Ripley The First: Alien Isolation DLC Recreates Movie Scenes

The gang are here!

Given the astonishing care and attention The Creative Assembly have put into recreating the feel of Alien in Alien: Isolation, mightn’t it be sort of nice to recreate a little of the movie? Well gosh golly, they’ve only gone and done that, making the original cast and the spaceship Nostromo. Crumbs, and they’ve got members of the cast to provide voices, even Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley!

And the inevitable drawback for something so exciting: it’s for pre-order DLC missions, one of which will be exclusive to certain retailers too. At first, at least. Boo.

Weaver and the actors behind Dallas, Lambert, Brett, and Parker (Ian Holm is supposedly in the game anyway, so probably him too, but alas, it seems no John Hurt up the duff) are reunited 35 years after Alien came out to lend their voices to two DLC missions recreating snippets of the movie in a ‘what if?’ way, IGN say in their exclusive. A few more screens are over here.

The first mission comes after Brett snuffs it trying to catch Ripley’s cat, sending Ripley, Dallas or Parker into the vents to chase the alien into the airlock (which is how Dallas eats it in the film). That’ll be given to everyone who pre-orders. The second is playing Ripley setting off the Nostromo’s self-destruct then escaping to the shuttle, and you’ll only get it pre-ordering from certain places (a mystery for now, but let’s guess Game. It’s always Game, isn’t it?)

Initially, anyway. I’d be astonished if Sega don’t release both of these as plain old paid DLC for everyone at some point. Assuming they do, this sounds fair enough. They’re clearly not bits clipped out of the main game, and they’re scenes that wouldn’t get made otherwise. So sure.

Speaking of things people may need to wait for, our Brendy recently played with Isolation’s experimental Oculus Rift support. It’s only a prototype, is the official word.


  1. kwyjibo says:

    This game isn’t out for months and they’re already announcing DLCs.

  2. tobecooper says:

    Dead eyes!
    Shiny skin!
    Uncanny valley!

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      Yes, they look like weird dolls, but that’s not what uncanny valley means.

      • tobecooper says:

        I don’t care!
        There’s no time to care!
        Only one of them was supposed to be a robot!
        Now it looks like they all are!
        Plot twist!

        • LennyLeonardo says:

          They’re all going to cram rolled up magazines down eat others’ throats in deep space forever.

      • Tychoxi says:

        I second the Uncanny Valley notion. UV refers to stuff that’s very close to human features but isn’t good enough to pass for the real thing, creating a freaky human-like creature.

        • snowgim says:

          I disagreed. Uncanny valley isn’t binary. They’re not way down in the valley, maybe just teetering on the doll-like edge with the black chasm stretching out before them, but I’d go as far as to say they’ve lost their footing and started sliding down, dislodging a few loose rocks on the way.

  3. Taidan says:

    Exclusive Pre-order DLC?

    Well, that’s one way to convince me not to buy something. Well done, Sega.

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      Yeah exclusive pre-order DLC really is a shitty thing to do tbh. Pandering to big business and shafting your customers/fans at the same time just seems like a bad move over all. I would like to know how much a pre-order deal like this is worth Sega. At the end of the day probably more than they will lose from lost sales from people who now refuse to buy it because of said DLC.

    • Oooch says:

      It’s okay, the pirated versions won’t have exclusive DLC, you can just download those :)

      • Tiax says:

        Sad, but true.

      • MkMax says:

        they are sometimes the only “complete” version thx to vendor specific deals, awesome way to keep your customers happy

  4. Greggh says:

    Why no high-res screenshots?? WHYYYYYY (some of us skulk RPS whilst working behind firewalls which block video, y’know?)

    I guess only Richard does his caption thing AND hits the screenshot uploads correctly…

  5. thermoplastics says:

    Yep pre-ordering Alien games is always a good idea.

    I was excited for this, now I could care less. There is no way I will pre-order as I don’t know if the game is any good and now there is no way I will purchase after release as the game will be missing content.

    At best I will pick this up in a Steam sale for cheap if all of the content is finally included. Way to fuck up another Alien game Sega.

    • Great Cthulhu says:

      Pre-ordering Alien games is a bad idea.
      Pre-ordering Creative Assembly games is a bad idea.
      And, really, pre-ordering games is a bad idea in general.

      The only positive thing here is that the DLC really does seem to be separate from the regular game. (Which is about Ripley’s daughter, and not about the original movie.)

    • Marblecake says:

      I really do agree with your general sentiment and with Cthulhu: yes, this game will not be pre-ordered. And it will be picked up during a sale. Because…damn, it does look intriguing, doesn’t it?

      However, I simply must add this:

      How much less could you care? What would cause you to care less? Do tell!

        • The First Door says:

          I’m so glad you posted this, partially because watching David Mitchell rant makes me happy, but mostly I was going to struggle not to post it myself!

      • thebigJ_A says:

        “Could care less” is sarcastic. It works fine.

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          Oh right yes of course sarcasm thank you now I see

        • drinniol says:

          No it’s not, it’s incorrect. Sarcasm would be ‘I care soooo much about [thing]’. JEEZE LERN 2 HUMOR

          • thebigJ_A says:

            If you’re no good at sarcasm it might be like that.

            Granted, many of my fellow ignorant Americans aren’t *aware* it’s supposed to be sarcastic, and in all those cases are using it wrong.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I’m also not pre-ordering this game, and maybe not even buying at a discount later on. Not just because it’s CA (and I’ve learned THAT lesson, thanks Total War series), but because I’m not sold on the premise. The Xenomorph was only interesting in the movies because it was either hidden, or shown in the act of eating someone’s face. That’s scary.

      The idea that you’re going to spend hours of game time successfully hiding, so you can watch the Xeno walk past you and disappear down a corridor, just doesn’t seem all that appealing. Once you’ve seen it casually stroll away from you, it’s not that scary any more. And from what I’ve seen of the previews, you’re going to be seeing that scene often.

      • SomeDuder says:

        Yea, I’m not sure about Creative Assembly – sometimes they make a good game (Total War: Rome, Total War: Shogun 2) and then they proceed to fuck up the next (Total War: Rome 2). I’m not getting the feeling that they are an evil company without passion, but they sure as fuck aren’t consistent.

        As for DLC, well, it’s here and it won’t be going away, so we better learn to live with it. Vote with your wallet etc. Then again, there’s plenty of dumbdumbs out there that want to buy games and all DLC at release at full price. I just tune out of the Internet whenever it gets a bit too much.

  6. golem09 says:

    Oh well. I’ll wait til it’s afterorder dlc then, packaged with the maingame.

    Less money for you, sega.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      I think we need more INC, or Includable Content, where everything is just THERE from the start. You know, like how it happens in SENSIBLE UNIVERSES

      • thebigJ_A says:

        Sorry, the Sensible was pre-order DLC for the Universe. Sadly nobody was about to pre-order.

        • BobbyFizz says:

          It was actually on the disc but because no one pre ordered it, we can’t access it.

        • Premium User Badge

          DelrueOfDetroit says:

          Bizarro Universe were the smart ones. They waited for the UOTY edition.

      • Perkelnik says:

        Or… in the good old days…

  7. Premium User Badge

    SoundDust says:

    DLC hate aside, I think this was pretty cool – it’s not every day I get (parts of) my favourite movie recreated by the original actors..

    • willy359 says:

      The only part that bugged me was the way they shoved that irritating Prometheus sound into the original Alien setting. That’s like sticking Hayden Christensen’s ghost at the end of Jedi.

      • Taidan says:

        You mean this sound? link to

      • Ross Angus says:

        I agree. I really like what they’re doing with their marketing, but I’m surprised they aren’t trying to put as much distance as possible between their game and … that silly film.

      • svge says:

        It’s from the original alien trailer… Who looks a little bit silly now?

    • Listlurker says:

      Yup, it was in the original Alien trailer, back in 1979 (HD version below)

  8. Auru says:

    Well.. there goes another game I had mild hope for this year, fuck off pre order DLC.

    • torchedEARTH says:

      If you hadn’t been aware of the pre-order dlc would you still have bought the game? Genuine question.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Way too expensive at £39.99, and still too expensive with Steam pre-order discount at £31. Will be waiting for a sale, and am really not at all phased about losing out on the rubber doll DLC. All I am interested in is if someone mods in OR support.

  9. Lord of the Fungi says:

    Retailer-locked pre-order DLC? How brilliant. I guess I’ll just wait for the complete edition to hit bargain bins, if the reviews are decent. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if less patient (or less busy) people choose to get content complete version from piratebay. Day 1 DLCs, what an amazing way to combat piracy!

  10. Zenicetus says:

    Those faces are strange, and not just uncanny valley strange, because they’re not that good.

    It’s like the original actors (or whoever holds the movie rights now) would only agree to this, if the modeling suggested the appearance of the movie, but didn’t get too close. Either that, or CA just doesn’t have good facial modelers and animators.

  11. KenTWOu says:

    So they’re trying to make a proper Alien game and people don’t want to support them shortly after release, WITs, WTFs and reviews even if the game will be really good because of typical pre-order DLC? Morons.

    • Distec says:

      Do you have any sense of history when it comes to “Aliens” and “video games”?

    • thebigJ_A says:

      You say “after”…. Perhaps you misunderstand “pre”?

      And have never heard of Colonial Marines? And have no clue what’s actually going on here.

      Frankly the only morons are the ones who line up to be spat on after being spat on by the same people previously.

  12. Polifemo says:

    As Alice said “They’re clearly not bits clipped out of the main game, and they’re scenes that wouldn’t get made otherwise. ”
    So this is the good kind of DLC (yes there is such a thing). Its not “pay for cut content”, its not “pay to win”, its not even going to change the experience of the main game. Its legit bonus content for fans who want more. If you honestly think its gonna stay “pre-order only” you are seriously deluded and if you think they should give you this right away without pre-ordering then you are being plain unrealistic and come off as “i want my cake and want to eat it too”.
    Everyone overeacting and hating on them for this DLC comes across as having a zealous pre-programmed reaction which is plain unreasonable.
    tl;dr: Calm your hate boners.

    • jonahcutter says:

      Not so fast.

      It is pre-release development time and resources being put into content that is then walled off behind extra purchase requirements. Whether it is part of the central storyline or not is irrelevant.

      We’re not talking a few extra avatar or weapon skins here. It’s the same as other games offering “bonus” missions and difficulty levels to pre-purchasers only, and then charging extra for them post-release. They are withholding significant gameplay that was already developed before the game was even released.

      It’s a manipulative tactic to boost both pre-release sales and the post-release price of the complete game.

      • UncleLou says:

        Not do fast. That’s not how this works. If extra resources are put into it because they expect to sell it extra, and it wouldn’t have been developed at all otherwise, it’s not “held back’, or cut from the game. The time when it is developed is completely irrelevant.

        • deadbob says:

          The point is that if its developed now to help improve quality and increase sales, it should be in the game from the start. I’m more than happy with the idea of extra models, clothing, non essential item being worked on by parts of the dev team once they have finished their work on the game and are waiting for the next project. This however has been announced far too early, is more complex and has obviously been pre planned.
          I’m really torn. At first, I was very cynical about Alien Isolation, but after playing it at Rezzed and listening to the passion of the devs there, I had high hopes. Now though, do I buy a game I do want? Do I hold off on principle due to content being deliberately held to ransom so I pre-order?
          I can’t knock it as a business tactic, its going to work, but I think its a step too far.

  13. Moose Malloy says:

    So, I’m sitting at a table with Brett, Parker, Ash, Ripley, Dallas and Lambert. Hmm, that means I’m… Oh God, Noooo!

  14. Mittens89 says:

    Just buy the DLC after the game has been released. No point getting all up in arms about it, its the way of the AAA industry these days, did any of you expect any different?

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      The fact it’s DLC is ok, I would consider this quite cool DLC. However, paying full price for the game, THEN paying for DLC that others got for free because they have the right shop in the area and pre-ordered is galling and honestly would make me wait to buy this at a price where I don’t feel like I’m being gouged.

  15. thebigJ_A says:

    Gamestop is the retailer that gets you both In the US. They said so right with the announcement.

    Effin Gamestop. Effin pre-order dlc.

  16. ZIGS says:

    Amazing how Half-Life 2, a 10-years old game, still has more believable character models/animation than games coming out today

  17. caff says:

    The bloke in the background looks a bit like Treguard from Knightmare.

  18. Armante says:

    Interesting. I was going to skip this game because I don’t like scary games like Amnesia, even though Alien is one of my alltime favourites.
    Now, however, it’s made it to my list games to buy when on big discount on Steam with all DLC included.

  19. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Truly, the last supper.

    As an aside (it isn’t pictured here) the picture of Ripley’s daughter with the helmet on looks like Marion Cotillard to me.

  20. DarkSaber2k says:

    Wait a minute, where the hell is Kane?

  21. Vodka, Crisps, Plutonium says:

    Wait, hold on for a sec.. THE Sigourney Weaver?

    If the voice will be just the cuts from the movie, then the game can suck any of my prodruding limbs right now (i’m sorry, the news about Ms.Weaver always get me so excited)

    However, if there’ll be at least one original line of hers – no matter, how shittier the game will be in comparison with ACM, I’ll just blatantly fuckin’ buy it. Yeah, it’s just terrible to be such a consumerist whore, but I only have so much of the soft spots, one of which turned out to be the baddest-ass action/horror movie heroine of all time.