Reduxing On Early Access: Exodus Of Sol

Exactly now may not be the best time for another space sim to go into early access. Elite entered Beta this week and Star Citizen is still consuming wallets at an unimaginable pace. Between those and the swarms of smaller projects that have launched or started development in the past couple of years, you’ve got plenty of options for your spacecash. Bit Planet Games are giving it a shot anyway with Exodus of Sol, a remake of 2012 space-blam SOL: Exodus. They’re looking to improve along the lines that Adam suggested but I’ve got my doubts.

My problem with this is how little seems to have changed and yet they’re charging ten pounds more than the original for an unfinished upgrade. The development plan on the Steam page doesn’t put the scope much beyond the 2012 release either. The first pitch suggests it will continue to grow, but Early Access is already a heavy ask – to put money behind a team that doesn’t have a stellar record even more so.

It may just be a problem of bad marketing. A demo or a trailer that showed significant amounts of actual play rather than jump cutting action sequences would go a long way. Assuaging fears should be a top priority here. Would you pick this up in its current state, readers, or wait to see what others have to say? Will it get a look in either way, given the other options you have or does the lower price tag than the big uns give it a chance?


  1. Love Albatross says:

    Bless em. It looks so shoddy. While it’s nice they enjoyed Battlestar Galactica (it was good) they should try to avoid ripping off the soundtrack.

    • BitPlanetGames says:

      Sorry you think our efforts look poor. Nearly all of the feedback we’ve received so far says just the opposite.

      RE: the music, again the feedback we’ve personally received says differently.

      I encourage you to keep an eye on the game throughout Early Access. I think you’ll see our updates may just persuade you into checking it out. :)

  2. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    Still, I don’t feel like space sims are back yet. there’s all this arcadey weird stuff like galaxy on fire and Strike Suit zero and of course the two new big projects, but those aren’t available yet. SOL:Exodus has the same slightly arcadey problem. It’s all about the visuals and gimmicks but still lacks the feel, the substance of the great space games in my memory, which have been Freelancer and Freespace.

    • SomeDuder says:

      Goddamnit, yes, this, exactly. All these games are just controlling a camera which emit sparkly particles and nice colours, but they don’t make you feel like you’re actually in space, that most final of frontiers.

      Games that did it right (AKA, just make more of these please):

      -Freespace (15 years after the games, the Freespace Open project is STILL going strong, I mean, how much more proof do you need that Volition just got it)
      -Freelancer (Oh man, that inertia… drifting in space, fuck yes)
      -Homeworld (Not a shooter, but the games definately get space combat right)

      IMO, space combat is about 2 things:
      1: Huge fucking ships lined with turrets and subsystems and whatnot for the strategic element
      2: Light nimble stuff for the action element (Dogfighting/taking out subsystems)

      Anything else is just fluff to enhance the setting (Trading, mining, management, etc) and offer variety.

  3. Jason Moyer says:

    Despite all these space sims coming out, it’s surprisingly easy to just sit back and wait for Enemy Starfighter.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Same here. Casually keeping up to date with some others, but none of them have me quite as intrigued as Enemy Starfighter and Wings of Saint Nazaire, each for very different reasons.
      That gorgeous, HW inspired style together with sandboxy fleet command? Count me the hell in.

  4. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    I played the first one, and it had a tremendously confused story that skipped over massive (and important) chunks.

    MISSION ONE: Hey, isn’t it cool we’re the only people with enormous space ships with guns? OH NO BAD GUYS WITH SPACE SHIPS EVERYTHING EXPLODE

    MISSION TWO: We’ve been fighting a retreat for months through enemy held space against a superior and more numerous enemy. It would have been interesting to, you know, play that, but some throwaway mission chatter is cool, right?

    • BitPlanetGames says:

      Yep, we agree and, in fact, it’s something we’re actively working to address.

      Exodus of Sol should be through of as a complete remake not just an enhanced edition. The Early Access trailer is meant to showcase what’s available now (and even then we’ve omitted the new modes we’ve added to keep the trailer short and concise) not what’s going to be available in the near future. We believe in honest advertising.

      We know we need to work extra hard to convince people that what we’re doing is much more than a graphic upgrade of the original game. I hope to create a short video that calls out big ticket items we’ve implemented in the game.

      • Spider Jerusalem says:

        Will there be a discount for us people who bought SOL: Exodus?

    • welverin says:

      “I played the first one, and it had a tremendously confused story that skipped over massive (and important) chunks.”

      Sounds like a Grant Morrison comic.

      • BitPlanetGames says:

        So the truth is I intentionally designed this gap in the story so that we could release smaller expansion packs shortly after release. We were even working on one when the company was shuttered.

        Maybe, just maybe, all of this content will see the light of day after all. :)