On Your Bike: Trials Fusion Adds Tournaments

Please don't let this ever be me.

Motorbikes are pretty cool, right? I’d love to learn to ride, but two things give me pause: a story from a family friend about scraping scraps his own skin out his bike leathers after an accident, and the terrifying physics of video game motorbikes suggesting that I’d quickly end up there myself, knife in hand. Trials games probably haven’t given the most realistic understanding of riding, mind.

As if competing with the tracks themselves, let alone on leaderboards, weren’t already challenge enough, RedLynx have added a new mode to Trials Fusion. Tournaments returned from older games in a patch yesterday, with whole sets of tracks to compete across.

Tournaments are sets of tracks played in one go, your times and faults for the whole lot being added up to give a final score, the patch notes explain. They’ll rotate regularly, each tournament having different tracks, numbers of tracks, difficulties, and durations–from hours to days.

They’re still ultimately leaderboards, sure, but special, exciting leaderboards. Why, you can even win virtual prizes! Those at the top will be awarded items, experience, or other odds and ends.

The patch also optimised a few things and added options to turn down some more graphical whizzbangs down, so if you’ve struggled with performance it may be worth another look.

Anyway, here are some motorbikes and some explosions. I don’t find that remotely comforting.

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  1. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    My OCD wouldn’t allow me to not comment on a comment-less post. I do have a story, too.

    When I weighed very little, my “friend” convinced me I could ride up a steep hill (read: cliff face) on a quad by simply throwing my weight forward. I ended up having the quad roll on top of me as I was flattened into some black berry bushes. In case you don’t know, black berry bushes have thorns – similar to rose bushes, but smaller. I had no desire to ride motorbike things again.