Crisis On Infinite Games: Team Indie

Ah, crossovers! Characters and universes colliding to settle scores or combine powers and, not for the first time, indie game mascots are at it too. Brightside Games are bringing indie characters together to solve puzzles and assist an accidentally cyberspaced cat in their platformer Team Indie. It uses the Braid/Super Time Force single-player co-op method, where characters combine their ‘unique skills’ to assist each other to the exit. Trailer and thoughts on a preview build below.

Turns out, combining a bunch of systems all of which were enough for an entire game on their own gives you a lot of options for puzzles. The nine guest stars bring their most recognisable elements, so BraidDude can manipulate time while Tiny from Tiny & Big has a grappling hook. How they interact is the charm, laying down platforms or triggering switches for one another. A layer of goo left by J. Jitters, for example, means Commander Video can make it across a chasm to slide under a rock and hit a switch.

While enemies are present, they’re more part of timing and jumping puzzles than actual threats. There’s little here to scare or confuse: the puzzles aren’t mind-bending, at least early on, and there’s plenty of leeway in the platforming.

Team Indie is due this autumn. Hopefully a public demo will come for you to give it a shot yourself.


  1. GameCat says:

    Indie Games: The Game

    It looks somewhat bland.

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      FhnuZoag says:

      Yeah. The problem is that most of these characters come from platformers, and so games that have fundamentally rather similar core mechanics. So there’s not that much surprise or ingenuity or distinctiveness between them, and not a ton of novelty in terms of how these characters are being reinvented for Yet Another Indie Platformer.

    • DrScuttles says:

      And yet it seems so appropriate that it’s a puzzle platformer with a twist!

  2. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    I see no karts. Where are the fucking karts? Karts or GTFO.

  3. Niko says:

    …That’s not how you draw a cat.

  4. ChampionHyena says:


  5. Caenorhabditis says:

    Isn’t ‘BraidDude’ called Tim or something?

  6. Viroso says:

    Though obvious and unoriginal, I’d like to see a Super Smash Bros Brawl clone like that.

    • Nixitur says:

      You mean like Indie Brawl?
      Unfortunately, that project seems to have been abandoned, but they’ve got a playable alpha with some interesting characters.

  7. Nixitur says:

    That cat horrifies me. The way the mouth is drawn looks like they cleaved its face in half and the eyes are just terrifying.
    I don’t really care much for graphical fidelity, but graphical style is very important and I don’t find this game’s style appealing.

  8. Bioblit says:

    The cat appears to be wearing the cog thing from Bastion, and the background world in the top image also looks Bastion-esque.

  9. Yserbius says:

    The TigSource forums has a collaborative game called Indie Brawl that was worked on for a few years and then abandoned due to lack of interest.

    It’s basically the same idea, albeit with slightly older characters. Iji has kicks and a shotgun, Quote and Curly have machine guns, the Dwarf (unnamed and fortressless) uses hammers, pick axes and crossbows. etc. Too bad, it looked like it had promise.

  10. SubparFiddle says:

    Wow, this looks hideous…

  11. DavidMG says:

    OK, so get this: the one original character in the game who brings all the others togehter is the least original of all: a cat. As if the Internet didn’t have enough cats, here you go another one. A simple unremarkable anthropomorphic cat just like any other. Look! Even one of the bosses is ANOTHER cat! Yaaay!

    Also, the graphics are monstruous. There’s a difference between minimalistic/simple/retro graphics and just ugly plastic-looking things. Level design doesn’t look anything special. I’ll stick to playing actual Dustforce, for example. See? That’s a good example of beautiful simple graphics and ingenuous level design.

    My god. A cat. 10/10 for originality and creativity.