Your Titan, Sir: Titanfall Adding New Modes And Butler Voice

A few of the new Burn Cards for Titans.

“Mm, yes, that’s a sensible change,” I mutter, reading over the next Titanfall patch notes. “Oh ho! And matchmaking did indeed need improving too. And how delightful: customisation options for your robot including decals and a snooty English butler voice named Jeeves. I do certainly enjoy customisation in games. I’m not sure about those shotgun changes mind. But yes, it’s a solid patch: new features, bug fixes, balance tweaks, all that patch stuff. Certainly patch-y. Very patch-ish.”

There I am, all ready to be wearily resigned about the very idea of even looking at a video game, when I notice Respawn Entertainment are also adding a rotating lineup of new modes. The first sounds pretty interesting. I think I might return to Titanfall to play that.

‘Marked For Death’ mode will see one player on each team called out as a target, so we’ll need to protect our chap while getting theirs. Most of my (limited) time with Titanfall saw everyone deathmatching rather than working together, but these sort of assassination modes in multiplayer games have always worked out far better in my experience. I am keen to be a sneaky defender lurking with my pump-action shotgun.

It won’t be a permanent fixture, but the first of Titanfall’s transitory Featured Game Modes for the playlist rotation. ‘Wingman Last Titan Standing’ mode will follow next. This is also pretty encouraging, giving reasons to return regularly.

Apparently I’m like a child, and cannot be trusted to switch permanent modes enough to stop myself from wearing them out. No, I need a responsible adult to take old toys from my hands and give me something different. I’m just a big game baby. Or, when I have so much else I could be doing and am paralysed by indecision, the idea of something being new and fleeting gives a jolt of “Ooh! Yes, that!” decision-making aid. Who could say which?

Anyway, do check out the patch notes for everything Update Four will change when it arrives soon. 14 new Burn Cards focused on Titans, better AI for auto-control Titans so they actually use their abilities, a boost to the number of Burn Cards you can collect, a new lady voice to go along with that butler, and loads more. It’s a pretty good patch!


  1. TheRealHankHill says:

    I was about to drop the 50 dollars while it was on sale this weekend, was about to press the checkout button and right then the sale ended and it went back up to 75 or 80 for the full game with DLC. SORRY BUT NOPE. Just my luck.

    • Howard says:

      You can still get it cheap (the full pack, including Season Pass) if you install Hola Unblocker and use the Mexican Origin site. I just did this yesterday and got it for $39.99/£31.xx)
      (Oh and this works for all games on Origin)

      • secuda says:

        I am not sure EA is okay with this?
        Better of with GMG or G2play

        • Howard says:

          Realistically, they cannot object. You can buy anything from anywhere you want as long as its a legal vendor, and it is not our fault that they region lock their prices. I did nothing underhand and even signed into the Mexican site with my proper login – I made no attempt to hide what I was doing and the game has been working fine for days.

        • kuangmk11 says:

          Many, many people are doing this, including myself. No problem whatsoever. If they had a problem with it they would fix it.

        • Shockeh says:

          They’re absolutely not okay with this. But having a problem with it, and being able to legitimately do anything about it are very different things.

          I really enjoyed Titanfall, but it just felt so shallow. It was really slick, everything neatly put together, but once you’ve cycled through all the maps three times there just wasn’t any reason to keep playing, and death can be so sudden at some ranges it’s difficult to even differentiate yourself as a player.

          I’ve had rounds where I’ve gone 20-0, and I’ve had rounds at the bottom of the scoreboard, and aside from Shotgun sprayers, never really felt like I could differentiate one player from another, most games. Hell, entire rounds have just been fairly samey ‘blech’ in ways akin to later COD titles.

          Shame really, because the core FPS gunplay feels really nice.

          • Senethro says:

            When did gunplay become not enough :/

          • Howard says:

            @Senethro Gotta agree. Simply an engine and its mechanics done right can be enough. Sure, Titanfall has its issues, but it simply *feels* better than any shooter I have played in years

          • tangoliber says:

            While I’m not a big fan of the weapons (would prefer more accurate hipfire + less damage), the movement and map design make it worth it for me. I don’t really need anything else. Titanfall 2 will certainly add a ton of unlocks…. I have a feeling that I will probably prefer the relative simplicity of Titanfall.

  2. Bull0 says:

    I imagine a big part of the rotating modes is to make sure there are enough players to support the matchmaking – as with CoD people tend to flock to a couple of playlists, leaving the others barren wastelands. It’s a bit of a cynical tactic, but being able to play the screwball mode reliably for a few weeks and then it’s gone as opposed to having it available forever but nobody playing it is probably better. That’s the theory, anyway. I don’t totally buy it.

    Is anyone still playing Titanfall?

    • Snidesworth says:

      I am, though I only got into it this weekend. Most of the people I see playing look like newcomers too, with very few fancy “I reset my progress” symbols kicking about. I’ve been able to quickly find games 9/10 times and even managed to get through both halves of the campaign.

      • Bull0 says:

        I phrased that badly. I’m sure people are still playing it and I’m glad you’re having fun, I just know that I and some friends who got in to it at launch mostly burned out on it within a few weeks. I think it’s been on sale recently too, which has probably helped. I really like it, but I think I’ve seen everything it has to offer really.

    • Moni says:

      I am, I only bought the game a couple of weeks ago. There seems to be enough people playing to get into a game reasonably quickly for Attrition and Campaign on the West Europe server.

  3. Senethro says:

    Is there any sensible way to organize an RPS party for Origin games? (and would anyone even attend!)

    The balance tweaks in this patch are really good but probably come too late. Can’t help but feel the game would be more active if only it had released on Steam. And for half the price.

    • Howard says:

      Can’t be done. If you get 11 mates together, there is no way to get the matchmaking to put you all in the same match. Yes, its a bit of a mess on that front =/

      • shaydeeadi says:

        If you have a full 12 you can make a private server to fill up anyway. I found the in-game inviting button useless but you can just use the origin friends list to add or join people.

    • Rizlar says:

      Maybe try this forum thread: link to

      There were a few of us playing after it was released, might still be people lurking around with Titanfall’s giant audio install on their hard drive.

  4. zind says:

    Maybe they’ll keep them around like mutations in L4D2. Follow the Liter is the only reason I ever play that game anymore.

    Doubtful, based on the game-mode-yanking in the past, but one could hope.

  5. The Godzilla Hunter says:

    I played Titanfall on the weekend and it was a weird experience. I had plenty of fun while playing it, but then had absolutely no urge to play more when I finished.

    I think the problem with the game is the low player density per map and the grunts. It means that when you see a humanoid outline you assume its an easy encounter, as it usually is. Thus, the actual fights with players are over before any excitement at the prospect of dueling another player kicks in. Kills also feel cheapened when you are getting them all the time (while there is a message that will distinguish between a player kill and an NPC kill, some part of the brain can’t tell the difference).

  6. 1Life0Continues says:

    YAY! Another 48 hours of playtime before people lose interest again.


  7. Michael Isenberg says:

    Apparently I’m like a child, and cannot be trusted to switch permanent modes enough to stop myself from wearing them out. No, I need a responsible adult to take old toys from my hands and give me something different.

    As much as I enjoyed this game when it came out, this is why I haven’t been back to it in weeks. With most FPS’s, I’m happy to find a gametype I like, and a few maps that I like, and then play the hell out of those over and over and over again. The playlist system means I have very little choice about what I’m playing. Want to play just Hardpoint on the new DLC maps? Too bad. Want to mix the new maps into rotation with the old ones? Too bad. Want to go nuts on one map all afternoon? Too bad. It’s really frustrating.

  8. Beelzebud says:

    SLI still broken, no word of it being fixed in this patch. Nor is there word of mouse input being decoupled from your frames per second.

    Their PC support sucks. This game was a waste of money.

  9. MkMax says:

    Most of my (limited) time with Titanfall saw everyone deathmatching rather than working together

    Its that damn generations system, everyone is focused on reaching the requirements for the next level instead of the actual game and most of the challenges are “deathmatchy”, get # kills with/doing whatever

    anyway, i hope the servers come to life again with this at least

  10. Severian says:

    I just got into Titanfall because of this past weekend’s sale, and I’ll admit to being a current fan-boy. Don’t know how long that will last, but I’m not the type who needs games to hold my attention for more than a few weeks anyways. It’s a lot of fun, I’m enjoying playing, and I haven’t had any trouble getting into full games. Match-making (in the sense of forming teams of equal experience) is so-so, and that’s the biggest beef I have. I’m excited about the patch.

  11. Jabberslops says:

    I played the 48hr “demo” and found Titanfall to be a pretty generic game when you really get down to it; It was like Halo on PC, I would have regretted buying it at full price. I don’t think new modes or changing modes will help make it any more “fun” than it is now. The only thing I found to be decently fun was the wall jumping and running. Everything else I found to be pretty much ‘shrug’ and ‘meh…’ I could go into more detail of why Titanfall is not a loss for PC gamers, but I think it’s been done to death already. I’m pretty sure that if Titanfall was on Steam like so many people wished for, I wouldn’t have bought it, even if it was on sale for -50% or more.

    • The Random One says:

      I played the 48h ‘demo’ and was glad I didn’t pay for a game that crashes to desktop every time I try to enter a match. It’s been a long time since that last happened.

  12. Rozza says:

    I played over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I agree that it’s not a deep experience, but the fact that the maps a full of fairly low-skilled bots and you get to become a MASSIVE ROBOT makes me feel like I’m dealing out a lot of damage, which I guess appeals to whatever part of my brain is the less-evolved bit.

    I don’t play many online shooters, though – is it usual to have a massive wait for joining, matchmaking, messing around with loadouts…and then another massive wait for loading? It seems like I was only actually playing for 50-60% of the time.

    • Bull0 says:

      Titanfall really takes the piss with the lobby queue times, etc. I think it’s the main reason I don’t play the game more; if they cut that timer right down it’d be roughly 83% more addictive, according to the folks in the lab

  13. Radiant says:

    Only reason I haven’t uninstalled this game is because it took 17 hours to download and install in the first place.


    • kalirion says:

      Don’t complain. You know what I could barely download in 17 hours on my connection? 2/3 of Fallout New Vegas. And that’s assuming I didn’t use the internet for anything else.

  14. BooleanBob says:

    Norman, I’m afraid I might be late in for dinner tonight.

  15. rsthfghfsgh says: