Fenix Rage Has Action, Lacks Need For Platforms

What to call a action platformer with platforms that go mostly unused? That is the question of the hour. Fenix Rage makes absolutely no bones about being a demon-hard 2D jump-around-and-get-frustrated ’em up. The blurred fellow above is main character and hedgehog lookalike Fenix, out for revenge after his village is destroyed leaving only two survivors – him and a stranger. He seems quite capable of flight, double jumps and air-dashes, hence my quandry. The small brown square he’s heading towards is a collectible cookie, apparently. I have no idea why he wants them, but I’m sympathetic towards it as a cause.

In the words of Finn the Human Boy, this game looks grease. Everything about it looks like my jam, from impossible to master twitch movement to the rockin’ soundtrack. The elemental ice/fire stuff looks cool as well, particularly grinding down surfaces to set yourself alight. Probably not going to change the world, but it’ll scratch an itch I’ve failed to accommodate properly in recent months. The focus seems to be on extreme difficulty, one I can get behind so long as the game it’s built on is solid.

There’s no release date yet, though Steam claims Q3 (that’s roughly between now and September, in human speak). Costa Rican developers Green Lava Studios show more on their YouTube channel.


  1. Fenix says:

    I look nothing like that when I’m raging

  2. Nixitur says:

    Oh man, this looks right up my alley.
    Slightly reminds me of They Bleed Pixels insofar as it actually has enemies that actively pursue you instead of just obstacles. And I love They Bleed Pixels.

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      Ben Barrett says:

      I spent about 6 hours getting They Bleed Pixels to work with a fight stick and then playing it for about 2 hours before working out it was totally shit that way.

      A brilliant use of time and resources, we can all agree.

  3. loquee says:

    As a fellow booth neighbor I was curious enough to try this at PAX east a few months ago, even though I never enjoyed these kind of frustrating ultra hard platformers.
    This, however felt just right immediately and I got hooked very quickly.
    The difficulty level rose even faster and 15 minutes into the game I reached my skill cap.
    Nevertheless it was still extremely satisfying to fail like this game lets you.
    The tiny Indie team behind it is also awesome, good luck with that, looking forward to play again :)