Snog, Marry A Void Destroyer Update Trailer. Or Watch It.

Mirror Ball One, we're in position.

Space is almost incomprehensibly empty, and so it’s only good and just that humankind longs to fill all that empty space with lasers. Eventually every spaceship launched will be a mirror ball, until we exist in a permanent, intergalactic disco. Then we’ll launch the spaceships that play discordant bass noises. And then we will be done.

Until then, you can simulate our dancy party future through this Void Destroyer trailer. The Early Access space game has been quietly ticking over since it launched at the start of the year, and the new Iteration 20 update brings it to 50% complete.

Void Destroyer is a mixture of traditional space combat with real-time strategy, meaning as a player you transition between controlling any individual ship and providing orders to the whole fleet. A lot of the new features, like smooth camera transitions between ships and a better GUI, are designed to make that process easier. There’s also new ships and missions too, though.

The future of the game’s development lies in more GUI changes and more story content, which the developer’s are betting shouldn’t take as long now they’ve cleared the 50% mark: “Once you climb a mountain – it tends to be easier to get down.” That’s true of space mountains, too; I’ve been on that ride twice.

Void Destroyer was originally funded via a Kickstarter project in July 2013, where it received $35,606 on a $20k target. It then launched on Early Access back in January, where the response so far seems pretty positive, as far as Steam Reviews go.

If you’re an existing player and interested in the specifics, you can watch developer Paul Zakrzewski talk through each of the recent changes on this update video.


  1. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    With so many sandbox spacebiffs on the horizon, I find myself excited at the prospect of a well made, scripted spacebiff like this promises to be.

  2. geldonyetich says:

    Though no space combat game has ever quite recaptured the appeal of Descent: Freespace, I have to say that this early gameplay footage looks to be one of the closer to the mark I’ve seen in quite some time. Now, if they could only balance the game, we might just have a chance to bring the space combat forward from that lofty bar set by Volition ages ago.

    • chaosavy says:

      Void Destroyer dev here – in case I fudge up the balance to particular preferences – modding Void Destroyer is as easy as opening up a text file and changing a value (eg: this means ship has 100 hit points). Void Destroyer is so moddable – that you can mod the scene at the main menu :)

      • Tikanderoga says:

        I am looking forward to the finished product and also hoping someone will either make a Homeworld mod or Star Wars mod, which ever comes first.

  3. RedViv says:

    So much space combat, such a lack of space wizards. Let alone moon wizards.

    • dE says:

      Ring Runner makes you a space wizard. But that’s about it, I think.

      • Ravenholme says:

        And it’s very cool. I got it from an Indie Bundle and wish I had paid full price for it, a ridiculously cool wee game.

  4. Shazbut says:

    Graham, you come up with some beautifully tortured headlines

  5. Jimbo says:

    Standing ovation for the headline. Bravo.

    • PAK-9 says:

      I came to clap and nod approvingly at the headline.

      I stayed for the article.

    • HaruharaHaruko says:


      The first paragraph made my damn day. “Disco … IN SPAAAAAAACE!”

    • DrollRemark says:

      I appreciate the fine headlines that RPS manages, but this is the first to genuinely make me laugh out loud. Five stars, Graham.

  6. melnificent says:

    You monster torturing the headline like that.
    Now it needs a makeover

  7. Tei says:

    Space is so big, that most of it is already unnacesible to us. Because of the expansion after the big bang, even if we move in some direction at the speed of light, we will never get to most of the universe.
    The universe will last so incredible long, and that long will not be enough to explore it.

    And Earth is on the center of a natural reserve where faster than light travel is forbidden. Humanity lives in a zoo.

    Thats why we have not meet other civilizations, because is against the rules of the zoo.

    • Grygus says:

      Expansion… pfft. Clearly that extra space was already in the universe, then ripped out and made separate just to nickel and dime us.

    • Gap Gen says:

      While this was never a physical law, and was largely people being idiots, bear in mind that a while ago people thought that the speed limit for human travel was 30mph. But yes, we live in a universe bounded by the speed of light and an already declining star formation rate. So far.

    • Lanfranc says:

      Maybe we could start by exploring the rest of our galaxy? Most of that isn’t moving away from us at the speed of light – or at least it wasn’t last I checked.

  8. chaosavy says:

    Void Destroyer dev here – please tour the internet with this scandal – I need a really good scandal to get things going, but also believe in good internet manners so it has been challenging.

    • Ravenholme says:

      That kind of attitude is why I backed your Kickstarter – Look forward to the rest of development, and have you thought about what you might do for the Stretch goals you sadly failed to reach? Any chance we might see them in the future (Thinking the other ship groups and free roam mode)

      • chaosavy says:

        With the – I can’t predict the future so no promises – caveat – I will try my best to keep expanding the game/future games and working as a game dev as long as I’m able to. Those things that I mentioned as stretch goals (eg: sandbox and FPS elements) are things that I know I would absolutely love developing/adding to the game (as I love adding/developing to the current scope) – so it should mean its just a matter of time.

        Thanks for supporting the project, I can’t say it enough times how much KS helped it and me.

  9. Gap Gen says:

    The future of the game’s development lies in more GUI changes and more story content, which the developer’s are betting shouldn’t take as long now they’ve cleared the 50% mark: “Once you climb a mountain – it tends to be easier to get down.” That’s true of space mountains, too; I’ve been on that ride twice.

    This is never true for any project ever.