Fleet Streets: GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is Codemasters back to basics attempt to recapture the glory days of multi-disciplinary racing. It will include innovations such as decent handling, a lack of overarching social media narrative and in-car camera views. The latest trailer shows street racing events, with the landmarks of various cities popping on screen as orientation guides. It’s attractive and the cars really are going very fast indeed. The editor of motoring website PistonHeads.com provides commentary, telling us that “racing is exciting and if you can accurately replicate that in a game…it’s gonna be exciting.” His t-shirt displays a list of dire warnings.

I hope Autosport does manage to replicate excitement because it’s pitched just right for somebody of my sensibilities – not clever enough to cope with anything remotely resembling an actual speedy car, but not entirely satisfied by handling models that resemble dodgems or karts. If there’s aggressive and slightly unpredictable AI, a sense of career progression and impressive representation of damage, I’ll probably be happy enough.

We’ll find out soon enough. The next GRID is out on June 24th (USA USA USA)/ June 27th. Craig has already investigated.


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    Joshua says:

    “If there’s aggressive and slightly unpredictable AI, a sense of career progression and impressive representation of damage, I’ll probably be happy enough.”

    True this. I have been playign the more simmy games lately,a nd although the driving feel in, say, Race 07 is utterly excellent, I do miss the shorter stints and disintegrating cars of the GRID series somewhat.

    That being said, I played GRID a while back and I really couldn’t wrap my head aroudn the driving anymore. Racing is all about driving “on the edge”, and the “edge” in the first grid was so thin that you could only drive a car sub-optimally or spin out. They have stated in an earlier interview that they will change this, so… hmmn.

    MIght be fun, actually.

    • Howard says:

      This is the issue with GRID and why I am utterly unexcited about the new one. While some people seemed to get along with it, its handling was just insane to those of us who play racers a lot, particularly the more sim inclined ones. It just felt woolly and thoroughly unpleasant.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Accurately modeling the thin line between 100% grip and slipping is not an easy task. Actual sims have a lot of math going on, when you’re driving on the limit you can almost feel your CPU sweating.

        Any game with a less articulated physics model should just go the arcade route and invent new rules instead of trying to cope with reality with the wrong tools, or GRID1 will happen again.

        That said, it looks that they got something better in their engine this time around, but while the videos make a better impression than GRID2, they still give me arcade feelings. It’s still a codemaster mainstream game afterall, and it’s not the TOCA of old.

  2. tvcars says:

    I don’t get it.

  3. CookPassBabtridge says:

    What is the current go-to standard for accurate driving physics these days? My uni chum was an F3 (F3000? Can’t remember) driver and he swore by Live For Speed, that partially free thing with a huge online community. I enjoyed the driving lessons and having a blast round the free track on it.

    • SooSiaal says:

      I’d say Assetto Corsa

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      If Assetto Corsa passes the votes ( happening just now ) in the Steam sale, go for it and never look back.

      I’d tell you to do the same even without discount, but it’s early access and it’s understandable if you don’t trust a project you don’t know. You just have the internet’s word that these guys are uber talented and totally intending to release this thing.

      Youtube time for you!

      EDIT: they recently introduced multiplayer. There are some singleplayer races aswell now but for the career mode i fear we’ll have to wait longer.

      Some 4k shots ( no AA ) i’ve made: link to imgur.com

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Thanks chaps, esp Penguin for the screenies :) I will have to take a peek at some vids later on.

    • rpsKman says:

      You can take a look at rFactor 2 and netKar Pro, for starters.