The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer 1

I’ve only played the first two episodes of season one of The Walking Dead, before one of Telltale’s notorious savegame corruption bugs cost me my progress, so I’m the worst person in the world to even watch this trailer for episode 4 of season 2, let alone write about it. YOU THINK THAT’S GONNA STOP ME, PUNK?

Spoilers, obviously:

That’s out next Tuesday.

I might get around to doing both seasons in one big run once S2 wraps up. I’m much more keen to hear whether there’ll be another season of The Wolf Among Us.

Now unfortunately I need to go, leaving this as perhaps the shortest RPS post in years, because my daughter has just stuck a poisonous flower in her gob. Parenthood and trailer-posting: it just doesn’t work.


  1. Thirith says:

    Hope things go well with your daughter, Alec!

  2. revan says:

    You’re not the worst. I’m waiting for the season finale to play it all in one go. Did the same with The Wolf Among Us last weekend, finishing it in two days. :)

  3. DanMan says:

    See, Alice? This is pretty much the type of news no one really needs (as a single item).

  4. WiggumEsquilax says:

    Horrifyingly, Alec not only finished the post after his daughter ate the flower. He BEGAN the post after his daughter ate the flower.

    You monster.

  5. Megakoresh says:

    I’m much more keen to hear whether there’ll be another season of The Wolf Among Us.
    So am I. Haven’t even finished the first episode of the Walking Dead’s first season. The main character duo drove me off. They are both so boring and cliché. And zombies. Fuckin’ sick of zombies already.

    • revan says:

      Me as well. That game is amazing. Much better than TWD.

      • Megakoresh says:

        Aye. And especially considering that Walking Dead is a good game in it’s own right. I mean I didn’t like it, but it’s still a good game, I can see that. I hope they finish WD second season and focus entirely on Wolf Among Us.

  6. Conehead The Barbarian says:

    Just wanted to say that the main picture for this is VERY VERY spoilerific, so anyone who hasn’t managed to play through season 2 will be a tad unhappy about seeing it while scrolling through the RPS front page.

    Also I can’t wait until the new episode!

    • Laini says:

      Yeah. It’s not entirely obvious perhaps and I’m sure people worried about TWD spoilers would just skim past this but still there must be a million other shots they could have used for this article.

  7. altum videtur says:

    Just chiming in to say that the final twist of WOLFAMONGOUS (spoilers…? come on), the very final one, because that game unlike TWD does actually want to throw you for loops, is really pretty cool both in execution and how it fits in with the characters/overarching themes (especially in the way it parallels the ever-present pressure upon Wolf to go back to his “old ways”) even though I figured it at the beginning of episode 4 when I played through the season in one sitting once the last episode came out. As far as twisty things go it’s pretty much amazing.