Spin It To Win It: Pivvot


Only now that I look at Pivvot do I realise how many of the games that drive people wild in frustration and delight are loud, difficult digital versions of that old school fête favourite, the move-a-loop-along-a-big-bendy-wire-without-making-it-buzz game. (What are they called?) Super Hexagon, that’s a cracking buzzy wire. Flappy Bird? More like Buzzy Bird. Pivvot too, absolutely.

Having survived Steam Greenlight, it’s made the jump from pocket telephones to PC, out now for £3.59. That’s may be 17 goes on the fête’s buzzy wire but while you don’t have a chance to a win a whole tin of Cadbury Roses, you won’t need to make small talk with Mrs McClusky either.

Pivvot’s shooting for that same sort of intense hold-your-nerve-and-don’t-smash-into-the-sides-oh-god-don’t-bottle-it fun. You have a little dot whizzing along procedurally-generated paths full of twists and turns while another point hangs off a rotatable pivot. If your dangly bit smashes into obstacles, you lose, and your parents might reassure you were so close.

These sorts of games might not be inspired by buzzy wires (Wikipedia very clinically says ‘wire loop game’), but require the same dexterity and confidence, knowing exactly how much you have and how quickly you can move. Then if you lose, you simply drag the loop back to the start and begin again. I suppose one key difference is these games only let you see three inches further along the digital wire, giving no time to plan your approach. Oh video games, you’re so wicked.

Steam user reviews are looking pretty good. Have a trailer:


  1. speps says:

    I know it’s simple to say that a project is a clone or very much inspired by another project, I’ve been the victim of that with a previous project as well.

    However, this is pretty much Proun but in 2D…

    • Tinotoin says:

      I’d totally forgotten that I even own Proun, and didn’t make the connection between Pivvot and it. In saying that, they’re mechanically similar, but Pivvot definitely has a more musical gait.

      Both cracking though.

  2. TonyB says:

    This appears to be called “Pivvot” rather than “Pivot”. Because doubling up a letter that can’t be pronounced properly when you do so is cool.

    Edit: This is the flaw in posting a correction, now I just look like I’m not paying attention to what was written above. Serves me right.

  3. LTK says:

    Can’t imagine this having much success on a mobile device, when your finger is obscuring part of the screen all the time. Aside from that, it looks like Super Hexagon with a twist, but that’s not really a bad thing.

    • Tinotoin says:

      I actually started playing it on mobile and your phalanges really don’t obscure things at all. :)