Our ancient, titanic oak doors have creaked open once again, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun very much wants to give somebody a job. Yes indeed – we are in search of one brave soul to send to the heart of the sun on a one-way mission to save our solar system. Is that you?

Oh, well, we’re also looking for a new junior reporter for the site. Is that you?

We want to add a writer to our ranks, you see, in a full-time, paid, entry-level position. (Just to clarify some of that – this is a Monday-Friday day job, but you will be working from home. We don’t have an office, y’see.) Someone who offers a new, fresh voice. Someone to train in the ways of RPS righteousness. Someone to post news and Wot I Thinks and features and interviews and all sorts (and perhaps even dabble in some video). Someone with enthusiasm for and insight about a wide variety of PC games. Someone who will develop and grow as a writer during their time on the site.

We have no idea what that person looks like, sounds like or smells like, what country they live in or what their origin story is. That’s why this is exciting for us: there could be anyone out there. Fluency in English is vital, but other than that we’re pretty much open to anything.

If you’d like to apply, this is what you need to do.

1. Write a brief covering letter saying who you are, how to contact you, what you’ve done previously (if relevant), what sorts of PC games you’re into and what types of writing you think you could do for the site, plus links to any relevant previous writing. Please bear in mind that this part of the application is to tell us about you, not to show off your writing skills

2. Include your CV/resume, but don’t fuss too much about previous jobs if they’re not relevant. Brevity is a virtue.

3. Write an article of no more than 300 words in length about a PC game or PC gaming. This should be a new article, and appropriate for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, not something pre-existing. This is the really important part of the application – you’ve got two weeks, so don’t rush it.

Email all that to this address by 3pm UK time on July 25th 2014. Then wait patiently.

Please be aware that failing to follow one, some or all of these instructions means we’ll immediately dropkick your application into the nearest ocean. No excuses.

Thank you, we look forwards to hearing from you, and good luck.


  1. Gnoupi says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if nobody joined them ?

    • Gnoupi says:

      Or Richard Cobbett. That would be great.

      • Greggh says:

        No, dont snare Richard… He is a free spirit of the good mother Earth. Run Richard, RUN LIKE YOU DIDN’T CARE FOR THE FACT THAT YOU RUN VERY AWKWARDLY!!!!

        (in all seriousness, hiring Richard was my first thought)

      • Guvornator says:

        Yeah, so then I could stop having to pay him £3 and my bank £1 a month…

      • Gnoupi says:

        Hm, forgot to pay attention that they are recruiting a junior. Richard most certainly does not fit the description.

    • Stijn says:

      Or Quintin Smith!!

      Right? Right? Shush you all, let me dream :(

      • SominiTheCommenter says:

        No dead people allowed.

      • InternetBatman says:

        As part of his application he can link to his F:NV review….

      • paddymaxson says:

        I think Quinns might be a bit too established to be a junior. If we’re talking “people who it won’t be but let me dream damnit” then I’d rather have it be recent Games journalism escapee Jon “Log” Blyth.

  2. TheJudge says:

    Any details on where the job would be and what it might pay? It’s useful to know these things and it’ll attract more applicants.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      It’s a blogging job. So where would be on the internet, I’d imagine.

      • TheJudge says:

        I’ve interviewed for a few writing jobs that want you in the city though, which makes the low pay difficult if you’ve got to commute any distance.

        • battles_atlas says:

          I think RPS Holdings Group is registered in Lichtenstein, so you’d have to move

        • Premium User Badge

          Adam Smith says:

          No commute to the central hivemind vat necessary. We’re scattered about as it is.

          • TheJudge says:

            Well that’s instantly more appealing. Time to finish writing my email!

          • mechabuddha says:

            You will, however, be required to astrally project your spirit to Exeter every third Thursday.

          • killias2 says:

            How hard is the 300 word limit on the article? If I submit something with, say, 400 words, will I be immediately thrown into the ocean?

          • GameOverMan says:

            No, but your application will.

  3. tikey says:

    Does the sun mission position involves working weekends? Does it cover travel expenses?

  4. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Now sign here, here, and here. Initial here. Sign here, in blood. Excellent. Now lean into the machine… Perfect. Nurse, the cortical bore!

  5. sinister agent says:

    I have sent in my 300 words but they are all “dirigible”, is this ok

  6. Bobka says:

    What is the extent of “full-time,” exactly? I’m not sure how this works with journalism. Does this mean you’re expected to write X articles per week, or does it just mean that you should expect to regularly write articles and have them published? Is this something that could be combined with a day job, or not?

    • Alec Meer says:

      A full-time job is a day job is a full-time job.

      • Thurgret says:

        I think you might have used day job wrongly there. I’m certainly a bit puzzled by this phrase. Or just a bit dumb.

        Also already employed full-time. I only came here to nitpick

        • SominiTheCommenter says:

          It’s a literary reference, you wouldn’t understand.

  7. Jenks says:

    Junior blogger*

  8. Angrymog says:

    What’s the expected pay range?

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      0 – 1 MILLION dollars

      • Horg says:

        (mocking laughter from assembled listeners)
        (John confers with Alec)

        ”…….0 – 100 Billion Dollars!”

    • Jeremy says:

      An affirming smile and a hand on the shoulder. Not sure how that converts to USD though.

    • Acosta says:

      Free games and it will allow to build your CV, make contacts and gain experience.

      *Looks back in case John appears to stab me*

  9. battles_atlas says:

    You should hire Sips off of that youtube. He does excellent swearing. And that way Nathan can stick to writing because I have to be honest I’m not convinced he’s going to crack the video narration thing. Some people have a face for radio, some people have a voice for print.

    • sinister agent says:

      And some people have fingers for tv, which we all thought was a perfect system, but when you try getting funding for your Media Wars RTS, nobody wants to know.

  10. Vilverum Fae says:

    Is the job remote (work-from-home) or does it require living in the UK and such? I’d love to apply, but I don’t live anywhere close to Britain.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      It might not require living in the UK but it might require a youtube submission of you singing Rule Britannia in a chipmunk voice

      • sinister agent says:

        …and if you know the lyrics, you’re not British enough.

        • Vilverum Fae says:

          I actually happen to know the lyrics.. damn it. But I wouldn’t even know where to begin with the chipmunk voice. Well, I guess that’s that, then. Why oh why are the requirements so strict! All I want to do is write *sob*

          • Asurmen says:

            Helium my friend. Helium. [Chemistry pun]It is most useful in this nobilest of pursuits[/Chemistry pun]

          • mechabuddha says:

            What do you do with old, dead chemistry jokes? You barium, of course.

        • mickygor says:

          What? Every Brit knows the words! “Rule Britannia! Britannia rule the waves! Daaa naa nananananana naa naa na naaaa!”

          • DrScuttles says:

            Typically followed by an awkward silence with much avoidance of eye contact and some shuffling of feet under the table as everyone has a quick sup of their humourously-named ale. Something like Dorset Knob or Naked Ladies.

          • disconnect says:

            Correct lyrics here: link to

      • SominiTheCommenter says:

        The video also needs to be public.

      • DrMcCoy says:

        Having just watched a video on YouTube about a DSA (The Dark Eye, Realms of Arkania) LARP set in Horasien, I can sing Rule Britannia with the lyrics changed to “Herrsch’ Horasia”…

  11. Borodin says:

    I so wish you wanted a programmer. I’m first class at what I do but I have to work from home, and the *one job* you would have thought was doable from home just isn’t – not a soul will employ me at any rate!

    • Niko says:

      Well, that’s a shame.

    • Frank says:

      Um, are you a programmer who likes to, and can, write? The want a “new, fresh voice” and are “open to anything”…

      • Borodin says:

        Thanks Frank. I did think about it for all of a couple of minutes. My English is pretty good as I have a linguistics qualification, but it’s the documentation that I find the worst part of any software engineering work so I don’t think I’d be too happy doing it non-stop five days a week!

    • Bob_Bobson says:

      I hear your pain. I’m also a skilled and experienced coder, but I can’t get a job because my health means I need to work part-time and there are no part time coder jobs. Have you tried finding work as a freelance contractor? I’m not saying that’s an easy way of getting work but it would be work-from-home if you got some.

      • Borodin says:

        That’s a darn shame Bob. What we need is a full-time job-share!

        I have looked at freelance but no one will contract with me without a face to face meeting

    • LionsPhil says:

      I wish they would hire someone to fix their damn comment system, mind.

      • The Random One says:

        Hear Hear! RPS, hire that man. Or some other programmer who is not that man. Or a suprisingly well trained monkey. Or anything. Just don’t subject us to this maddening tangle of code any more!

  12. Drake Sigar says:

    I get paranoid that you sit around a table and laugh at the entries.

  13. WiggumEsquilax says:

    My girlfriend’s sister’s Jaffa cake food tester Alec Meer makes $82,000 a week working from home!
    Don’t believe me? Check this out:

    link to

    • SuddenSight says:

      I… I don’t know anymore. Is this spam? But Alec Meer and the Jaffa cakes call out to my soul. How does he communicate his findings on the Jaffa cakes from home? Does he just salivate over some Jaffa images and let his mind do the rest? Is Mr. Meer secretly a Jaffa cake making genius? Can I live in a world where Alec Meer doesn’t make millions with his incredible, Jaffa crushing jaw?

      No, this is not mere spam. This is a vision of paradise.

      PS, don’t click link. The glory of the Jaffa king was not meant for human eyes.

  14. RIDEBIRD says:

    Grats Cara!

  15. BlueInkAlchemist says:

    Should all three required components be attachments? Or can the cover letter be in the body of the e-mail?

    • WiggumEsquilax says:

      This is RPS. As long as you mention Jaffa cakes, don’t use spellchecjer, and have multiple bracketed sentences in the same paragraph, I think you’re good.

      • Josh W says:

        No, Jaffa cakes have already been claimed, RPS has focused on a different power source.

    • Alec Meer says:

      If we didn’t specify it, it doesn’t matter.

  16. Niko says:


  17. FriendlyFire says:

    I know this is only tangentially related, but… Could you guys send that new guy/gal to do some mod reporting? I miss Mod News.

    … Also, as a modder, finding people who want to talk about what you’re doing when you’re not working on one of the darlings of the gaming community (ie. HL2, Minecraft, etc.) is nigh impossible.

  18. stoner says:

    I kin rite me sum gude Inglish. Wen u hyre me, I wont a korner ofise and a hot secritery.

  19. Rikard Peterson says:

    This work-from-home-offer is missing the customary endorsement of someone’s unknown relative. It seems fishy. I don’t think we can trust them.

  20. Lex says:

    As interesting as it sounds I don’t think my English skills are fluent enough … the fact that I never wrote something besides boring technical reports either is also troubling. Now I’m kind of sad.

  21. steviebops says:

    I’m a gruff, straight white male with a tragic backstory. What are my odds?

    • The Random One says:

      As long as your tragic backstory does not include the death of a strong woman – that’s too cliché.

  22. Magnusm1 says:

    “what sorts of PC games you’re into”

    Maybe we will finally get someone interested in music this time around?

    Hopefully it will bring some coverage of music-focused games.

  23. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Why do it this way when we could have RPS FACTOR?

    Put 10 hopeful contestants in a house and then watch as they screw each other over (snapping pencils, burning notepads, telling other contestants that Dan Brown is really ‘in’ right now) and have loud public sex while reciting Lovecraft tales. We can all vote at the end of each day for the person we find least vacuous and nauseating / depressing, with a ‘final’ judged by ‘Experts’ PewDiePie and Markipiler in which the last 2 contestants are required to write a review of every game ever, and placed in false jeopardy by being banned from using one additional letter of the alphabet each time they use the word “the”.

    Then 6 months later we will forget forever more that it was once the most important thing in our lives and keep wondering how the person we voted for is keeping their job as they actually suck when compared to actual professionals and also they keep having nervous breakdowns because of the adulation that all RPS writers receive daily.

  24. SaVi says:

    “Fluency in english.”
    My one weakness! Though I moved to the island from Germany and learned English mostly by playing video games, reading books, programming, etc. . Wonder if that counts for something.

  25. DrMcCoy says:

    Yeah, the pay range is kinda important. Cost of living is all over the place in different parts of the world. Hell, it even deviates in different parts of the same country. What you consider a living wage (which I guess you would pay, since you’re offering a full-time job), might be below the poverty line for someone else.

  26. szhival says:

    What about dental? They say nothing about the dental plan…

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Best thing I ever discovered: Use Arm and Hammer Baking Soda and Liquid Calcium Toothpaste. Fixes holes in your teeth and seems to have totally prevented me needing scale and polish when I see my TOOTHIOLOGIST.

      This might actually be the RPS dental plan. One tube each

  27. zachforrest says:

    One question: link to

  28. Kodeen says:

    How important is your proximity to cities where developers usually work? I would imagine someone who lives in or around San Francisco or Austin to have more opportunities for interviews than someone who lives in the middle of nowhere.

  29. rexx.sabotage says:

    So, you’re asking me to turn playing games and talking about games on ‘teh webz’ into work?!

    What kind of delightfully fresh Hell is THAT proposition?

  30. PopeRatzo says:

    Why does it have to be a “junior”? Why do you discriminate against older gamers?

    I will take all the political correctness regarding gender and orientation and race a little more seriously when RPS doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age.

    You do realize that there are gamers in their seventh decade out here, right? My guess is that ageism hasn’t gotten on hipsters’ radar yet, so it will be long after there will be gay, transgender, female, non-white gaming journalists writing here before we see one who’s over 60.

    • Alec Meer says:

      Applicants can be any age, and indeed any kind of demographic or background. ‘Junior’ refers to the position in terms of site hierarchy, experience in this field, etc. We are not looking for someone who has already done tons and tons of games journalism already, and all that entails.

  31. quietone says:

    All your job position are belong to us.

    Thank you, that’s all I had to say.

  32. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    i actually like video games, so i wont apply

  33. Premium User Badge

    Gnarl says:

    Oh, I do hope this doesn’t mean you’re losing anyone.

  34. Nafu says:

    Just wanted to say that is a beautiful photo.

    (I used to work in a photo lab, and the old ones were always my favourites)

  35. drewski says:

    I wish I could write. I would write the bestest things.

  36. mattevansc3 says:

    Could we have some more details about the actual job such as a payscale?

    I’d be interested in giving it a go but my wife wouldn’t, in fact as the primary earner in our household even contemplating taking a pay cut compared to my current wage is likely to result in being bitch slapped with a trout.

  37. Mr.Bats says:

    About “This should be a new article, and appropriate for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, not something pre-existing.”

    That means that game diaries of games already covered here in RPS in that way are a no-no, right?

    • Alec Meer says:

      No, it means it can’t be an article you’ve already written. Write something designed to impress us, not something you have around already.

      • Mr.Bats says:

        Excellent. I don’t think I could do anything non-CKII-related right now

  38. Fredward says:

    I have absolutely no experience in anything whatsoever. I am your snowflake. I am your tabula rasa. Mould me senpais.

  39. iMagiNation says:

    Oh I am so totally applying. Already have my cover letter written up, time to work on the resume & the article and start sacrificing chickens in the name of Armok and pray for luck.

  40. geldonyetich says:

    I’m fascinated at the prospect of a greater audience, but afraid my overwhelming brooding would curtail my productivity overmuch to justly contribute to this fine enterprise. What can I say? I do love a good brood.

  41. dingbat91 says:

    A couple of quick questions:

    A) is the deadline on or up to the 25th

    B) is there a link to RPS policy on reviews to check against my article, to make sure it’d be okay with the RPS legal llamas and Moral Magpies? The only link I could find so far is in the about us page which forwards to an invalid link.

  42. waltC says:

    I suppose “senior reporters” need not apply….;)

  43. Mungrul says:

    Don’t know if he’s looking or if you guys know him already, but Grant Howitt seems like he’d be a great fit for the site.
    He’s got his own blog over at and is probably most famous for his hilarious Panasonic Toughbook Gonzo piece.

  44. g7g7g7g7 says:

    Does “Bear”ing in mind the restrictions and targets mean ignoring them and letting out a loud growl when passing the 300 word mark or does it mean I would be better off hand fishing for salmon?

    Also, does pointing out your spelling mistakes help my application or do I get a slap in the face?

  45. Juan Carlo says:


    I have submitted my application and already informed my 5 starving children that their father will be employed come the 25th. They were so excited to finally be getting regular meals that even little Juan Jr, who has been bed ridden for months with consumption, got out of bed to perform an impromptu jig!

    Such merriment has not been seen in the Carlo household since the children discovered that bit of peppermint Christmas candy stuck under the couch cushions two weeks ago!

    Of course, some might think it imprudent to count one’s chickens before they hatch, but with the skills I learned earning my associates degree in general studies from the University of Phoenix I am sure that the remaining hiring process will be just a formality.

    Yep, it looks like things are finally going to be alright for the Carlo clan.

  46. C.J.Geringer says:

    Just to be Sure, how long should the “brief covering letter” be?

  47. IHopeThisWorks says:

    Out of curiosity/paranoia, is there a way we can know if you received the application? I’d be pretty depressed if my application was sent into the void without reaching the hivemind…

  48. iMagiNation says:

    Oh man, I almost didn’t finish every thing in time but I just sent out my email with everything. Wish me luck everyone, and good luck to anyone else that applied! <3

  49. thicket says:

    Had this page open the entire time writing the application. Sent the e-mail satisfied I had made it through on the 25th. Refreshed afterwards to see it updated to say ‘3pm UK time’. Woe consumes me :(

  50. alex.holliz says:

    Man that was scary, refreshed the page to see that applications were closed *after* submitting mine. Paranoia levels at maximum.