Tiny Wizard Is A Tiny Free Download, Dev Wants Feedback

Definitely tiny.

Tiny Wizard is about a hot pink little wizard kicking spider butts with laser blasts. Tiny Wizard is a “procedural death labyrinth”, which is a death-heavy dungeon crawler for those too respectful to invoke Rogue. Tiny Wizard is this freely downloadable alpha from a developer soliciting feedback. Tiny Wizard is, based on my short play experience, already as fun as the trailer-length GIF below suggests.

The GIF has been uploaded to GFYCat, so you can watch it in HTML5 form if you choose. It’s still pretty big (around 10MB) and you can decide for yourself whether you want to use the bandwidth on it.

In the current build, you begin with a laser-blasting stick in your left hand and a few spells for dealing greater amounts of damage. As you progress through each monster-filled room, you gain new abilities and weapons, and there are shops in which you can spend the twinkling gold coins that every bat, spider and beastie drops upon death. Pretty quickly you’ll be speedily bursting through mobs with magic shoes on your feet, peppering enemies with your left-hand stick and bursting plasma across them with some found weapon in your right hand. Pretty shortly after that you’ll be dead.

When I last covered Tiny Wizard as part of DevLog Watch, it looked considerably more in-line with its Binding of Isaac inspirations. (And long before that, it was an even more basic Ludum Dare entry.) In the past few months the game has advanced significantly and now its developer is looking for some feedback as to where it should go next. Mainly:

At this point I’m mostly interested in:
* Performance issues (post your computer spec with those)
* Controls and game feel: Do you use the spells? Does pew pewing feel good?
* Structure of play: Does the room structure feel good? Are shops a good idea? Do you feel you are making interesting choices on how to tackle a room, which items to purchase etc?
* Should it be harder or easier?
* What is missing?

Also interesting is that the build has “Google Analytics integration: I can track which levels most people die on. Average FPS per depth. How long level generation takes. Which spells are used etc. System specs. OS etc.” I didn’t know that was something Google Analytics could be used for.

You can download Tiny Wizard from that post, and consider leaving some feedback if you do.


  1. chiablo says:

    So It’s Nuclear Throne with magic instead of guns.

    • LTK says:

      Seems more like top-down Risk of Rain without the timed difficulty.

      • kebabskal says:

        It’s a little bit of both.
        I do not pretend this game is wholly original, it’s an amalgamation of ideas from other games with a few sprinkles of originality here and there.
        Like pretty much all games these days :)
        First prototype back in 2012 was inspired mainly by the Diablo III beta (I think it was the beta, right?) that happened at the same time as Ludum Dare.

  2. JFS says:

    Feedback no. 1: good idea avoiding abusing the name of Rogue. PDL seems more spot-on, plus it sounds cooler, especially in conjunction with the hot pinkness.

  3. Talesdreamer says:

    Remembers e a bit of Realm of the Mad God. Since that game is no more very good, I’l gladly try this one.

  4. jorygriffis says:

    Pink and teal = ultimate color palette. Beats orange and teal any day!

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      One of best looking indie Shmups I’ve ever seen begs to differ. (Final Boss, if anyone’s interested)
      Having said that, this thing still looks absolutely gorgeous – will definitely be trying.

  5. LTK says:

    The number of moves you have right off the bat is a bit overwhelming. I played three levels and died without thinking to use the stuff assigned to the number keys. Also, your character seems to fire critical hit projectiles once in a while that cause screen shake, which is disorientating due to its unpredictability. Getting damaged also causes screen shake, although that’s far more violent and could be toned down a bit.

    The demo is definitely alpha as fuck, as I had enough hit points that the bar became an uninterrupted line, due to a bug that made me gain max hp when I should have gotten healed. My actual health was just a sliver, so I used the teleport ability to go outside the walls. The final boss also had that ability so we duked it out out-of-bounds and then I killed the rest of the monsters and won. Yaay.

    I see that the projectiles you fire are curving while they’re in flight, which also seems questionable design. If you want to implement projectile spread it’s more fitting to simply change their direction a little bit, as the current method makes it feel unfair when you aim a long-range shot and it curves away from the target despite seemingly being on the way to hit.

    • kebabskal says:

      The dev here.

      It sure is Alpha As Fuck :)

      A couple of items make you practically immortal. Not optimal.

      On up front ability overload:
      The current plan is to have some sort of simple leveling mechanic, unlocking abilities as you level up.
      Possibly with “upgrade points” that you could spend increasing stats or unlocking abilities.

      The projectile curving is due to an experiment trying to pull the projectiles towards the mouse pointer.
      Could be turned into a fun and/or weird item later on maybe. Shouldn’t be on default at least.

      Alpha downloads are up again, through google drive this time.
      Trying to find cheap reliable hosting right now.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  6. rexx.sabotage says:

    dang, y’all killed da doods tig

  7. DrazharLn says:

    Played this on my crappy old debian thinkpad and enjoyed it. One of the generated levels had a wall piece that didn’t line up leaving what looked like a gap into the out of map area.

    It was a bit frustrating that there were items trapped behind walls that I couldn’t access (no bombs). Mana regen between rooms should be instant or off. Didn’t play much (no mouse at the moment, so games are hard), so I don’t think I can pass much more comment than that it was pretty and I could see myself playing more, especially if you slap some cool beats on (procedurally mixed music might be a good idea, to have the music fit the scenes better).

    Best of luck!

    • DrazharLn says:

      Actually, I suppose I could comment on the visual style. The mana pickups are the same colour as a dead blob enenmy and the blue head enemies. It would be good to have them more visually distinct.

      Also, I didn’t know what the goop cube does, if anything. And I thought the pink beam was pretty useless. Better just to spam default attack.

  8. Nixitur says:

    I feel like either the mana shouldn’t regen at all (and mana pickups should be more common and much larger) or it should regen instantly or at least much faster when you’ve finished a room.
    ’cause right now, the best strategy is to just wait around before entering a room until your mana has slowly recharged. Sure, I could choose not to do that, but as it stands, the game incentivizes boring gameplay.

    I rarely use the spells. The laser feels wimpy and the other spells aren’t as reliable as the pew-pew, at least with the Pink Wizard.
    The Blue Wizard’s freeze-and-shatter thing, on the other hand, seems extremely useful and very fun, even though the shattering effect could be a bit more noticeable.

    I’m not a great fan of the room layout. The last few enemies of a room are often hiding somewhere behind some boxes or somewhere I can’t get to, so I just have to wait until they come out. I also feel like the rooms could be a bit smaller, although that might make ’em feel cramped.

    The enemy spawning is a bit unfair. I’ve had an enemy spawn right next to me which led to unavoidable damage.

    The staves should maybe display some stats or at least some descriptive text. If I already have two weapons, I really don’t want to ditch one of them for a staff I know nothing about, especially right before being assaulted by enemies.

    I can drop staves in all directions except down for some reason. I can see that the dropping direction is generally where your cursor is, but not when I’m pointing downwards.

    The corpses of enemies, especially ones like the big spider, can hide other enemies which might be intentional, but seems a bit unfair.

  9. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Some feedback after a short while of playing: Bombs are (or seem to be) randomly placed so if there’s a shop in a narrow passage, the bomb can be placed so that you’re between the shop and the bomb.

    I confused the ‘flash’ on killing the last enemy in a level with getting hit. Maybe change it a little?

    I know it’s alpha so I’m sure something to the effect is probably coming, but this could use a tutorial section to ease players in.

    Also, some indicators (like items and power ups you purchase/pick up) appear only very briefly. Might be nice to be able to look at what you’ve gathered so far or increase the time such information is shown.