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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Ole Ole

Buckets of fun.

Being on the road is bad for Bargain Buckets. I can’t write and ride. If I do, I’d have to use the bucket for unpleasant purposes. (This is, I suppose, a roundabout way of explaining why I was missing last week.) Has everyone been playing Divinity: Original Sin? If not, you should. It’s absolutely amazing, and it made Adam go on and on about it for ages. I’m completely hooked too, and am already looking forward to mods from the public. No extensive ramble from me this week; I’m writing this as I prepare to bolt out of a thick, wooden door. Enjoy this week’s bucket, and since dosbox’s plushie is themed as such: tell me how YOUR World Cup experience was?

Total War: Shogun 2 Collection
Pick up your swords and prepare the terracotta warriors, it’s time for total war. While Get Games has different variations of nation-wide carnage on sale, the Total War: Shogun 2 Collection might well be the pick of the litter. That is, of course, if you’re the type who wants-slash-needs DLCs for an optimal experience. Otherwise, this might not be quite as entertaining.

Magicka Bundle
If there’s anything that can be said about the Magicka series, it’s that it is prolific at producing DLCs as bunnies are at breeding. 21 DLCs? Madness or genius, I swear. On the off-chance you’ve never heard of this Swedish delight, Magicka’s an action game that features cowled wizards, cheeky writing, and … death-by-friend. The combat system is amazing: an amorphous series of elemental options that you can combine every which way to create everything from anti-magic fields to apocalyptic situations. While friendly fire is abhorrent in so many other games, it’s practically a way of life here. There are a million ways to “accidentally” turn your pals into corpses. And for them to return the favor.

Weightless Books
I’ve only just discovered Weightless Books, but I’m thrilled already. This digital store carries a variety of intriguing indie titles and magazines. More relevantly, however, it also has $1 ebooks and a giddy affection for sales. The range is comprehensive, varying from lesbian-themed speculative fiction to editions of Clarkesworld to unusual takes on women in Greek mythology. Go take a browse!

Humble DRM Freedom Sale
Long live America? I can’t read the word “freedom” these days without envisioning bald eagles and a profusion of primary colors. But, that’s besides the point. The point is the Humble Store is having a not-so-humble sale. As of the time of writing, Project Zomboid is on sale, along with the bleak Always Something Monster, and Risk of Rain. The deals have a limited life span, however, and will change from day to day so consider this your public service announcement: Humble Store items are going for cheap.

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall
Given the state of the industry today, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Dragonfall will become ludicrously affordable at some distant point in the future. However, if you’re impatient, and would like to get the DLC right the heck now, this might be an awesome opportunity to snag the cyberpunk adventure. I haven’t played it myself, but plenty of people, including Alec Meer, were deeply impressed with Harebrained Schemes’ second outing. (P.S: Lots of great, great indie RPGs are also on sale on right now. .)

Also of note:

PSN 99c Weekend Flash Sale – $0.99/£0.58/€0.73
Psst. I know we’re a PC-only site but I’m going to make an exception just this once. (Pray that the editorial gods don’t visit doom on my soul.) Here’s an anxious little nod to the console goers who occasionally visit the kingdoms of the master race; PSN is offering some filthily cheap games. Dyad for 99 cents is almost highway robbery.

Groupees Chiptunes + Charity 5 – $1.00/£0.58/€0.73
Depending on who you ask, chiptune music is either glorious or awful – which is, I suppose, unsurprising. For those of who you enjoy indie soundtracks flavored with a hefty dose of video games, this bundle’s most definitely for you.

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