Survive The Bites, More Like: Survive The Nights

Because it’s a zombie survival game, get it? Ahahaha! Don’t call it a come back, this genre’s still got some life in its dead, dissected, flogged and eaten corpse yet. In fact, for a Kickstarter game Survive The Nights is remarkably fully-featured. There’s all your usual crafting, hiding, zombie blasting and inevitable pointless death to worry about but they’ve also managed to cram in building repairs and keeping yourself sane. The latter is meant as a deterrent to the madness that seems to overwhelm everyone who plays DayZ.

Developers and ex Minecraft-video-makers a2z(Interactive) have blown past a meagre £12,000 target after starting slow and now seem well on their way to obliterating multiple stretch goals. Take a look below.

You might also fancy a video showing the finding, clearing and repair done to a house in the wilderness, while another sees a larger facility raided for supplies. They’re reminiscent of the base/fort/tower/camp assaults that feature in every Ubisoft game, but with a defensive element afterwards and the goal of scavenging supplies.

Backing at the £14 level gives alpha access starting in February while those who just want the game once it’s finished can get it for £6. The cheap rewards are a bit of a gamble but seem to have paid off now they’re getting a lot of attention from the vast survival community, with some DayZ YouTubers featuring footage on their channels. Worth a watch if you’re still undecided.


  1. xcession says:

    It’s great there’s so much competition in the Survive-em-up market but as a big fan of the genre it’s incredibly frustrating that despite so much choice, none of them are quite up to scratch yet. DayZ is mired by it’s engine, The Forest needs features, Unturned needs scale. Can’t they all just get together in a big hairy developer pile and make a single beautiful child they spoil rotten?

    • Deadly Habit says:

      There’s also The Dead Linger which is coming along nicely and another one due for alpha soon called Miscreated which is in the Cryengine.

    • Skulmuk says:

      Unturned needs scale

      Unturned needs inverted mouse controls…

      • deadfolk says:

        You’re joking? No inverted mouse?

        Jesus wept. One off the list, then.

        • Premium User Badge

          Ben Barrett says:

          Are you guys serious? This is partly said in mocking (because one feature probably shouldn’t turn you off a whole game) but mostly honesty: is that something people actually turn on and prefer? Any reason, or just what you got used to? Hangover from space sims?

          • xcession says:

            Highly unscientific answer: link to or in other words: a significant number still use it.

          • vahnn says:

            Yeah, I’ve never understood it myself. I have 2 friends who both used to use inverted mouse for FPS games, despite literally every other use of the mouse being normal.

            I personally don’t even use inverted mouse for flight control in games, either.

            However for gamepads, I have always used inverted aim with the thumbstick, in both flight games and any game where up/down view control is allowed, including shooters.

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            I prefer the term “invertonaut”.

            My discussions with non-invertonautic friends leads me to conclude that while we invertonauts have a mental model which manipulates the camera through rotation, the cis-moused manipulate the view by moving it a particular direction. It’s the difference between “I want to tilt my head backwards” and “I want to look up”.

            The only game without an invertible mouse-Y I have ever managed to play successfully was Star Trek: Bridge Commander, mainly due to sheer relentless determination to overcome all obstacles between me and shooting the Klingons off the starboard bow*.

            However, I think we can all agree that the X-inverters are to be shunned, or, preferably, hunted.

            *Okay, I was shooting Cardassians and Kessok.

      • Howard says:

        It already has inverted mouse controls. I use them.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Isn’t it more of an issue that not a single one of these games is past what some would refer to as “alpha”?

      • xcession says:

        Well every game has a lifecycle and they’ve got to start somewhere, but yeah alpha could be seen as a symptom of having lots of small teams developing the same idea in isolation, when fewer larger teams might yield results quicker. I just hope they get the games out before the engines look dated or gaming tastes turn to another genre.

    • Artist says:

      7dtd is the current, definitive winner in the field! Hands down.

  2. Chaz says:

    Don’t call it a come back, this genre’s still got some life in its dead, dissected, flogged and eaten corpse yet.

    The genre will never die. You can not kill what does not live. Well not unless you blow its brains out. Because you know, zombies.

    Why is it always zombies anyway? They don’t even make any logical sense. How about doing something original, like say a world over run by intelligent apes with a grudge. Just imagine, you could have them riding horses and shooting guns and stuff. Apes! Can you picture it? Some one should make a film of that.

    Anyway, ordinarily I’d go, oh lordy, not another zombie game, but this one looks rather good. So backed.

    Between this and Dead Linger I should have at least one decent zombie survival sandbox game.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ben Barrett says:

      There’s a comic series by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys) called Crossed that does intelligent zombies – whatever percent of the human race is reduced to its base instincts, but still able to use tools, guns and so on. It’s probably the most horrificly violent and sadistic thing I’ve ever read and I could only stomach a couple of issues before I decided it wasn’t worth my insanity. Think it’s a very interesting idea somewhat wasted on Garth’s slight goreporn obsession.

  3. Lion Heart says:

    ugh yet another copy cat of the other boring 5 million zombie survival games its exactly like ww2 fps’s 10 years ago.

  4. Shooop says:

    Nothing new under the sun for the survival games genre. Or moon for that matter.

  5. BooleanBob says:

    From the title I assumed this was a game in which you played a hapless Brit trying to catch his seven hours’ worth of zeds while eluding the of the summer’s twin threats of 20 degree nights and rampant mosquito swarms.

  6. Howard says:

    Another of these games that touts itself as being all about “cooperative gameplay” yet still has the ability for players to kill each other. As long as that ability is there, no matter the consequences, douchebag players will still be douchebag players.