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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Like Penguins

There’s really not much to say about this week except, “You know Steam is having a sale, right?” But not just them. Everyone seems to be joining into the fun. The real question is, of course, how many of these games will actually be played once the discount frenzy has ended. One? Two? How many will be relegated to the digital depths of game libraries everywhere? Pixar would make a total killing if they swooped in and made a video games-inspired riff on Toy Story. (Yes, I know there’d be a herd of licensing agreements to wrangle. Let’s pretend those don’t exist for a moment.)

The Other Worlds Bundle
An understated but surprisingly decent bundle. Bundle Stars’ offerings seem to be largely comprised of okay and god-awful, but their Other Worlds compilation is actually genuinely interesting. At least, if you have a stomach for the weird, the wacky, and the atrociously voiced. The Journey Down is a favorite of mine, even though I still prefer its’ 2D self best. The character design is fascinating albeit a little creepy. I also love The Void, even though it’s borderline unplayable in sections and will gleefully screw with your mind. It’s haunting, strange, unsettling, and all the other words traditionally associated with Ice-Pick Lodge’s games. Also, Time Gentlemen Please! and Ben There, Dan That is absolutely awesome if you’re inclined towards their brand of humor. (The rest are pretty good too.)

The Ship
The Ship is not a good place for anyone lacking cat-like reflexes. But, isn’t that generally the case for any game which requires you to kill other living things? Much has been said about this unusual murder-em-up, which plays out a lot like a love child between Assassin and The Sims. The basic idea behind The Ship is this: you need to bludgeon someone to death while avoiding being bludgeoned to death. Human needs such as sleep and food must be attended to as well, further complicating the already sticky matters of someone else’s heart.

Amnesia Collection
Aaaaaaaah. *deep breath* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. (You should know about the Amnesia collection by now. Seriously. It’s that game that makes grown men cry. Not sentimental tears, of course but those gulping, heaving tears bled from the bones of terror itself. You know, the kind you would cry if you were hiding in a closet and something absolutely terrifying was in the room looking for you. Yeah. Those kind of tears. Anyway, to resume – ) Aaaaagh.

War on Vikings
I think this might be the cheapest War on Vikings sales. I could be wrong. In which case you may lynch me, Internet mob. Anyway, the price is dependent on if you can cash in that 20% voucher which Green Man Gaming is so famous for. But, moving on. It’s a polarizing game, that is riddled with faults and high ambition. At its core, it is a game about skill: quick reflexes, fluid combat, and varying degrees of realism. Your character can grow tired. Take more than a handful of hits and you will be crushed like a tin can on a four-lane highway. P.S: The game does not support boob armor, which instantly elicits a few extra points from me.

Also of note:

GOG’s 2014 Summer Sale
You should really be paying attention to right now. Hell, I’m tempted to argue that they may have better discounts than Steam. Why? Because I like retro games, really. And point & click adventures. GOG’s daily bundle deals are particularly noteworthy, so much so that I would suggest checking in at least once a day to see what they’ve got in store for you. More intriguingly, it looks like they have almost their entire catalogue discounted by 50%. Definitely worth a quick rummage.

ShinyLoot’s 101 Days of Summer Daily Sales
“Hit and miss” is a great phrase to use in conjunction with the games from this website. Many of the titles on display are those that have been wheeling way below the radar: broken bits of genius, unpolished attempts, and the utterly strange. That said, you may well be able to find something interesting sometime in the next eighty days or so.

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy – $0.99/£0.69/€0.99
I really wanted to like E.Y.E. I did. I mean, there are cyberpunk elements intermingled with a dollop of Warhammer 40k. What is there not to like about a game like this? And while I could be mistaken, I believe this may well be the one of the rare games that has mechanical objects counter-hacking you in return. The game was hopelessly broken the first time I tried it, however. You might have better luck than I did.

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