Dreamy Driving: Glitchhikers Deluxe On Sale

You're listening to Night Drive.

I’ve been lost in dreamy games lately. I’m daydreaming about games like Ruah and Into This Wylde Abyss, then nightplaying Proteus, Purgateus, Heartwood, and Error City Tourist. These dreamy summer nights where I want to wander and drive. Glitchhikers covers that last point.

Glitchhikers is a drive through a strange night, chatting with odd hitch-hikers you pick up from the roadside. It is a late-night possibly-a-bit-tipsy favourite of mine. We’ve talked about it before but never devoted a whole post to saying that it’s wonderful. So here: it’s wonderful. And now it’s on sale until the wee small hours of Sunday morning, giving most of the money to charity.

Technically Glitchhikers is usually free, but developers Silverstring Media sell a ‘Deluxe Edition’ which includes the soundtrack and a few extra songs. I gave them money for this because it is a good game and the music is good. My sluggish, too-warm, winding-down-for-the-night head hugely enjoys drifting across roads winding through low-polygon hills, mountains and forest while the eerie radio plays, chasing tail lights I’ll never catch up to, and getting a bit existential with alien hitch-hikers. It has more people to pick up and dialogue branches than you’ll ever see in one drive too. Some parts can feel a bit heavy-handed during daylight hours, but in the right state of mind, oh my!

Don’t just take my word for it–do read nobody’s thoughts and about dear Nathan’s dangerous night. Or download the free version, play it, discover it’s great, then pay for it.

The Deluxe Edition usually costs $9.99 Canadian (about £5.50), but the sale on IndieGameStand gives you it for beating the average price, which is currently £1.20-ish. 80% of the proceeds will be donated to Dames Make Games, a Toronto charity supporting women who work in games.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Yeah, this is one of the best things I’ve played this year.

  2. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Got the IndieGameStand email the other day, meant to pick up the game at that time but forgot. I’m glad to read it’s actually worth getting, as I was just going to support the charity. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Zoomacroom says:

    Oh man, this looks amazing. I’ve been dreaming about making a surreal night driving game for years and have to check this out.

  4. trjp says:

    The music alone is selling it to me…

    Years ago I worked with a guy who spent the late 60s/early 70s driving around England in a van with a bunch of hippies/in a band. He described how they’d endlessly tune through the radio looking for pirate/euro stations and that, one night, they heard this amazing guitar playing…

    The song ends and a voice comes on – speaking something deeply European or perhaps even Scandanavian like (and sorry for the stereotyping but…)

    “Hurgy Gurbda fling grut dang Frank Zappa”

    “Hinky druk nut fling grit I promise not to come in your mouth”

    Those were the days – none of this iPod shit – just endless twiddling and stopping to replace the coat hanger you used as an aerial ;0

  5. Colonel J says:

    If you need more soundtrack, the Welcome To Nightvale podcast could have been made for this game.

  6. emotionengine says:

    This looks amazing. You made me open my wallet.

  7. Siimon says:

    Bought it on the indiegame store, played through it… I just don’t get it? Don’t get the appeal.

  8. shagen454 says:

    I loved the concept completely, but it’s a little short for $10. I played through twice and it was really relaxing & introspective. Reminded me of the days traveling up & down the 101 late at night. almost psychedelic. They could have taken it to the next level and hope they do.

    I’m sure some people will hate it for it’s content, meaning of life, The Universe, kinda stuff. But, if you don’t get it, then shut up and smoke some DMT. That will beam you on course!