Rampage Knights Is The Binding Of Golden Axe

I'm glad I'm not fighting giant rats, but does this mean I have to eat it?

I have a real soft spot for games in which you thwock enemies and collect gold with friends. They don’t even have to be particularly complex or original; Fighting Force on PlayStation 1 once scratched that itch, and more recently I battled shoddy netcode to play through parts of Hammerwatch.

Rampage Knights therefore looks appealing. It’s “Binding of Isaac + Golden Axe”, according to its developers, and that certainly holds true in the bloodsoaked trailer below.

There’s something comforting, now and again, about seeing a game and knowing exactly what it is. Randomly generated levels? Of course. Boss monsters at the bottom of dungeons? Yep. Two-player co-op? You betcha. Hell, an IndieGoGo campaign? Obviously.

What sets it apart? Mainly that there is a demo you can play right now, which means you can decide whether something slashing-and-gold can stay before you decide to help fund it or vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Developers Rake In Grass are also responsible for Larva Mortus, a top-down “action horror” John fell for back in 2008. 2008! I wasn’t even born then.


  1. Iron Jonah says:

    More like Castle Crashers, if you ask me.

    • Siimon says:

      Agreed. This is not Golden Axe. This looks like Castle Crashers.

      • Philomelle says:

        Are you joking? Between random and unnecessary explosions that obstruct most of the screen, attacks that seem to lack any sense of impact and jumping puzzles in an engine not designed for them, this is exactly like Golden Axe.

        • RichardDastardly says:

          Agreed. This looks a lot like Golden Axe. Seriously, I think that Castle Crashers while as good as it is, has warped how people think of 2D Brawlers.

          It’s a fun game but, its just not as mechanically deep as a lot of brawlers that came out decades before it.

        • fatgleeson says:

          Can you kick dwarves and steal their bacon though?

  2. salejemaster says:

    Surely Rake In Grass is best known for Jets ‘n’ Gun??

    • Pyrobellum says:

      That’s definitely what I thought of. Loved Jets’n’Guns, and I did a bit of a double take seeing that name again for the first time in years.