Of Guards And Thieves Is Like Tom Clancy’s Monaco

I don't think this is the same camera angle as the video.

Sure, you could watch six rounds of Rainbow Six: Siege being played to get your daily fix of asymmetrical multiplayer, but that game isn’t out yet. Of Guards And Thieves meanwhile is a multiplayer stealth game which as seems as inspired by Clancy-ish infiltration mechanics as it is Monaco’s camera view and Team Fortress 2’s character classes and art design. It’s in Early Access on Steam as of a few days ago and there’s a trailer below.

Guards are designed to be powerful, while thieves are meant to be quick and sneaky, able to hide in pot plants and clamber out of windows. As noted in my excitement for Due Process, the aforementioned Siege, or old Splinter Cell multiplayer modes, I absolutely love these off-kilter multiplayer experiences. When experiences are imbalanced, when one or both teams can convince themselves that they’re underdogs, that’s when tension and heroism happen.

Although it’s only just launched on Steam, the game itself has been available to play in one public demo form or another for years. That accounts for why there appears to be so much game already present – lots of maps, classes, a novelty football game mode – and why the most recent update is called 58.5. There’s also lots more features on the way, including a map editor. My favourite kind of editor, behind “managing”.

The game normally costs £11, but the launch discount has knocked that down by 15% at the time of writing.


  1. Dave Tosser says:

    Of X and Y? Hrm, my calendar says it’s 2014. Can’t be if we’re still sticking to title clichés like that.

    But cool, it’s nice to see the Spies vs Mercs design cropping up again.

  2. DrollRemark says:

    Ah, that famous role, the “Thief Medic.” A true classic.

  3. Melody says:

    There’s something to be said about the fact that the only two female characters are the two medics (and everyone is white, too), but I don’t want to start that discussion in which people become extremely enraged because pointing that out is pushing my “feminist agenda” or restricting creative freedom or something.

    Hope you can customize each class’ appearance. It doesn’t look “great”, but it seems ok. I’m sceptical about how that camera (and the aiming method it forces on you) works in competitive multiplayer.

    • figvam says:

      Sadly I can’t detect nowdays if you meant to be satiric or not.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I agree with you. Although, to be fair, it’s in Early Access and on their roadmap they say new characters and classes are coming down the line. Whether they’ll address this remains to be seen, of course.

    • toxic avenger says:

      Yeah, how dare you suggest that females can be cast in what can be traditionally called the “male baddass role of damage dealing and awesomeness.” That’s one whole less class that males can occupy, for Christ-sakes! Lastly, in this public admonition I’ll confuse the difference between reality and fiction to state that of course women can’t be on the front lines in combat; what do you think we gamers are, monsters, and in no way could the creators have developed a fiction where the converse is true?

    • WinTurkey says:

      Would you prefer that all the thieves were black?

    • Tams80 says:

      I’m going to assume that wasn’t satire. If so then why would you bring this up if you didn’t want to start ‘that discussion’? You surely knew it would do exactly that.

      As for the game; it looks well developed, but doesn’t really grab my interest.

    • Flippyot says:

      I’m pretty sure every character in that game is, or has the potential of being, transgender.