Dead Rising 3 Goes Apocalyptic With DLC

Nick Ramos here, giving his reaction to the term 'pc master race'

Vvvwwwaaaarrrrmmm. That’s the Hans Zimmer style combo zombie warning/incoming news alarm! It also doubles as a word to describe how hot it currently is on the British Isles. It’s here to remind us that not only is Dead Rising 3 making the jump to PC, but has now been renamed to the hopefully exaggerating APOCALYPSE EDITION (emphasis writer’s own). And what do subtitles mean, kids? Additional content, that’s what, you little toerags. This version will be shipping with the four ‘Untold Stories of Los Perdidos’ episodes that were released as DLC on Xbox. Each puts you in control of a different character from the main game and shows how they ended up where Nick, the main character, met them.

Each scenario’s around two hours long, and the packs also add weapons and vehicles that carry over into the main game. The Untold Stories cost $30 on Xbox One. Capcom haven’t said yet whether the other bits of Dead Rising 3 DLC will come to PC. This includes a pack of new skins and weapons and the far more interesting *deep breath* ‘Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α.’ The latter had an arcade tone and feel, drawing on many references to Capcom’s past games and generally taking the piss out of them.

Capcom have also shown the game running on a couple of different set ups, going into quite a lot of detail on the graphical options available in the PC version and what they do. There’s talk of modders being allowed to go hog-wild, so expect some cunning tweaks and wackier changes to come out of that community. The stream that used a higher-spec PC is below.

Embarrassing technical issues aside, that was much more in-depth discussion of options that we get from most PC-focused studios – though those perhaps have less to prove. The streams will continue on Twitch every Wednesday up until release on September 5th.


  1. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    It is at this juncture I’d like to publicly thank a Russian Steam user that traded me this game for a game he/she couldn’t get in their region, and we both received a glorious deal.

  2. smeghamr says:

    What is a toerag? I cba googling or wiki bcos i’m drunk as shit, but really, where was the point in history where toerag became a viable insult? It seems to me that there was a specific point in history where people were wearing rags on their toes, and i’d love to know why..

    • Rizlar says:

      Apparently it’s derived from a fairly racist description of the Taureg people of north Africa as ‘toe rags’.

      Anyway, what is this game and why should I care? I’m entirely ignorant of console goings on and there is no way I am going to bother watching the 54 minute twitch video linked.

  3. Juke says:

    No particular interest in Dead Rising 3, though the nod to additional PC options is appreciated. Rather, I’m just wondering what the Witch of the Wilds is doing up there in the first image, all hoodied-out and preparing to face wave… upon wave… of undead hordes… You know what, on second thought, never mind. Everything checks out. Carry on, Nega-Morrigan.

  4. caff says:

    But is it any good?

  5. Karmic says:

    No FOV setting no buy.

  6. MkMax says:

    I cant trust Capcom, they’ve screwed me too many times, im beyond waiting for reviews, im waiting for reviews and discounts

  7. Darth Gangrel says:

    Vvvwwwaaaarrrrmmm? I think it’s more of a bbbbooorrrrhhmmm myself, but that’s just me.

  8. socrate says:

    its funny that at first they didn’t offer the DLC and wanted to cash in on it till the sale weren’t that positive and people didn’t really want to pay an “exclusivity launch title” of 1 YEAR OLD!!! with 0 DLC attached to it and that they keep covering their back saying its not meant to run at 60FPS and will probably break the game since it was designed for xbox one exclusivly and that the sale were so poor that they now need to port it to PC since they can’t go PS4 with it apparently

    I HATE being treated like a second hand customer and then when they see the people being pissed off about a 1 year old game coming out on pc with a price tag that high and none of the 1 year DLC attached to it and tons of stuff that will not come to it at all….ONLY THEN do they sweeten the deal..being treated like that as a customer is insane and extremely common today and sadly if you ask for better quality or service it is seen as entitlement today by the dumb mass of customer that get screwed up each day and instead of admitting their stupidity they act as if its something that should be common practice.

  9. jackbk45 says:

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