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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Shell Power

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Have you watched Guardians of the Galaxy? I have not but that is on the plate this weekend. And from what I hear, it’s like the chilli cheese fries of comic book-inspired movies, a rowdy montage of action scenes and – dear god, I hope we don’t drown under the video game spin-offs. You know they’re coming. Flee. Flee under your buckets and take shelter with this week’s collection of reasons to spend more money. (This week’s plushie is from one Mr. Cowley. Unfortunately, it does not have a name, children-of-that-nice-lady-who-submitted-the-giant-pink-dog-plushie.)

Sega Fun Pack
So many games that I have not played, but that’s okay. Sometimes, quantity trumps quality, which seems to be the anthem of game bundles these days. The Sega Fun Pack is earnest, at the very least. It even declares itself “fun.” The package comes with a wide variety of games, including Hell Yeah! and the Cave, both of which I adored in spite of their personal inadequacies. I’m told that Jet Set Radio will delight those who like that sort of game, but that’s for you to decide.

Driftmoon might not look like much, especially when positioned next to RPG goliaths like Skyrim or even Bastion. But, it is smart. The result of a seven-year labor, Driftmoon succeeded in charming even our own John Walker. I suspect it might have something to do with the fact it has excellent writing and characters. To quote Walker, “There’s a polylinguistic crab called Blotch, a sly fencing walking set of bones called Quan Sixfingers, ghosts, mysterious librarians, and a bunch of other surprisingly rounded people to meet or have come along with you.” I’m sold. What about you?

Games Republic Nordic Games Week
Who are the masked men behind Games Republic? And why are they on board with those damn flash sales? As of the time of writing, I see that they have the Red Faction: Collection on sale for 95%, Darksiders-related packages going for 75%, and two Alan Wake offerings discounted for 75% as well. Do these need introduction? I don’t think so. Either way, make sure to keep an eye out for more offerings as it would appear that Games Republic intends to make this ongoing thing.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded
Did we like this? Yes, I think. Funny person Richard Cobbett reviewed this for us some time ago, and he had a lot to say about it. Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is an old man with a new suit. Although it comes with a lot of bawdy humor, the protagonist really is only half-heartedly sleazy. Larry only thinks he wants to be a lady killer. The truth is that he’d kill for a decent gal. Take a trip down Memory Lane, and marvel over how the world worked before the advent of pick up artistry.

Etherlords Pack
Some days, you wake up wondering how you went from being twelve years old to a twelve-year-old-pretending-to-be-an-adult. Some days, you wake up wondering how you missed out on certain games. Seriously, I don’t know how I failed to mess around with the Etherlords franchise. I mean, it has a little bit of everything I love. Turn-based combat. Heroes of Might and Magic-style navigation systems. Card-based combat. Have I mentioned the card-based combat? Because that is a big thing here. If you’re willing to contend with the dated graphics, Bundle Stars’ Etherlords pack looks like quite the bargain.

Also of note:

The Walking Dead Weekly Bundle – $11.39/£6.77/€8.48
Buy this for Witch Doctor, please. Which I loved madly. Buy it so that the author has money to make more. Also, the Walking Dead graphic novels are far superior to the television adaptation. Actually, I like everything here.

PC Gamer Giveaway – Free!
No, no one’s giving away PC Gamer. But, the website has partnered with Bundle Stars to distribute free keys in the name of, um, advertisement? Let’s go with that. Follow the instructions, but be forewarned as the site will ask you to deal with pesky Facebook plug-ins in exchange for free toys.

The Apex Book of World SF Bundle – $30.00/£17.83/€22.34
This bundle is absolutely enchanting, and for more than one reason. While Apex is famous for producing quality content, their Book of World SF series is especially interesting because it isn’t just comprised of British or American authors. It’s made up of tales from Russian writers and South African authors, prose from places like Cuba and even Malaysia.

Dungeonland for Mac – $5.77/£3.43/€4.30
God, I love this game. There is no denying the fact that it is hideously broken in very many ways. But, with Crawl still some distance from launch, this is the next best thing. Dungeonland offers the opportunity to either play as the nefarious Dungeon Maestro or as one of the hapless adventurers seeking loot and adventure. As the former, you’ll be able to chuck spells and summon minions to harass your unfortunate friends. As the latter, well, you get to not die. It’s a messy amount of fun that reminds me of Magicka, except with less polish.

P.S: A certain someone wanted to see plushies in a play and, well. This happened. Enjoy.

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