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The RPS Bargain Bucket: So Peculiar

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Steam is having their annual summer sales, which means a conglomeration of flash deals and bargains that will no longer exist by the time you read this. Grumble grumble. Similarly, we have reducing prices like crazy and ShinyLoot, BundleStars, and a cast of smaller names filling out whatever space is left. In light of that, Bargain Bucket will only be tangentially focused on games this week. (Unnamed plushie is courtesy of Norbert. I may be terrified of it.)

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World
While I wouldn’t call Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World a spectacular game, I’m more than willing to label it as “charming.” This short point & click adventure is like a drunken mix between Monkey Island and Futurama. It’s a bit too wobbly to be genuinely memorable, and some of the jokes don’t work out. Additionally, few of the puzzles are likely to engineer triumphant ah-hahs. Still, all that really doesn’t matter when the game itself is free, does it? Go on, then. Enjoy some sci-fi adventuring on the developers’ account.

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition
Has it really been a decade since Gaiman released American Gods? It’s a sprawling, gorgeous book that plays out like a road trip into a fevered dream. Ancient gods and new deities shift and pull at the local populace, embroiled in their own theological politics. There are monsters, ghosts, and creatures that are never fully explained. Forget vulgar displays of magic, American Gods’ is that inexplicable flicker at the corner of your eye – the one that makes you wonder if the grin in the window was real. A word of caution: American Gods is a slow boil, one almost detached from the maelstrom it hints at. It’s also really, really blooming cheap. Go buy it as soon as you can, as this is a one-day only deal.

Aftershock Bundle
It really does seem like BundleStars might be getting progressively better at coming up with ways to take your money. The Aftershock Bundle is, by and large, actually an intriguing assortment of titles. For one, it features Harvester: a messy, malevolent, and utterly insane chimera made up of the bleeding, the battered, and the sexually depraved. (I said “intriguing,” not “spectacular.”) It also features System Shock 2, which I loved ferociously. SHODAN is the kind of A.I no woman can easily forget. As an added bonus, there are also Wizardry 6,7, and 8. (I’m mildly curious about the other games in the collection, too.)

The Golem and the Jinni
Helene Wrecker’s debut fantasy novel is wonderfully, satisfyingly domestic. No, like. Seriously. Much of the book is laser-focused on the golem Chava and the jinni Ahmad. It explores their attempts at understanding New York City, their interactions with those around them, their small triumphs, their trivial heartbreak. Instead of dragging you into this huge, sprawling quest to save the world, The Golem and the Jinni examines what it means to be human. The ending to the book was surprisingly heartbreaking. TLDR: 10/10. Would rant about again. (Also, very cheap. Get it before the offer ends.)

Also of note
Spacechem – Free
Honestly. Spacechem. Free. Do we really need to go into explicit detail? Because free Spacechem is absolutely fantastic.

Payday: The Heist – $1.49/£0.87/€1.09
I never played the original Payday. I have, however, spent far too many hours screaming at my friends about their inability to move stealthily in the second game. I strongly suspect that the sequel may be somewhat better than the first, but a four-player heist ’em out for $1.49 sounds like an elegant deal to me.

The Humble Dynamite Bundle – Pay $15/£8.81/€10.99 for it all
Well, this is positively dynamite. A quick disclaimer: I haven’t read a single comic within this particular bundle. However, I’m interested to do so. It looks like a riot of parodies, weird wonders, spin-offs from excellent literature, and .. Vampirella. (Who may or may not qualify as parody. I can’t tell.) The 36-issue Wheel of Time collection looks especially tempting to me.

NOS4A2 – $1.99/£1.17/€1.46
Christmas isn’t always a clean, immaculate affair. If anything, it’s a little bit creepy – a fat man all slathered in red squirming down your chimney? That’s creepy. Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son, and an author I’ve loved ever since I picked up his debut novel. Unlike his father, Hill’s writing feels lighter, sharper. It’s a bit more MTV in tone, as opposed to ponderously intricate. NOS4A2 is a weird, unique title that follows a ferocious female protagonist, even as she wheels in and out of trouble. Outside of the fantastical bits, NOS4A2 deals with some surprisingly real issues. I won’t spoil it, but I think you should pick it up. Especially at its current price point. (If you enjoy this, you should really pick up Lauren Beukes’ The Shining Girls.)

P.S: Steam is having a sale.

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