Blues On Rails: Hurry the Sorry Word

Very much on rails.

It’s funny how “on rails” is used disparagingly. I like riding trains. They’re pretty great. Hurry the Sorry Word is on figurative and literal rails, and both make it splendid. It’s icefishing v creator Nate Gallardo’s exploration of ‘Death Don’t Have No Mercy,’ a blues song by Blind Gary David.

It’s a walk along ghostly train tracks during a storm, nails rising out, sleepers falling away, and scenery blowing apart as the song echoes. If you have a few minutes, Hurry is free and takes about as long as the song to finish.

It’s a lovely little dream but, if anything, I’d rather Hurry the Sorry Word were more on-rails. Being able to jump, albeit floatily, seems weird. Falling off the side of the tracks, or tumbling down with them, interrupts the flow and upsets its timing to the song as it takes a few seconds before you’re placed back on the tracks. That’s the problem with modern games: they give us too much freedom.


As for using the song, Nate explains:

It is in the spirit of tribute, and with no intention of profiting or detracting from his beautiful work, that I have used his recording here. A recording that means a great deal to me and that without which, Hurry The Sorry Word would simply not exist in its current form. I hope that Mr Davis would be ok with this if he were still with us.


  1. altum videtur says:

    Half-Life 3 confirmed without a hint of sarcasm or awareness.

  2. dethtoll says:

    The way Davis’ voice echoes like a storm, punctuated by the thump of thunder, really sends chills up my spine. Great find.