Trialfall: Origin Kicks Off Free Timed Trials With Titanfall


According to Origin, I have played Titanfall for three hours. I enjoyed those three hours but look, the world has so many other video games, and I feel antsy staying indoors on a sunny day, and Titanfall’s giant revolver is so far down the unlock line I couldn’t bear to be apart from it. It is certainly worth a try, though, especially as it’ll be free to play for 48 hours this weekend.

EA are launching an Origin equivalent of Steam’s free weekends, letting everyone play the full version of a game free for a short while, under the name Origin Game Time.

While Steam’s free weekends have fixed start and end times, Game Time works a little differently. The trial period won’t start until you actually launch the game for the first time, EA explain, so time isn’t wasted downloading it. Considering Titanfall is a 20+ GB download, that’s an important difference. Once you’ve loaded it, the ‘Game Time Clock’ will start ticking down whether you’re playing or not.

Multiplayer-only games don’t really get demos anymore, probably because publishers realised some people are perfectly happy to just play that one map forever. How many years did Battlefield 1942 Wake Island demo servers stay full for? Timed trials are a fair compromise, and better in ways as they can show everything a game has, but it’s a shame they’re limited to special occasions. A healthy, replenishing community is vital for a multiplayer game. Given that EA hope to sell a load of Titanfall DLC map packs, it’d probably be good for them too. This is a tricky balancing act.

Were timed trials available constantly, some would inevitably keep registering new Origin accounts to play free forever. They would miss out on Titanfall’s persistent progression and the higher tiers of unlocks, encouraging them to buy it. Though if they’re okay with creating a new account and start from scratch every few days, would they even buy the game? And mightn’t it be good to have all those extra players keeping the game alive anyway? I realise now that at this point I’m essentially advocating about a form of free-to-play locking people to low levels, which I hadn’t intended to, and which would probably leave many who have bought the full game feeling cheated. Alice, RELAX.

(Levelling and unlocks always make an FPS feel a bit F2P for me, mind–the sort of unfun roadblock I understand exists in F2P games to be monetised but only frustrates me in paid games. I don’t have the time or inclination to slowly unlock all the cool stuff. I want Titanfall’s chunky revolver now.)

Anyway, you’ll find the Titanfall trial over here. Should you take a shine to it, it’s half-price on Origin right now too, down to £22.49. Stats and unlock progress will carry over into the full game.


  1. 1Life0Continues says:

    I’ve come around to Origin. I still don’t trust it, but I’ve given it as much free reign as it needs and only what it needs. The only issues I’ve had is that it hates my multiple monitor software and refuses to download games while it’s running, but otherwise, no issues.

    But I still won’t play Titanfall. No single player campaign, no sale. Hell, I hate the Call of Battlefield games, but I played the BF3 campaign because it was free. It was crap, but it was better than no single player at all. Not by much, granted.


    Nice deal for those that do give a damn, though.

    • silentdan says:

      I’ll never come around to Origin. I have no quarrel with those who feel otherwise. By all accounts, it’s gotten marginally less slimy recently, and that’s good. I’m getting this tentative sense that EA has come to terms with Origin’s disappointing effect as a means of farming its customers, and is actually trying to add some value. That’s good, it really is. I just … I can’t help believing that somewhere at EA HQ, there’s some sweaty guy with rolled up sleeves and a loosened tie rocking back and forth in his squeaky swivel chair, holding himself tightly and muttering “ohgod ohgod ohgod we’re not fully exploiting them, not all of them, no, not fully, no, no, no, not fully at all … gasp! … WHEN DO WE GO BACK TO FUCKING THEM ALL OVER!??!??!!” and someone is feeding him ice chips and assuring him that “It will be soon, Jeff. Just hang in there, man. Don’t worry, Jeff, we’re going to get through this together, and then we’ll show them what happens to people who expect reasonable-quality goods and services from us. We’ll show them all!”

      It doesn’t even matter to me if they’ve fully seen the light and are sincerely committed to a storefront and social platform that truly serves the needs of the gaming community. They betray the truth in word and deed so easily and cheerfully that I’m just done with taking anything they say or do seriously. It’s sad that if they ever do significantly reform, I won’t believe them. (Although, if they started releasing games on Steam again, I’d have a hard time explaining how that counts as deception or general fuckery.)

      Also, I just don’t feel like I’ve missed out by not playing Titanfall.

    • DodgyG33za says:

      Not me. Steam summer sale on and the first thing I check is whether said game requires uplay or whatever. If so, no sale.

      I don’t think Steam is necessarily the best, I just want to keep my games in one place and really get the arse when a games company want to force me to do otherwise.

      And as for the having to update Origin, update game, load browser, update plugin, play BF3 bollocks. I am just not going through that again unless the game is so good I wet myself just thinking about it.

    • HisDivineOrder says:

      The thing is that I used Origin’s predecessor a lot already. EA DM was already a great way to get digital downloadable versions of games I had keys for. So I was already using it for that. Now all the extras they added to it are not really very attractive to me. The client is still a Steam wannabe, the achievements are lame, the fact I can’t choose where to install my games individually is annoying, and the way it downloads game is archaic by comparison to Steam. The way it does patches is also pretty bad.

      Essentially, the same complaints I have about Uplay, I also have about Origin, except a little less severely about the latter. At least Origin lets me input keys from my older EA games and SOME of them magically then have Origin keys.

      That said, I think Origin is heavier than it needs to be.

      • nullable says:

        I put in my key for the settlers 7 into uPlay, and now I seem to be able to redownload it there just fine. Originally a physical copy from right around when it was originally released.

  2. Koozer says:

    The time I became kind of okay with F2P games was around the same time developers started to throw XP and unlocks into ‘normal’ games too.

    Play Titanfall! It’s fun. Especially for free.

  3. Antsy says:

    It’s true! I do stay indoors on sunny days. What is this witchcraft?

    I’ve also hardly played Titanfall, despite getting it at launch. Somehow I felt way behind the curve skill-wise from the outset and seeing people many levels ahead of me very quickly did nothing to encourage me. I should probably try it again but although my backlog is already beyond hope of diminishing, I have to make the attempt!

  4. Rizlar says:

    Origin Game Time

    Not a demo!

    • Josh W says:

      It’s the reinvention of shareware! Only slightly more restrictive.

  5. Shadow says:

    I was on the verge of buying this back in March, and now I’m rather glad I didn’t. 40-50% discounts plus free weekends like this only tells me the game’s popularity is rapidly decaying, ahead of EA’s DLC schedule, and that they desperately need to entice new buyers.

    Alice is right on the unlocks and progression bits now practically inseparable from multiplayer FPS games. They’re MMO-like mechanisms to keep people playing beyond the game’s actual worth. And of course, one more avenue of monetization.

    Anyway, I might give this a shot, but as Ms. O’Connor says, the world has so many other video games.

    EDIT: Seems this free weekend thing doesn’t work for us South Americans. No indication of it on the store, beyond the discounts. Well done, EA. :D

    • Moraven says:

      Yah, it is unfortunate to see it discount so quick to 40-50% (got it for 20% off at launch, $48), devaluing launch prices quickly. I think only Blizzard and Call of Duty take forever to discount.

      But the time I have put into it I easily got my money’s worth. I will come back for each patch and map pack drop, much like a lot of many other online FPS. Got to many other games to keep playing an FPS liked I used to, good ole days of playing CS and UT for years.

      • SIDD says:

        “There are other ways, which I can’t really talk about, of dealing with product as it ages over a period of time, where you present a value to the customer and you engage them in your service on a going-forward basis. We don’t believe in the drop-it-down, spring-it-up, 75 percent off approach, but we’ve got something else that we do believe in that we’ll be rolling out.” [David DeMartini, Head of EA Origin – quoted in June, 2012]

        How ironic that EA were so busy distancing themselves from Steam just 2 years ago, and all their “innovation” now just seems to be a poor imitation of everything Steam does!

        • shutter says:

          DeMartini was a complete fuckwit who had no idea what he was doing, and shouldn’t be held up as an example of what anyone in Origin/EA believes since he left years ago. (He’s now a major player in Oculus, which further reinforces my belief that that shit is dead in the water)

      • socrate says:

        Blizzard i could understand before cause they had really good quality product and was worth the money you would pay….but nowaday…seriously 90% of the talent that worked at blizzard left a long time ago and their product are mediocre at best with stuff that don’t make any sense anymore lore wise or gameplay wise

        The only product id really recommend at this point for people looking for good Blizzard game is Starcraft 2 which is pretty fun if you like mod,single player and if you are into that boring multiplayer competition that i never understood why that should be considered a sport in any freaking way.

        I don’t even know why people still play WoW since everyone look the same in the end and their is literally no point in raiding anymore with a premade group…the fact that its still considered an mmo is just absurd there is next to no interaction between player at this point and there is 0 challenge that are hard and worth doing since they usually don’t offer any reward that will set you appart from other 10 year old that just auto attack,Dota is a bigger MMO then WoW is at this point since you interact with player a million time more which is pathetique really

        anyway Origin to me is just a really boring waste of time compared to steam,i was playing BF only on it and it was a pain to log into and they ruined it even more with tons of stupid stuff…the problem is that EA are there for the money only…and they don’t care about gamer at all…they see their fan as cow they can milk for more and more cash they are a stupid company that will never learn even when they come out with good stuff then in the end screw it up with greed…its just horrible and for me its crazy that they still have idiot(fan) who venerate and pay them regularly for their brain dead game.

    • fsantox says:

      Where are you exactly in South America buddy?
      I’m in Brazil and it’s on the frontpage

      Mind that I only checked because you said that, I have no interest whatsoever in playing this, for reasons you have already stated. Cheers!

  6. rcguitarist says:

    I’ll be away on a weekend trip with the wife this weekend. If I download this free trial today, but don’t launch it until, say tuesday, will I still get my free 48 hours starting then? Or will it say the free play period is over?

  7. shaydeeadi says:

    They should run the trial period a little longer considering it’s so freaking huge a download. Great game though, worth every penny you pay for it.

    • Slabs says:

      “48 hour free play begins the first time Titanfall is launched from Origin, after it is fully installed to your PC”

      EA have got that right at least.

  8. Radiant says:

    I tried to like it, I really did.
    But Titanfall is so fucking poor.
    I can’t believe that the same guys made modern warfare 1.

  9. therighttoarmbears says:

    I haven’t played in a few weeks. Really is a fun game despite all the unlock stuff – balletic, fun, chunky weapons, stompy mechs. I bought the first map pack, but I did feel that for the brief time I played it that it definitely split the community up a bit. Can only imagine what further map packs will do. Looking forward to jumping back in some time. I have no idea what the server populations are like any more for base game vs DLC, but would be quite curious if anybody has insight.

  10. Shooop says:

    Finally a step in the right direction for EA.

    But it would help if the game wasn’t 50 GB and took some people a day just to download and install it.

    • tigershuffle says:

      just started downloading it…….and yes 50!! fecking gigabyte!!!

      was going to put it on my sons PC too…but he only has 35gb of space left

      ooh and Peggle is free now too :)

  11. The Random One says:

    Well, this will save me the trouble of buying it then using the guarantee for a refund, then actually buying it when it’s like 90% off if I do like it.

    Also, I find it funny that the wiki page refers to the revolver as “a futuristic implementation of a modern revolver”. If I saw that gun by itself I’d think it’d came from a steampunk setting.

  12. Saxon_UK1 says:

    I’m sorry but Origin and any EA franchise, to me, since BF4 is dead. I loved BF2 and I liked BF3 but BF4 was a bridge too far. I will never buy an EA game again. Ever. They could release a game that is better than HL and HL2, it could be the finest crafted game ever devised but I wont buy it, even if it actually is. I actuallay signed p to RPS to say this and I don’t care about any comments or internet forums as they are usually inhabited by the dregs of society (and I appreciate the irony) but EA, quite simply, you’ve fucked it. No more.
    No more will I buy anything you release.
    No more will I buy into your shit.
    No more will I ever consider you as a legitimate games designer or any studio you own.
    You are quite simply, to me, a waste of talent, cash and most importantly my time.

    • Premium User Badge

      FhnuZoag says:

      EA would be less of a waste of your time if you didn’t feel so compelled to post these comments.

  13. F. Lynx Pardinus says:

    I’m really glad for this trial, as otherwise I wouldn’t have realized it had no single-player campaign and I might have actually purchased the game. Back to watching the World Cup for me.

  14. secuda says:

    Still plays like COD, dont know why people went hiwire over this at E3?

  15. peterako1989 says:

    tried to play it. after waiting about a day to be downloaded(30mbps connection) and around one hour installing, it crushes on loading of the first campaign mission after and absurd amount of loading time. Also, the main campaign is online?! But why? This is inneficient. Bleh, that left a sour taste to my mouth. Deleted.

  16. rcguitarist says:

    Thanks EA for issuing this free gametime offer. It sold me on never buying an EA product ever again. The game has been out for how long now, and when I lunch it it runs into an issue where the game and origin work together to fully utilize my hard drive until the logo screens take hours to crawl through them. There is a fix, but it involves disconnecting the game from Origin In-game which you have so kindly disabled in the free gametime version. Thanks again!