Deduction & Dress-Up: 23 Minutes Of Sherlock Gameplay

Sherlock Holmes is actually the one lying dead in this screenshot. What wizardry!

The Duke of Deduction and the Duchess of Disguise, they called Sherlock Holmes. Probably. Why not? Sure, whatever. A new Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments trailer demonstrates these skills, and though I might chortle at giving Holmes wild hair and a big old beard from his dress-up box of disguises, the deduction interests me. See, you’ll need to search, research, and scrutinise to collect clues, then connect these inside his noggin with mental string to draw conclusions.

And if that doesn’t have you curious, the 23-minute gameplay trailer opens with Watson dashing from cover to cover to duck flying bullets and I am exaggerating only through omission.

The trailer cuts up bits and pieces from one of the six cases Holmes tackles in Crimes and Punishments, jumping around all over from investigation to interviews to avoid giving spoilers–though as players draw conclusions themselves, the case could play out differently anyway.

Slightly concerning is that once Holmes has decided someone’s guilty, he can decide whether he’ll let them go or hand them over to the peelers. Given his firearms practice, how far is he from pulling a leather jumpsuit out his dress-up box and declaring himself Judge Holmes?

I’ve skipped the series so far, thanks in part to the unfairly off-putting wonkiness of Creepy Watson, but that was long ago and the open-endedness has me curious. I might have a gander when it arrives at the end of September. Here, look:


  1. The First Door says:

    Well, that looks surprisingly good! It’s nice to see they are focusing more on investigating the scene and making deductions. Also, they are sticking close enough to the original story that I was able to remember what they were going to do next. Although, I think Sherlock has spoiled me a bit, because Holmes’ voice actor wasn’t Cumberbatch which was a momentary disappointment.

    To be fair to the makers though, the whole picking whether to let them go free thing rings true from what I remember of the books. Holmes was always a little selective with what he told the police, wasn’t he? I thought he did sometimes let suspects go?

  2. Gilead says:

    I posted a comment earlier but it appears to have been eaten, so I’ll try again. I liked Testament, the previous game in the series, but it was let down by a tedious section set in a school that felt like it had been intended for a different game. It was also let down by a really, really poor resolution to the central plot.

    However, it was a lot better than the game before that, which was better than the game before *that*, so I’ve got high hopes for this new one; the developers genuinely seem to be trying to progress with each game.

  3. Jerppa says:

    Creepy Watson reminds me of those damn mannequins in Condemned.

  4. waltC says:

    The “Duchess of Disguise”…? I rather doubt it…;)

  5. MistaJah says:

    Facial animations in UE3 games are SO BAD. The ten-year-old source engine beats these plank faces easily. Does not help make Watson any less creepy…