS, so I can get the mechanics down. Oh, and buy said expansions. Poo.