Almost Out Of Time (Units): Mighty Tactical Shooter

The first time I saw Mighty Tactical Shooter, I was at Rezzed. I was the guy in crumpled corduroy and tatty beard, and MTS was the game with the turn-based spaceship. I’d like to say it was love at first sight but MTS didn’t even notice me at first. I walked across the crowded hall, giddy with excitement, and had to stand in line to introduce myself. Sparks flew. Now that I have the demo in the privacy of my own home, sparks occasionally ignite the curtains.

Mighty Tactical Shooter is a turn-based side-scrolling space shooter. It’s smart, playable right now and yet somehow just shy of its modest Kickstarter goal with less than three days to go.

The idea is brilliant. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d like to try a turn-based version of just about everything, except Just Dance. Or maybe especially Just Dance? I don’t know anymore.

MTS is even smarter than it sounds though, elaborating on that base concept and working in all kinds of physical interactions. Take limpet mines, described in a recent update

These aren’t directly your weapon, but they have their uses. Enemy limpet mines will attach to your ship and, if they stay attached long enough, will explode resulting in massive damage to the ship. How do you get rid of them? Cause them damage (scrape them on the landscape, bash them into enemies, shoot them by curving back your own missiles). How is this useful? For a short time you’ve effectively got a physical shield attached to the ship. In fact, a ship covered in limpet mines might even be practically invulnerable for a while…if you’re careful.

The weapons of my enemies become my…shield. An exploding shield that must be scraped off like barnacles from a drunken sailor’s backside.

The Kickstarter clock approaches zero.


  1. Greggh says:

    I hate to be that guy, but this is an honest question: is this an endorsement post for this game’s Kickstarter last stretch?

    (by endorsement I mean Adam/RPS supporting the KS because *they think* it is worthy, not the devs kicking-back some Doritos for Horace in exchange for coverage)

    • aoanla says:

      Reading the article, I interpret it as “I, Adam Smith, really enjoyed Mighty Tactical Shooter at Rezzed. I think it’s worth funding, and will try to convince you by telling you about limpet mines and using analogies involving curtains burning”. I don’t think this implies that RPS as a whole recommend MTS.

      (For the record, I have already backed this KS too, but I don’t think that influences my interpretation of Adam’s purpose.)

      • Themadcow says:

        Hmmm, yeah. For those too time limited (read: wife, kids, job that doesn’t involve gaming) to try the demo properly it would be good to get a better idea of how well it’s shaping up. I quite enjoyed R-Type tactics on the PSP (to a point, it got a little repetative) so this idea definitely appeals.

        • iamseb says:

          It’s shaping up well. There are some neat, novel ideas in here, and they’re being executed with real intelligence. I worked with John Marshall many years back, and I have no doubt he’s going to deliver. (I backed, but I don’t have any personal interest other than playing something a bit new.)

  2. lowprices says:

    Missed this at Rezzed, sadly. Looks very interesting. Interesting enough to send them a tenner, at least.

  3. roguewombat says:

    Shame they cut the music out of the Kickstarter pitch. The OST is good, esp. Exhibit C imo.

  4. fdisk says:

    I’ll check out the demo when I get home but based on what I’m seeing I don’t want to support it at the $18; frankly, it was already a hard pitch at $14; this is the type of Kickstarter I wouldn’t throw more than $10.

    It does look interesting and maybe playing the demo will change my mind; I hope it gets funded regardless, I might pick it up if it’s over on sale on Steam or Humble.

    • Neutrino says:

      One of the few occasions where the US/Sterling exchange rate works in our favour. At ten quid that’s the price of two pints and a bag of crisps down here, so worth a punt to help out an Indie developer at that price.

      Besides I was surprised by how much I liked FTL and it seems this will have more emphasis on story too. I hope they make it.

  5. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    Why hasn’t this already passed the KS goal several times over?

    • trjp says:

      Several probably reasons (outside the obvious “far too many games – far-too little time” :)

      1 – £10 bottom reward tier is seen by some as being a bit steep – there’s no harm having a cheaper tier so people can just throw-in a few quid to help things along and get a voucher or some wallpapers or something…

      2 – it’s novel and novel is hard-to-sell. Shooter players won’t like the TB stuff – TB players may not like the hails of bullets etc. etc.

      3 – Only 11 comments at time of writing – it’s a bit niche perhaps…

      It’s been said many times that ideas are 10-per-penny and it’s true – ideas are worthless, everything lies in execution.

      On that note – I enjoyed the demo for this ENORMOUSLY – it’s really nicely done and I replayed quite a bit of it just because I was enjoying it so much!!

  6. Dreforian says:

    That screenshot triggered memories from the Before Time, when I only got to play computer games my venerable predecessors snuck on to school PCs. Tactical turn-based top-down shooter? It was called WarHeads and it was kind of like Worms in space. If you found just the right angle and power setting you could shoot a rocket across the solar system, using the gravity wells of planets to curve the rocket’s path and nail your enemy hiding out of line of sight.

    This looks similar with more single-player depth.

  7. trjp says:

    Nice to see this cruise past it’s goal with over 24 hours left – the stretch-goals aren’t in any danger but I think that’s a good thing because it means they’ll just finish the game instead of decorating it with extras.

    Then we all buy it – love it – they make addons – everyone wins ;0