Like Dead Island ON ACID! Escape Dead Island Announced

Pssh, rich kids and their Hanzo steel.

Take one pretty fun co-op game, ladle cash over the top, then persist with sheer bloody-mindedness and you too could have yourself A Franchise. Turns out, three Dead Island games are in the works: straight-up sequel Dead Island 2, the MOBA-ish Dead Island Epidemic, and now publishers Deep Silver have announced Escape Dead Island. It’s a third-person action-y sort of thing (you know, like this), with a story that makes me think of Far Cry 3 with its rich kids and trippy hallucinations.

See, Escape Dead Island is about a rich boy who takes his dad’s yacht for a joysail with his chums, planning to film a documentary about those nasty zombies. Only once he gets there, things get a bit weird, with reality going unreal at times. Weird beyond the fact that corpses are wandering around, gnawing on people, that is. Say, what if that zombie virus is messing with his mind? Supposedly it’ll all call for a little stealth at times too.

Fatshark are handling development on this one, and have a fair bit of experience in swinging sharp things about after War of the Roses and War of the Vikings. None of the three upcoming Dead Island games are being made by creators Techland, who are instead working on Dying Light for Warner Bros., which I’d broadly describe as “Dead Island with parkour and a grappling hook.” Deep Silver own the Dead Island IP, see, and are going hog-wild with it.

The game’s due this autumn. It’ll cost £34.99, so it’s intended to be more than a small spin-off.


  1. Daarck says:

    eesh – the cell-shading thing they’ve used is really distracting.

  2. AlwaysRight says:

    Is the Dead Island IP really interesting enough to shoulder a franchise? So far the best thing about it has been a trailer that was nothing like the gameplay. Since then its had a shonky release with performance issues (and accidentally published dev code) and it’s been in bother for the whole ‘feminist whore’ debacle AND the bloody torso hoo-har. Plus it doesn’t have memorable art style/characters/story. People loves themselves some Zombies though.

    • unimural says:

      According to joystiq Dead Island has sold 5 million copies, and that was over a year ago. Whether the game or the franchise has any merits, there’s clearly a business case for milking the brand.

      link to

      Personally I found Dead Island to be compulsive. There was nothing especially likeable about the game, but it managed to tickle my OCD tendencies suprisingly well. Then again, there was nothing particularly unlikeable about the game either.

      Also, it annoys me that people make fun of that third person dead island video. Dead Island is a first person game, and a number of first person games do similar things as Dead Island does with the player character animations/models. In order to communicate body animation better from the first person viewpoint. In fact it’s more of an interesting look in how games work under the hood then an example of weird/bad animation.

      Not to say that it’s the only way of doing things. But it is not what most people think it is.

    • Martel says:

      I was just wondering the same thing. I found Dead Island to be a horrible game (shoddy PC port), and even getting to play it in coop couldn’t save it. I have no idea how they are getting interest in any other games considering how bad they are at making them.

      • CptPlanet says:

        Dead Island was the best-selling new IP for 2011 so it’s not surprising how the have a few games coming out based on the franchise.

        • socrate says:

          Pretty sure it was their first big game cash in also..thats pretty much why this is all happening…but really…this is way to much for that game…while i did enjoy the single player(since multiplayer was just a bunch of raving idiot just running around killing everything without any threat)…the game wasn’t really perfect even then it was filled with bug and other horrible problem.

          European game company are really weird in that they will finance really bad idea or franchise and just mass produce the very very few that are mildly successful without second never understand europe publisher and big time dev…they come out with the worst crap and very few title worth mentioning and yet they never seem to suffer bad sale.

  3. Bradamantium says:

    Is there some hidden mass of rabid Dead Island fans I’m just not aware of that we’re getting this much Dead Island? And this trailer seems strange, like a project completely unrelated to Dead Island came to Techland’s attention so they bought it out and slapped the franchise onto it.

    • ramirezfm says:

      Techland – creator of the first Dead Island. I believe you’re talking about Deep Silver.

      As for Dead Island, it was fun. More fun than it ought to be being cliched zombie dismemberment simulator. Yes, the story was crap, the characters were forgettable, but it was just so much fun. And it sold well I believe. Surprisingly, Dead Island Epidemic is also quite fun. Still, I hope Techland can deliver with Dying Light.

      • aksen says:


        dead island was a flawed game. there were many issues with it. i know this. but i also know that i enjoyed it despite those flaws. i’m hesitant to recommend it to others, but shit…it was fun. i’m not foaming at the mouth over DI2 or this new one, but colour me at least curious.

        (epidemic is also fun. i’m no moba fan, so i have no idea what it’s like compared to others in that genre, but i’ve enjoyed my time with it.)

  4. Blackcompany says:

    Tell me…who is this demographics who feels the lack of zombie games to such a degree that they want three more in the foreseeable future?

    I’m not claiming they don’t exist. A large subset of people will buy literally the same games every year, so, anything is possible. I just…I hope Deep Silver knows what they are about. Personally, though, I tend to agree with another individual who posed on this site not long (who I cannot exactly recall) in that I think zombie games are just a good excuse to not have to deal with real AI.

  5. Golden Pantaloons says:

    I dig the insanity bits. Too few horror games attempt to properly externalize madness, the only recent example I can think of is Don’t Starve
    Eternal Darkness is still my favorite horror game because of the sheer amount of mindfuck the developers tossed into the game without much regard for coherence or breaking the fourth wall. Metal Gear Solid 2 is another good example, although it’s not exactly a horror game. But it was willing to throw aside the rules and frames it had clearly established earlier in order to fuck with you, but without punishing you or hurting your progress.

    • Vapor_Strike says:

      That’s one thing I like about it as well. Horror games are kinda getting tame. There’s hope though. I really like the look of the new Alien game. I really, really hope it’s what they’re promising. It’ll be so refreshing to actually be scared by a game again. It may not be madness, but it’s supposedly extreme fear/paranoia, and even that’s something we haven’t truly had for a while.

  6. MkMax says:

    this smells like a cellphone/portable game, maybe its the “old gen” alternative to the other games ?

  7. Big Murray says:

    The flare-lighty effect is like having Michael Bay have direct control over my eyeballs.

  8. kevmscotland says:

    Dear Deep Silver:

    Since you seem to be keen on making Dead Island games, can we please have the Dead Island emotional survival story rpg type thing that both the Dead Island 1 and Dead Island 2 trailers portray the game to be instead of what they actually are. I say this as someone that liked Dead Island despite the fact it was nothing like what I hoped it would be

    I’m fairly sure that a majority of people that bought Dead Island 1 did so on the basis of the strong trailer you released, thus a market is there for it.

    Thank You.

    • ramirezfm says:

      No! I want my zombies smashed to bits with electrifying frying pan dammit!!!

  9. JoeX111 says:

    No More Heroes plus zombies sounds like a fun time to me.

  10. noodlecake says:

    The character model in the video is hideous.

  11. funkstar says:

    anyone notice the shining carpet in his bedroom?

    as in the carpet from the shining, not some shiny carpet :D

  12. Distec says:

    My pre-order better come with a bloody cock figurine.