Terratech’s Free DIY Sumo Tank Demo

Much as evoking robotic ball-based sci-fi puppetshow Terrahawks probably brings in a certain older crowd, they really should have called Terratech DIY Sumo Tanks. The world loves a prosaic title these days. Look out for my game ‘Little Dude Jumps On Things Simulator’ at the top of the Steam charts soon.

Terratech it is, though. We had a look at the jolly, Legoy vehicular combat game’s Kickstarter last month, but they’ve now added an appealingly ridiculous local multiplayer mode to it, and even released an updated demo to show it off. It’s The Incredible Machine does Robot Wars, basically.

“Sumo Showdown is a single screen, 4 player, local multiplayer mode in which you’re challenged to bring your best vehicle creations to face off in a duel to the death” is good news for some people, but for those who interpret such statements as bad news, there is also this: “You can also play Sumo Showdown by yourself, pitting your vehicles against your friends’ creations controlled by AI, or setup an AI only battle so that you can sit back and enjoy the carnage.” Lonely people are allowed to play with tanks too! Thanks, tanks. Thanks.

Terratech, from London-based devs Payload, is just shy of halfway towards its £35K Kickstarter goal, with ten days left on the clock. From my superficial tinkerings so far, it does suggest a solid good time to me, so I do hope it makes it. Here’s the original pitch vid:


  1. Tei says:

    Looks like ground-based Space Engineer. In a good way.
    I hope they put in it somewhere a planet that is exactly like Godus, so we can harvest all the humanoids, for oil.

    Building vehicles in Cargo! and similar games was a lot of fun, if a bit limited.

  2. Tony M says:

    Love the accents. British people are adorable.

    • Chuckleluck says:

      A new study reveals that 95% of British males over 35 are employed in the narration or voice acting industries.

  3. Ross Angus says:

    I’ve just finished Cargo! The Quest for Gravity, so this looks like fun. Modular fun. My favourite kind.

  4. LionsPhil says:


    I don’t know how so many people can not know of it, given it was made of pure Gerry Anderson awesome. It’s not like his other works are niche.

  5. BarryAllen says:

    There’s a lot of people on Twitter yelling “BACK THIS GAME IT’S AMAZING”. How do they know? Have they travelled into the future and played the final build? While the game looks like it has potential I’m finding it hard to get excited about early access/kickstarter games these days

  6. Gynoug says:

    If you are into contraption based games take a look at Robocraft until Terratech is done. It’s on Steam, f2p and a smallish download.
    Still needs moar players in upper tiers so i wanted to comment.

    • Niko says:

      I’ve just discovered it recently, and it’s fun enough, despite f2p model. Built myself a hovering mecha, it’s big target and can be difficult to control sometimes but it just feels so good to be flying in that thing.

      • Gynoug says:

        You reminded me to add something for new players. Try to avoid spoilering yourself with youtube or forums and try to build a (somewhat) solid flying object. You will have to play till Tier 2 in the tech tree for wings and helium, then start building. The feeling when, someday(-month(-year)), your baby lifts itself to the sky and stays there longer than 1 minute…it is just ineffable.

        • Niko says:

          Haven’t bought any helium or wings yet, but I can’t be arsed watching videos instead of playing anyway. )

  7. madtoaster55 says:

    “Thanks, tanks. Thanks.

    I love you Alec.

  8. Banana2000 says:

    I started playing this after the first write up on RPS, and I’m hooked. The first night I was only gonna check it out for a few minutes and 3 hours dissapeared from my life. I’m not sure what the final product will be like but I’ve had more fun playing around with this demo than I have some of the final release games I have played in the last year. I kinda like tinkering around in sandbox type environment, with the latest update and endless parts you can build what you want. I’ve backed them, and I hope more of you do the same.

  9. Cleave says:

    “Thanks, tanks. Thanks.”

    Mind…. blown…