Origami Army: Upside Down Dimensions

Yesterday, Alice had a public rumination about what games news is/should be/can be, and it’s true to say that’s something which preoccupies all of us on RPS to some degree these days. In a world of instant headlines, Twitter, and charismatic people who can record response videos to anything within seconds of it happening, what purpose does ‘videogame news’ serve?

Well, yeah. Big question, innit? But I’m pretty cool with “I saw this trailer for this game, and it looked quite nice so I thought I’d show you” being part of the answer. The origami-styled Upside-Down Dimensions borrows liberally from Paper Mario, but frankly I don’t know why more games don’t.

Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the other hand, I’m worried that there’s going to be too much block-pushing. I’m not at all happy that for many developers, ‘puzzles’ is shorthand for ‘block-pushing.’ Block pushing its own thing. If you’re going to use block-pushing, own it, ‘fess up to it, don’t obfuscate with ‘puzzles.’

Maybe there’ll be many more other forms of puzzles though. Look at me, all snap judgements about a five minute trailer. On the other other hand, I made a snap judgement about its visual style being rather good too. Truly, I am the one who will bring balance to the Force.

And here’s yer summary:

“A peaceful and colourful paper world is about to be torn apart. Hordes of evil are preparing to make their last stand, in one final battle to bring ruin to this paper kingdom. In their way are two heroes, a boy and a girl. Follow them in their epic journey to defeat evil once and for all.

Upside-Down Dimensions is a highly visual game that combines action, hack n slash, RPG, stealth, platform and puzzles to create a unique and amazing gameplay experience. Play as two characters separated into different dimensions. Flip between these worlds to stop the nefarious Dark Shogun.”

I do hope that the high cost of animating a female character won’t put poor Hydra Interactive (heil!) in dire financial straits. I hear that animating ladies is ruinous these days.

Upside Down Dimensions – which very clearly should have been called Paper Shogun instead- is due in the ‘second quarter’ of 2015. Does that mean Spring? I think it means Spring. It’s on Greenlight, but you knew that already. There’s also an IndieDB page.


  1. Darth Gangrel says:

    “very clearly should have been called Paper Shogun ” Well, perhaps you should have been called Rock, Paper, Shogun instead, huh?

  2. thedosbox says:

    That art is very lovely. The jumping around to avoid attacker mechanism looks goofy and possibly annoying though.

  3. Frank says:

    It looks like there’s too much filler — box pushing long after you’ve figured out the puzzle, dealing with enemies the exact same way again and again.

  4. SuicideKing says:

    Curious art, lovely music…but i do hope the origami girl can do more than just flee (and push blocks onto enemies)…at least use the umbrella as a shield of some sort?

    • dparente says:

      Hello All,

      Indeed the Princess (Keiko) will use the umbrella in Many ways ( Sorry no Blade) : Shield, Cloak, Parachute and she will be able to summon also Origamis ( not the weapon powerups) as she uses more of a stealth/infiltration kind of mechanics .
      The game is in heavy production and if it seems repetitive it is because we are still missing enemies, animations, and a lot mechanics associated with little characters in a world of papers.
      A part from Paper Mario, we took inspiration from games like Zelda (Wind Taker), and other games that we liked to play to confiigure an unique and fresh game proposal, where a lot of what the game is still not shown.
      We are working on a new gameplay trailer to concentrate most of the things that can be done in the current version, and a cinematic trailer that will also show the intense backstory that the game will have and that will be narrated by a female voice.
      Our intention is to try to take the game to PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), XboxOne, PS4, PS3, PSvita, WiiU, 3DS, Android Consoles and Tablets and IPAD. The tablets being because the game is very confortable to play with touches, swipes and touches.
      We will be posting more info along the process.
      If you like the game vote us on steam and help us spread the word,


      • DanMan says:

        This makes the news worthwhile. Thanks for clarification. Oh, and “yay” for Linux.

        Just do everything to make this as charming as possible (non-floaty animations, …), and you should do fine. At least that’s what my crystal ball just told me. It never let’s me down, because it always tells me what I want to hear.

        • dparente says:

          :) Sure thing.We will especially dedicate time to the animation as it is the core of the combat system and the puzzles. We are going to deliver in the upcoming weeks a cinematic trailer, where you will be able to check on the animation :).


  5. bill says:

    I missed the ruminations yesterday* , so i’m going to go and post in more detail there. But –
    – I think many don’t come to RPS for the news, but for the writing, humour** and curation of interesting content.
    – Too much news can make it hard to find the actual content. But then again, many of us only read RPS, so no news might leave us uninformed.
    – Posts about something you think looks interesting/cool = value. Posts about something meh or that you have no opinion on or haven’t tried = worthless.
    – RPS needs better organization.
    – I’ll post more in the other thread (because I’m going to spend my free time telling you guys how to make money rather than making money myself.. )

    *(that’s the problem with pun headlines and sticking random thoughts into posts about random trailers).
    **(humour is great in a detailed article, but if the news story is 95% random humour and 5% news, that might be a sign that the news isn’t worth posting).

    • noodlecake says:

      I’m happy with the content. Not sure what these ruminations are.

  6. Dances to Podcasts says:

    “I do hope that the high cost of animating a female character won’t put poor Hydra Interactive (heil!) in dire financial straits. I hear that animating ladies is ruinous these days.”

    I remember Skullgirls asking for 150k for one…

    • dparente says:

      :) Well we will certainly take in account this warning, but part of the team has already have their share of female animation

      link to youtube.com

      But we will put all of hour care in doing it the best we can, without getting troubles ;)


  7. jalf says:

    I do hope that the high cost of animating a female character won’t put poor Hydra Interactive (heil!) in dire financial straits.

    Yeah, I did like LRR’s take on it