No Man’s Sky Devs On Uncertainty Around PC Release, Mods

When procedurally-generated wonderverse No Man’s Sky was first announced, we thought a PC version was a no brainer/manner/sky-er. Ever since Sony became the wind beneath its promotional wings, however, there’s been some confusion around when a PC version will happen, if ever. Thankfully, I metaphorically (and also literally sometimes shhhh don’t tell) live under developers’ floorboards and subsist on whatever info-scraps might trickle down, so I snatched some clarification on the E3 “winner” from developer Hello Games. Here’s what’s going on.

During E3 managing director Sean Murray told me the following:

“Basically we’re doing a console debut on PS4. That’s all we’re saying right now. But that leaves open a PC version, which we really want to do.”

He was, however, cagey on when a PC version might happen, and he stressed that one hasn’t been formally announced yet. In the wake of that I contacted Hello Games in hopes of getting a response with a little more meat on its bones, a why to accompany the (rather puzzling) what.

The response I received was basically thus: there’s nothing locking Hello Games into only making a PS4 version, but the team is purposefully small and they don’t want to balloon it out so big that it pops, letting out creative potential with a sad “pffffffftheeep.” Given that the game is still a ways off, the studio isn’t entirely sure how much that will limit its ability to do two versions at the same time. For now, then, they don’t want to announce anything. Not until they’re sure.

Assuming a PC version does happen, though, there are a few features that could really make it stand out. The most obvious, of course, is mod support. Pairing No Man’s Sky’s procedural generation tech with player-created ideas, creatures, and assets could make the allegedly limitless game even more limitless, redefining the concept of limitlessness and making (oxy)morons out of us all. Will it happen, though? The team’s not sure yet, but the potential is definitely there.

“We don’t know yet whether we’ll allow mods or provide tools to support them,” said Hello’s Alex Wiltshire. “Our focus, though, is on features that support what for us the game is about – exploring a vast universe. That might inherently involve mods – we’ll know more as we continue making the game.”

He added that, really, that’s the main priority, despite all the seemingly endless tech talk. The goal, Wiltshire insisted, is to design a truly cohesive, interesting game. The whizzbang tech is only a foundation.

“Though it looks like No Man’s Sky is all about tech, for the team it’s actually the opposite,” he said. “It’s always been about the idea first, and then creating the tech it requires. That’s the case for all of its features – they’re about iterating and what fits the concept best rather than fitting the game to certain ways of doing things.”

A fun videogame? Madness. Mark my words: it’ll almost certainly never catch on.


  1. Sharongamer978 says:

    Well, PC is a must if you ask me, though now I’m wondering on the overall quality since personally never liked games made for consoles and then re-worked for PC – 95% of those IMHO were just not good enough in the end considering the consoles’ limitations :/

  2. Crimsoneer says:

    God, I hope we don’t as long as we did for Joe Danger :(

  3. Arithon says:

    Turn you nose up at between 8M and 65Million Steam users. For a PS4 market of what? 2M? Great business sense….

    • drinniol says:

      Er, 8.21M as of 14 June. According to VGChartz. That makes a little more sense – and there’s only one configuration to test for, which makes much more sense.

      • Blackcompany says:

        So…8.2 million total PS4 owners. World Wide. That’s not a small audience. But that particular audience isn’t exactly accustomed to this sort of title. Which may be a good thing. And it may be a bad thing. The question you have to ask is this: How many of that 8.2 million (a number which might increase all the way to 10 million before this game releases) are fans of this sort of game to a degree that they will pay a sufficient sum for it?

        Also, keep in mind…of those 60 or so million Steam users, a sufficient number of them like sandbox space games to such a degree that Egosoft and their X Games have remained a thing despite their numerous flaws and a learning curve like the north face of K2, and for that reason I feel this game is passing up on a millions-strong audience just waiting for its release on their preferred platform.

        Just sayin.’

        • Ravenholme says:

          I completely agree with you there.

          And, I have to ask, but are you by any chance a Glen Cook fan? (Your username suggests ‘yes’, but…)

          • Blackcompany says:

            Huge fan of his Blackcompany books. That is indeed what saved me from a complete inability to create screennames.

          • Ravenholme says:

            Then I commend your taste in fantasy books

        • FriendlyFire says:

          Or you can just point at Star Citizen’s ludicrous funding (it’s at what, 40+ million dollars now?) for a game that barely had anything aside from a scripted video demo for the longest time. Oh, and a hangar.

    • Volcanu says:

      Well I get where you’re coming from, but actually the PS4 has sold 8m+ at present and those consoles will have a much higher attach rate than all those Steam accounts (within those you’ll have all kinds of users, barely used accounts etc). It’s a sad fact that console versions of games still massively outsell PC versions – look at Skyrim, even Minecraft and so on.

      Also for a small team with limited resources and an unproven record, taking the financial & marketing support Sony can provide through a console exclusivity deal really IS good business sense. So I have some sympathy for them. If you’ve got to put food on the table for your family I can see why the safety net would be appealing.

      One can only hope that after releasing on PS4 the game comes to it’s natural home, the PC, and the developers do well enough that they don’t need to sign an exclusivity deal for their next game (assuming of course No Man’s Sky doesn’t turn out to be a massive disappointment)…..

      EDIT- Blackcompany makes some valid counter points above about the size of the audience for this type of game within the respective user bases.

      • Neutrino says:

        Except Minecraft has higher PC sales than either Xbox or Playstation.

        Figures as of April 2014 from Wikipedia
        PC 15M
        Xbox 12M

        Playstation 8.2M

        • Volcanu says:

          Well yes, but the PS3 version has clocked up those 8m+ sales in just 6 months. Whereas PC has had c.4 years to reach 15m and Xbox 360 c. 2 years to reach 12m. (Of course game sales are quite front loaded so PS3 may not actually overtake PC sales).

          The PC still leads and that is of course an indication that a PC game can be very successful. I was grouping console sales together when I said cited it as an example. Perhaps that wasn’t really a fair comparison, but I think it does shows that even titles that are thought of as ‘PC-centric’ often sell as well or better on the consoles and with versions for the PS4 and XboxOne still to come, it’s highly likely that Mojang will have the ‘console market’ (where the majority of their sales are) at the fore front of their minds, rather than prioritising the PC in future.

          I should have stuck to more concrete ground when making the sales argument though and said “go look up any table of best selling games of all time by platform and you’ll see it’s almost entirely comprised of console titles.”

          • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

            That’s because there is no reliable way to tell PC sales figures. Steam don’t release them, and brick and mortar hasn’t been relevant in the PC space for years.

          • Syphus says:

            Well for one, the PC is where it started, so by the time it had a PS3 version it was significantly more popular.

          • Volcanu says:

            @ WhatAShamefulDisplay

            That’s true and it’s pretty annoying that it’s so hard to get a proper handle on how much a game sells on Steam. Anecdotally though publishers do disclose sales breakdowns in financial reports, including digital PC sales from time to time, and it’s usually the case that PC lags the consoles.

            The other piece that suggests that PC sales are not as high as console sales on the whole, is that if they were, publishers would surely have taken note of the fact and would act accordingly. The money men have no ideological attachment to consoles, it’s just presumably that’s where the volume is.

            @ Syphus

            That’s a fair challenge.

          • Neutrino says:

            I would challenge the notion that the money men have no platform preference. The media industry as a whole has expended a huge amount of effort in establishing the notion that piracy is crippling their industry, and that locked down hardware is a key part of the solution to this.

            Consequently I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the bean counters at some of the more corporate software houses don’t swallow this line whole, which might explain in part why some of them seem to be exhibiting an odd reticence to release their games on PC (where they would actually perform far better).

        • Josetorr says:


          As of 5 Days Ago

          Minecraft Reaches 54M Sold Total
          Console sales Surpass PC sales

          link to

          • Neutrino says:

            That’s all different console platforms added together, which obfuscates which platform actually has the highest sales, which is PC :)

    • Mittens89 says:

      Sony would have paid up front for exclusivity rights, so they’ve essentially received funding for their game that way.

      • RedViv says:

        Financial support is quite handy when you’re just a handful of people and lost almost your entire business hardware foundation due to natural disaster.

      • Premium User Badge

        Aerothorn says:

        Sony has stated publicly that they don’t buy exclusivity from PC (in any sense) and only timed exclusivity with consoles. Sony will never force a PC delay because they simply don’t view it as competition.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      I’m pretty sure i remember their offices being flooded by some big rain accident and a lot of stuff destroyed.

      They surely lost a lot of money, even more so relatively to a small studio with a small budget, and my wild bet is that Sony “saved” them with a lot of “interest”.

      When they’re interviewed by anyone regarding a PC version, they have an invisible pistol pointed at their head.

      • fish99 says:

        Surely they would have had insurance. If people have some inside information about the flooding causing a big financial loss then let’s see it, otherwise it’s just speculation. They said themselves it woudln’t affect development.

        Btw I totally get that flooding always causes heartache, disruption and destruction, and it surely would have delayed development, but it may not have impacted any of their development machines or hardware.

        • Drakythe says:

          link to

          Relevant Quote “We lost all our PCs, laptops, equipment, furniture, dev-kits, work in the blink of an eye, and our insurer (and those of those around us) seem like we won’t be covered, or at least responsibility is unclear. I don’t want to say out loud the value of what we lost, it’s horrible. It would probably fund a small game :(“ (Emphaiss mine)

          Also, anyone who has attempted to deal with flood insurance can tell you its a PITA (Pain in the…), and unless they specifically sought it out, it probably wasn’t mentioned and wasn’t covered. Water damage is one of the worst things insurance companies deal with and they pass that pain right on to the consumer.

    • Mokinokaro says:

      Sony is probably partly funding the title. Their choice was No Man’s Sky on PS4 first or no game at all.

      Remember, Hello Games did suffer some really serious flooding early in the year. Fixing all that wouldn’t be cheap, even with insurance.

    • Chuckleluck says:

      Ooh, 65 million Steam users. Now we might have a shot at reenacting World War II, yeah?

  4. Simon_Scott says:

    I think the biggest question regards a PC version is whether it will be the same instance of the same universe that the PS4 game is running in. If we end up in a GTAV-style situation, with over a year to wait before the title emerges on PC, it’s going to very much dull the exploration and discovery aspect of the game if we end up in the PS4 place.

    Also, given that we are all supposed to be playing in the same universe, surely that will limit the capabilities of any content-based mods unless modding happens in separate, mod-specific universes?

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking too. I’ve been sceptical from the start about this whole mmo aspect of the game.

  5. ColdSpiral says:

    What a shame.

  6. Nevard says:

    This just seems to be answering all questions with “maybe” and leaving everything vague, which matches their marketing strategy for the rest of the game. I still have very little idea about what actually happens in it apart from procedural generation.

    • frightlever says:

      I’m having a hard time getting too excited about it either. It’s an exploration game where you need to upgrade your equipment (how is unclear) and there will be space combat. If the combat isn’t Star Citizen/Elite quality then people will be disappointed, or similarly if the procedurally generated ships are too generic. Starbound is a fun game but all those thousands of procedurally generated planets? Not so awe-inspiring after the first dozen or so.

      • Zenicetus says:

        I think it can be assumed that combat won’t be Elite:D or SC quality, because they’ll be designing the entire interface around gamepads, without the extended functions available to mouse & keyboard or HOTAS controllers. X:Rebirth is an example of how a gamepad design drives the UI and feature set.

        That doesn’t necessarily mean the combat won’t be fun, but it won’t be in the same category as Elite or SC and probably won’t attract the same player base. So that leaves exploration with “space combat Lite,” and we’ll just have to see if the exploration part is compelling enough.

  7. Megakoresh says:

    LOL and here I was starting to get interested in this game. Well too bad then. But the game is not due till next year right? They might announce the PC version until then, so it’s not exactly off the table (that is off the table around the release time I mean, I don’t really count it if it goes on PC 3 years after release or something).

  8. blarty says:

    Although a PC version is utterly warranted, I can see their position – the PC version could come with all the goodness of mod support and tools for public consumption that simply aren’t required in their current workflow – It’s clearly a softly-softly approach where they don’t want to bite off more than they can chew, or draw out time scales for all platforms, which then annoys people even more. Get it right for first release, patch, bug fix then enhance it for PC

  9. Richard Burton says:

    Strange… I thought the main appeal of this game on PC by far was the early tests of it working like a charm with the Oculus Rift? So unless Oculus is apparently console compatible now…? Or is it that with the Oculus rights recently sold to Facebook (of all companies) nobody cares about it anymore..? Or… is Oculus really going to be on PS4??

    • Armante says:

      Sony is making Morpheus, remember?

      Maybe they need a killer app for it

      • gnodab says:

        possibly pretty probable.

        but then we have Elite 4 and Wing Commander: Star Citizen: Squadron 42 which, assuming the oculus works as well as everybody says, would translate to roughly 40k hours of gameplay. so who needs another neutered port?

      • Richard Burton says:

        Good point! Yes, that makes perfect sense. Shame, was looking forward to playing it sooner rather than later… maybe one day I’ll get around to it if I ever buy a PS4… (only one thing will make me do that and this game isn’t it) ;)

  10. InternetBatman says:

    If they’re not certain about a PC version, then shouldn’t we stop giving them free press on a PC site.

    • BTAxis says:

      I dunno. Awareness among PC gamers might result in a more attractive market for them, which might make them more willing to release on PC in the end. And so long as the possibility exists I don’t see the need to take a “if you’re not with us you’re against us” attitude.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Then again, them reading on the interwebz that some PC gamers would be willing to shell out for the PS4 version might give them the idea of pulling a GTA.

        But really, the guys there really want to do the PC version, with total honesty. When they’re talking, though, it’s actually Sony talking.

  11. Armante says:

    I still fail to see how this will be a ‘game’ rather than endlessly exploring a never-ending self-iterating procedurally generated bit of code.

    • Harlander says:

      I’ll sidestep the eternal “what is a game? a miserable pile of…” discussion by saying that endlessly exploring self-iterating procedural code can be pretty fun with the right set-dressing

      • Armante says:

        Sorry, didn’t mean to imply the ‘what is a game’ scenario here, or that is sounds like a Walking Simulator in Space ™ but simply bouncing from planet to planet like they show in the video would get kinda old fast.

        Procedural generation can do amazing things (Limit Theory should be good) but a bit of design and purpose can go a long way too. Just curious to see how this will turn out.

        • Harlander says:

          They’ve been pretty cagey about what the more “traditionally ludic” aspects of NMS are going to be, that’s true.

          Incidentally, did you ever play with Noctis V?

          • BIKINIstate says:

            I’m looking at this as a shinier Noctis with tiny, tiny planets. Considering scale though, I’d rather just go and play Noctis again. Runs on my cack netbook like a charm anyhow.

  12. WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

    As much as I would like to have the possibility to play NMS on PC, I have to say that on a personal level I much prefer the execution that Frontier seem to be going for with Elite: Dangerous: a deep, reactive galaxy wherein the player must survive by piloting skill, business acumen, and making appropriate choices. This seems like more of a “wow, look at the pretty/wacky thing!” type of game, and whilst there is room for that, ultimately the longevity of a game depends chiefly upon the agency of the player within it. Of course, this even includes stuff like Star Citizen, Limit Theory or even The Mandate, which thankfully all seem to be doing the broad concept of “space” from the starting point of “what engaging stuff can the player do?” rather than “what pretty stuff would the player like to see?”

    Ideally, you have both (a la Morrowind, say) but frankly I’m not convinced at Hello’s ability to provide this. Then again, I thought the same of Frontier, so what do I know?

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Pretty much.

      Then again, this mostly is “that game” that tries to set itself free from the “serious” premise of SC/Elite ( When i’m talking SC i’m referring to the persistent universe, not just the campaign ).

      It doesn’t help that both Elite and SC are constantly trading ideas and features and creating pretty much the same thing albeit with different elements being mainly focused ( ragers please wait 20 seconds and let it sink in slowly ).

      In a way, we could say that this is the one about stupid joy and awe, the one you might once in a while want to fall back to.

      • FriendlyFire says:

        Quite frankly, I’m still on the “I’ll believe it when I see it” side of things for both Elite and SC. They’ve barely released their dogfighting stuff (with SC already trailing quite hard behind schedule and with their dogfighting module quite frankly not being enjoyable at all). Both games have relatively close deadlines despite this, and they’re telling us that they’ll have an entire procedural generation system for an infinite universe by then?

        Yeah, no. Those things take a lot of time and effort and if they slap it on at the end it’ll just be shallow and repetitive.

        • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

          To be fair, Elite’s pretty special even as it is right now, and SC will not have a massive or procedural universe at all.

  13. Simon_Scott says:

    From what we’ve seen in previous coverage, there is an arc to follow through the game. It’s non-prescriptive, but essentially involves getting to the middle of the galaxy, the suggestion being that there is Something There.

    On top of that there seems to be resource management, trading, upgrading, and space combat. I guess it will ultimately be down to player taste was to whether the game strikes the right balance between gameplay and narrative drive. Hello Games seem more interested in emergent storytelling than anything prescribed. I have the odd feeling that the game will, in the wider scheme of things, play like Curiosity but with a much more interesting user experience than tapping rectangles.

  14. CookPassBabtridge says:

    If this goes the same way as Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture, then you will find me in the Angry Dome.

  15. Bradamantium says:

    I could’ve sworn I heard all these fancy new consoles have development environments that are about the same as PCs at this point, with less of the “Dear God we have to make a game work on 512MB of RAM in the year 2013” problems. Clearly, even narrowing that gap means a looot of work for functionality across setups, but I’d imagine that’s not too tough to do without impugning creative vision.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      It is not, indeed you’re right.

      But Sony still wants the exclusivity, so they kidnap the real devs each time there’s an interview and replace them with clone drones, instructed to spout some carefully measured PR blurb.

      This is a “cannot unsee” situation. Read the interview again in this light and try to tell me it’s not an AI talking!

  16. CookPassBabtridge says:

    So, maybe I am a little bit slow on the uptake, but I guess the thing PC is lacking is a ‘champion’. Because no one owns PC, but Sony and Microsoft own their platforms, they can always come along and chuck cash for exclusivity deals around. With PC the game sort of floats out of developer’s doors like little pollen spores, alighting gracefully on the ewok-like population of happy and hard working PC’s of the world.

    Another good reason for a ‘Steam machine’? Could Valve go for PC exclusivity deals? Hmm.

    PS: No I have no idea where I was going with the ewok metaphor.

    • HadToLogin says:

      If only Valve was making Steam Machines. But they don’t. They just allow other companies to use their trademark.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of business / franchises etc, but if Valve are the one controlling basic specs and doling out the right to use copyrighted logos, I don’t see why Valve couldn’t then be in a position to lobby for exclusivity deals. Sure the architecture isn’t nailed down like a PS4, but once the ‘Steam Machine’ becomes an identifiable brand then surely exclusivity could follow?

        Having said that, Valve could have made their games PC / Steam exclusive and they didn’t so maybe its not something that fits their ethos.

        • HadToLogin says:

          I also don’t know in-and-outs, but outside of those was-that-300 beta-machines it doesn’t feel like Valve made a single decision about any SM (and those was-that-300 also were in few different tiers) – it kinda looks like if you were selected then you can slap SM logo on anything you want.
          There are Intel+Radeons and AMD+GeForces SMs on market already. I would love to hear “there’s one SM that will run anything that’s on Steam in those 30 FPS and HD”, but that’s something that Valve probably will keep for PS5 announcement…

          From what Valve says, even your smartphone can be a Steam Machine…

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            Nice to dream though – I would quite like, just once, to have a mild smug feeling as Dishonored 2 or something comes out as PC / Steam Machine exclusive.

            Then of course I’d be happy to do away with exclusivity entirely, because its silly. But just once. For the smugness.

          • HadToLogin says:

            All we could ever hope as high-profile exclusive is Half Life 3.

            Or some other Left for Portal.

            And Valve actually can say “who cares about console money, when those idiots just gave us around 30 millions dollars for hosting some tournament and few millions just for steam summer sale cards” :)

          • Baines says:

            Valve doesn’t want responsibility.

            Valve wanted Steam machines, but they didn’t want to do all the work that really entails or have any accountability, so they turned everything over to the various hardware providers. Which led to the whole thing kind of falling apart, as there isn’t some central authority or even seemingly any central adviser.

            So we’ve seen a company jump the gun on presenting its Steam box, only for a he-said-she-said scuffle as to whether or not it was ever a Steam box… We’ve seen what a Steam box is go from a confusing vague idea, to a set of vague performance categories, and then ultimately turn into PC companies just slapping a Steam Box label onto whatever random spare PC designs that they want to move. We’ve got Valve working in Valve time on SteamOS as well as the Steam controller. We’ve got companies planning Steam Box releases that may not ship with either SteamOS or a Steam controller, making them really just random PCs.

  17. HadToLogin says:

    Still sounds like typical “Sony still doesn’t want to pay enough for exclusivity so we don’t want to antagonize you just yet” marketing talk.

  18. Lemming says:

    I’m guessing Sony have asked them to be tight-lipped on a PC version so it doesn’t affect ps4 sales.

    However, I’d just like to say: Hello Games you should be ashamed. That’s right, ashamed. This was clearly conceived as a PC game, and Sony swept in at the last moment to offer you a deal – I get that, but you’re British. And British means PC. So stop dicking around, just say it’s coming to PC already and release it as soon as able.

    Any hope for longevity and fan support for your game comes from PC gamers, not the console market where the predominate life form is a teenager with ADHD who’ll only be interested right up until the next shiny game comes along. By talking ‘console exclusivity’ you’re basically saying your game is only going to last 7 years. 10 tops. Sort it out.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:


      • Volcanu says:

        Unfortunately youtube decided to treat me to a clip of ‘Rizzle Kicks’ instead. I think there’s an apt metaphor in there somewhere….

        (kids these days….mumble mumble…Britain’s not what it was…etc, etc.)

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          Imagine if they used YouTube playlists at the state funeral of Margaret Thatcher. I Vow To Thee replaced ironically with “Lost Generation”.

          …I don’t actually know any Rizzle Kicks songs though. I just looked it up on YouTube.

          Don’t look at me like that.

      • fish99 says:

        The *real* Britain :p – link to

    • Harlander says:

      10 years isn’t a bad run for a game, to be fair.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      As i said in another comment, i’m pretty sure this happened when they needed to be saved.

      Something like a flood destroyed a lot of their stuff and Sony swooped in. Well, that’s my sort of logical reconstruction at least.

  19. remon says:

    Stop giving them free advertisement. It’s a fucking console game. We don’t come here to read about console games. When, and if, they announce the pc version, then advertise them.

    • Artist says:

      If you would be able to read you would have noticed that the topic is about a potential PC-version.

      • Ravenholme says:

        Nothing here said there would be a potential PC version, it was just a lot of waffle that equated to dancing around the fact that Sony paid them megabux to make it for PS4.

    • Fenix says:

      “We don’t come here to read about console games.”

      Speak for yourself!

  20. Rossi says:

    Basically Sony waved a big fat cheque infront of them saying “This will be yours if you erm, make this a PS4 exclusive!”

    • HadToLogin says:

      Thing is, Sony didn’t, or it wasn’t fat enough. Hence why they still are “we didn’t say there is no chance of PC version somewhere in the future”.

      Just recall “Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture” where they were all “yes, we love PCs and it will be on PC”, then Sony showed fat enough cheque and they quickly changed it into “yes, we love PCs, now fuck off”.

    • fish99 says:

      All their statement actually means is that it’ll hit PS4 before other consoles. It may be coming to Xbone the day after, and it may be coming to PC 6 months before.

      Surprised people don’t understand the difference between ‘debut’ and ‘console debut’.

  21. Artist says:

    I smell the bursting of an over-ambitious, initially very creative Spore-like bubble.

  22. Wyrm says:

    Such a game would be wasted on Consoletards. #pcmasterrace

  23. P-Dizzle says:

    I saw the interview with this guy during Gamespots live E3 feed and he was so awkward when talking about gameplay and how the action was implemented. I think these guys have set themselves up for a mighty fall.
    Oh and selling out to Sony for exclusivity on the PS4 was a greedy bitch move.

    • Ravenholme says:

      Pretty sure they had no choice after their offices got wrecked in that really bad flooding England had a while back.

      Doesn’t make it taste less bitter for us PC gamers, but they had reasons to do it.

    • Moraven says:

      But…it is not exclusive to PS4. Not every indie dev can wave their hand and make a game of this scope on launch on multiple platforms at the same time. Sony has been more open that indies need PC to survive when pushing to get games on the PS4.

  24. Polyanna says:

    Well at least if they develop on console first, it’s more likely that any eventual PC port will look good and run well even on low end and mid-range PCs. Going the other way rarely works out as well, if the game was developed for PC only at first, and only adds consoles as an afterthought.

    • Lion Heart says:

      or that theyre a indie team and wont be able to pull off a port like that.

  25. Lion Heart says:

    but the point is its developed for a console therefore its irrelvant right there and isnt interesting at all

  26. Crows says:

    I went from “WOW Man I cannot wait for this!!!” To ….meh….. A choped up, console port/UI/controls from a game like this is not something i would like to play
    Hope they sell at least a couple of thousands on PS4

  27. Martel says:

    Meh, it was too much advertisement and not enough game yet anyway. At least now we can stop talking about them. Last thing I want is a shoddy console port, and the way they’re painting themselves implies it’ll be just that.

  28. reggiep says:

    It would seem like a tremendous waste of potential not to include mods with this game. It seems to have the feel of a simulation rather than an actual game, so why not tailor it to the “maker” community like Minecraft and any of the other crafting games out there?

    It sure makes a great, mysterious demo at E3, but I don’t see many PS4 owners drooling over this relative to PC modders and the potential it brings.

  29. Lionmaruu says:

    well if they decide to bend to sony whatever… I’m not buying a expensive piece of shit to play only one game… my money they wont have.

  30. aepervius says:

    “Basically we’re doing a console debut on PS4. That’s all we’re saying right now. But that leaves open a PC version”

    interrest went from 10 to zero in one sentence.

  31. Nyanthrax says:

    Well, at least this buys me some time to upgrade my crappy old rig before this game melts it into slag…

  32. MellowKrogoth says:

    No PC version? Too bad, I never owned a console and I don’t intend to… I was really looking forward to that game but now it sounds like I’ll have to pass.

    Even if it gets adapted to PC (don’t like the word “ported” since games are usually developed under Windows anyways), I imagine they won’t bother rewriting the controls and the UI from the ground up and it’s gonna be annoying to play… so no thanks.

  33. knowitall011 says:

    well, seems like sony bought the rights to it. smart move by sony.