FPSRTS? YES! Executive Assault

Fun fact: I have never won a stare down with a robot.

Finally. FINALLY some more people have realised Dungeon Keeper 2’s possession mechanic was rad as hell. Executive Assault is a sci-fi RTS/FPS hybrid, which isn’t an entirely unique genre but one grossly underpopulated. You build up a standard RTS base while also being able to directly control individual units, which is the sort of thing I quite literally dreamed about in my younger years. And now one-man squad Hesketh Games have it up on Greenlight. You can use your magic powers/future technology to view the trailer through my eyes, or click through to it below. Your choice.

I’ve calmed down a bit now. It’s not the prettiest beast, or the most refined looking, and it is awfully ambitious for a small first-time dev. However, I’m just glad it exists. It’s an idea I want to see everywhere and honestly expected to be far more popular by now. Beyond its central component, the game is doing a couple of other interesting things. Its focus is on being a good skirmish game, rather than jerry rigging cutscenes and narrative to make a campaign. The story’s simple: you’re a CEO trying to smash other corporations and take over the planet using robots.

Executive Assault plans to let players go inside individual buildings to assassinate rival CEOs or shut down power grids, on top of controlling massive walkers or flying aircraft. Due to the FPS side, the insides of buildings will need to be defended too, while the layout of a base will be even more important than usual. There’s also plans to randomise the tech tree in each new game, with paths opened up and others removed. That’s unlikely to be the best competitive element, but in casual environments it will force variation and adaptation.

Meridian recently proved a solo-dev’d RTS was possible. I can’t wait to see if adding a whole other genre on top of that is too.


  1. RedViv says:

    Ooooh, Battlezone and Renegade having a baby? Very nice.

  2. CookPassBabtridge says:

    I am adding this to the list with Universum and that other one someone mentioned a while back of ones to watch. Also I need to buy Wargame: Red Dragon [WHICH RPS ARE AFRAID OF LIKE WUSSIES] when it gets cheaper.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ben Barrett says:

      I found Universum while looking around for this piece. What an incredible name it has. Like a parody. Does look pretty cool though.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Its unfortunately not FPS as far as I can see, looks to be over-the-shoulder. It recently got greenlighted too so thats a thing. Also the dev is called “Cyril” which is frankly the best thing ever.

    • SuicideKing says:

      RPS was afraid of AirLand Battle as well.

  3. pepperfez says:

    I am fully in favor of any game that allows me to play as a non-Bayified Shockwave.

  4. GernauMorat says:

    Hostile waters anyone?

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      Yeah that’s what I thought too. I don’t really get the “finally” part of Ben’s exclamation, since there has been a number of games using this concept over the years. Few of them very good, as far as I know. There is an obvious and inherent problem with having a strategy game where you personally control a single unit, since you unavoidably lose sight of bigger, more important things while doing so.

      What I WOULD like to see, however, is an RTS where you play the role of a commander/general, in first person. In something like the Napoleonic era, or why not WW2, where you have to make to with second hand information from messengers and radios, keep track of logistics and swear at incomplete reports. Maybe it would be boring, maybe it could be extraordinary!

      • LionsPhil says:

        There was also Machines, long ago. And Dragon Commander is not a mile away, in recent history, even if it’s one specific unit, and that specific unit is crazy-powerful.

        For your latter requirements, I suspect you want to go hunt down the kind of games Tim reviews.

      • Danny252 says:

        Sounds like Scourge of War: Gettysburg might be your thing – it doesn’t give you first person, but I’m sure you can restrict the camera to your general’s unit, and it handles the whole orders and reports by courier thingy.

  5. Stardog says:


    Get it on Steam now. link to store.steampowered.com

  6. kruddman says:

    That robot reminds me of One Must Fall 2077 or whatever it was called.

  7. BoZo says:

    Looks like the Spring engine, which you could do the same in.

  8. Aegelward says:

    Does anyone happen to remember the at least in my opinion, rather fun RTS/FPS game “Machines”? It wasn’t a notable entry in the tomes of gaming, but to me it’s a nostalgic one.

    While the concept of the game previewed here is exciting, it just lacks… the flavour that Machines had.

    link to en.wikipedia.org

    • Chaz says:

      The article made me think of Machines straight away too. Not a bad game but it wasn’t great either.

      Battlezone 2 is the other game that comes to mind when I see this.

      • spectone says:

        I’d rather play Battlezone 2 then Machines. Machines just wasn’t interesting enough.

  9. Davie says:

    Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War did something similar a while back. It’s basically a bog-standard Classical Era RTS, but you can play from your hero unit’s perspective and run around stabbing the hell out of everything. Pretty fun, actually, and there’s a certain charm to seeing RTS maps from a ground-level POV. It’s also got the best pre-gunpowder naval combat I’ve seen in an RTS outside Total War, so that’s something.

    They ended up releasing it for free, and I’m pretty sure it can still be downloaded from somewhere. Worth playing around with for an afternoon or two.

  10. misterk says:

    Um… it was a mechanic in Dungeon Keeper the original as well…

    • wallpaper says:

      Just what I was thinking! In fact only this morning I was reminding someone not to install the D3D acceleration patch for their Dungeon Keeper. The original software renderer had cool effects like a sort of faceted-eyeball-view for when you possessed a fly, and a sort of hazy smokey effect for dragons :) Probably others too but that’s all I remember. That was all lost in the D3D version.

  11. narbareck says:

    This was done 16 years ago in Urban Assault

  12. gwathdring says:


  13. dE says:

    “The way to the puppy/kitten orphanage? Yeah, it’s that way…”
    “Well it was that way.”

  14. tentaclesex says:

    Golgotha, son. CRACK DOT COM

  15. Darloth says:

    Parkan: Iron Strategy!!! You’re back, at last!

    The only game I’ve ever played where you could blow the teeny tiny spinny shield generator off a gigantic mech larger than a house while hiding inside an armoured bunker with a sniper rifle, or, conversely, be remotely controlling an army of customizable units from a command chair somewhere.

    Just remember to keep back some small and tiny units guarding the building, or you might get assassinated.

    Coincidentally, Parkan: Iron Strategy was also the only game I’ve seen where the cover art was clearly done by someone handed a set of stills and no explanation of what they were, since it had an ammunition depot or some other very utilitarian building flying along with a giant engine trail and strafing some robots with lasers. I wish they did that ingame.

  16. BathroomCitizen says:


  17. MaxShadowz says:

    Urban Assault, anyone?

  18. communisthamster says:

    Unpolished doesn’t begin to cover it, but it looks like he shares my tastes in a lot of things. Needs a smaller scale, I think, that’s the problem with merging FPS (you, soldier, are very very important) and RTS (these thousand soldiers are expendable).

  19. gadalia says:

    It’s not the same, but Savage 2 is similar if you want to experience something like this.

  20. cpt_freakout says:

    Legislative Assault

  21. sisso says:

    Sorry… But nobody can do a better job in FPS RTS that Arma 2 Warfare – Benny Edition. And very old mod by the way.